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  1. Only no one ever said that they make the most sense instead of Cespedes. What was said was that there were/are a few options that could help fill the void should Cespedes not be here. Reading skills sport. Perhaps try sprinkling in a pinch of reading comprehension while you're at it. I know that's a tall order for you in your desperate haste to satisfy your "Gato against the web" disorder. Give it a try anyway. Just for kicks sport ...what do you say?
  2. This is a good one. Great baseball.
  3. I thought they would due to the match-up tonight. As lost as the Cubs have looked at the plate and in the field, they have some favorable pitching match-ups ahead.
  4. I'll put it right on top of the one where you told me Heyward wouldn't be a platoon player. Take a chill sport...sit back and enjoy the game tonight instead of trying to be king of the web. It's an ugly look for you.
  5. From your "I am always right" greatest hits collection.
  6. I enjoy watching your penchant for twisting what others say. The Cubs are looking for their first WS ring in 100 plus years YET here YOU are going out of your way to argue the Mets off season possible plans and coming back for seconds and thirds due to this unhealthy need of yours to anoint yourself as the final authority on all things baseball. It's like the Kluber short rest post after the first inning of game 4 in the Cubs thread where you actually tried to promote yourself as knowing better than Francona only after the Cubs scratched out a 1st inning run. Anyway, before I return you to conversations with yourself.....both the Mets and Cespedes would welcome him staying in NY but that always doesn't happen when the business side of the game comes calling. Also "the master plan" as you call it was my pointing out what power bats were available on the Free Agent market along with noting that guys like J.D. Martinez are possibly available via trade should Cespedes not return. That trade market part didn't make your comments because it would weaken your pompous response.
  7. The off season has not took place yet. Sandy Alderson had a very good off season last winter and only injuries curtailed the team from being very good. There are a few big FA bats that could help fill the void of a line-up w/out Cespedes. Guys like Encarnarcion, Bautista or perhaps a trade for J.D. Martinez. The Mets have no choice but to count on those arms staying healthy as they've made their bed in that area. As you are witnessing for a second consecutive post season, elite SP usually trumps good hitting. Especially a line-up full of free swingers. If the Mets arms are healthy they are throwing a Cory Kluber 3 out of every 4 post season games. Cubs still have a legit leg to stand on this WS as they have a huge edge in the non Kluber SP match-ups due to the fact that Cleveland is without a few key SP's due to injury. Clear enough sport?
  8. There's a few bats out there on the market and they also have the Jay Bruce club option. If the SP's come back healthy the team is a WS contender with or without Cespedes as long as they field a Major League line-up. Injuries have made all of these things tough the past two season yet they made it to the post season both years with a WS appearance to boot. Guys like Gato on here will never give the Mets team their due because of the way last years Mets annihilated the "by far and away best team in baseball" in four straight. As long as the SP's get and remain healthy for the most part, the Mets are a yearly post season and WS threat.
  9. Yeah on understanding your pre-game jitters but it's still nice to have a Saturday night prime time WS game with your team involved. Besides Kluber in game 4, the Cubs SP pitching has the edge and it's not even close. Bats are due as well. Met fans went though the same nerves last year with the lead in much of those WS games only to watch the pen and defense cough it up. Enjoy and good luck!.
  10. The Bruce trade ( $13 million option to keep him) helps soften this slightly but it will suck to see Cespedes go even though that basically was the idea of the contract from his perspective. I'd like to see them inquire on J.D. Martinez in a trade but not sure what Sandy's thoughts are on the 2017 outfield. I still think that Yo would prefer to be in Queens but we'll see.
  11. Cleveland did. Obviously. Was happy to see Heyward not make the last out. The guy needs a big hit somewhere in this series to save his season. I thought he'd be platooned come post season but seeing him outright benched is tough to watch. Indians need game 4 w/Kluber on the mound otherwise Cubs likely win this in six.
  12. Best of luck to the Cubbies and their fans. Looking forward to watching the series.
  13. That's what I think happened as well. Every sinker seemed to almost bounce up there. We have to just hope that he grows into calming down in the post season because he's too talented to cast aside. Great game up to that point and an enjoyable season.
  14. 3B Jose Reyes (S) SS A. Cabrera (S) LF Yoenis Cespedes (R) CF C. Granderson (L) 2B T.J. Rivera (R) RF Jay Bruce (L) C Rene Rivera (R) 1B James Loney (L) P N. Syndergaard (L)
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