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  1. I'd hardly call myself a newbie you raging bull queer. Though I don't spend the majority of my day posting on another team's message board (I still can't fathom the concept, you faggot) I am quite confident that I know more of my team and my team's needs than both of you trolls. Hop off his junk real quick.
  2. Just cuz you're team is good doesn't mean that YOU'RE good. I used to like you but now you just sound like an arrogant jackass. I guarantee you know no more of football than do any of the rest of the people on this board, and especially not Terry Bradway.
  3. thanks carlton thought i was missin somethin lol
  4. I have arrived. Thanks to all who built this site away from fascist JI. I'm glad to be part of this.
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