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  1. Happy Birthday (well, birthday + 1 day)!

  2. Hope you guys had a great Christmas day Rich.

  3. Kicking a little ass in-house might not be a bad idea today for sure...

  4. Cool shot of "The Kick". Don't worry about the Jets - things are going to work themselves out. I would have signed up for 3-3 after 6 games, anyway, so I'll ride with the fact that Sanchez is learning (or will learn) from all of the mistakes. The bigger issue is losing Jenkins - that pretty much sucks out loud. Anyhow, ugly loss and some terrible coaching decisions - plus a serious lack of discipline throughout.

  5. Good to see you too, heelz. :)

  6. Haha! New place, new bathroom, no idea of the new places name! :D

  7. Happy Birthday, Homie! :)

  8. Good deal, gramps - we'll see you week 3. :)

  9. No problem with the fix, I'm glad to do it. Thanks for publishing my first ever article. ;)

  10. Hey now, the compliments are all well deserved and completely honest. You rock, V! :) Check your mail for a picture or two. ;)

  11. Wow! Your portfolio is amazing! I love the icons you did for the insurance company, they are really great. You are way talented, V. The kids are getting big for sure - my little girl just turned FOUR a few days ago. :) Time...

  12. Glad you and the business are doing well! You will see me (here) more soon if work settles down some. I need to check out your business website and see what you've been up to. :D

  13. How goes it, V?

  14. Long time, no "hi" indeed. :D How are you, my lovely?

  15. Long day, lot's 'o crap, and a headache. Grand! lol Talk to you tomorrow. ps - much better looking. ;)

  16. That would be a trip - Bill C and a bunch of nobodies discussing the draft. :)

  17. Busy, busy, busy - kids, wife, work, family up north, family down south, work. :D Hope you guys are all doing well, too. We going to do the draft thing this year?

  18. Stoned? Really? Cutler? :D

  19. POTW_Bot says 'you're welcome, no worries'

  20. Keep on afo, V - you're doing great! :lol:

  21. Well, ok. If you need a place to crash between "men", I'm sure us folks in the Carolinas can find a spot for you, especially if you are willing to babysit! :D

  22. So, I'm wondering, why joewilly and Max in that order?

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