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    The last Jets game at Shea.
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    Too many memories....not enough space.
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    Who ever gets naked the fastest
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  1. Buffalo - W at Oakland - W Miami - L Bye Jacksonville - L at New England - L Carolina - L at Buffalo - W at Tampa Bay - W Atlanta - L at Indianapolis - L Cincinnati - L Jets record for 2009 - 7-9
  2. Since Pace came back. They ran to his side all night and he did nothing!!!!!
  3. Well then by all means spew your "Jets can do no wrong" garbage on another message board!!!
  4. Positives from Monday night?? Well we all see that Shotty sucks @$$!!
  5. I've invested far to many years, too much time and too much money invested in this team. Tonight they once again f^#^ed me!!!!! They ripped my heart out just when I thought things were changing. Of course there are some douchebags on this board who will say that I was just waiting for a time like this so I could say SAME OLD JETS. WRONG!!!!!! I had hope for this team, this year. Before tonight I thought that this might even be our year to go all the way. Tonights loss wouldn't have been so bad but I haven't bet on the Jets in 15 years. In fact the last time I placed a bet on an NFL
  6. Thank God!! I hated that prevent D. It never worked.
  7. The video kept getting better and better. I love it when hot chicks get pissed or arrested when everyone doesn't take their side just because they're hot. You could even hear the click of the handcuffs.
  8. Yeah he does. Time to trade Jones for a WR. I can't wait to see Greene on the field.
  9. Gholston should be in Rex' doghouse after Pace gets back.
  10. WOW!! I have found my new most favorite sport!! Thanks for the info!!
  11. The only thing that worries me about this game is Lito Sheppard.
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