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  1. The biggest concerns for me are Maddon's decisions. Who starts and bats where in the lineup & when to yank the starter and who pitches next.
  2. I've likely posted about this before, but here I go again... Strop & Rondon. Seriously, how many times do these guys need to hurt us before we do something about it? Cubs up, but game not close enough, no drama? Put one of those clowns in. Watching Rondon pitch HR derby last night was brutal. There are positives though. 11 games over .500, 3.5 game lead
  3. Thanks John. Surely we can't be dumb enough to chase Darvish. After Friday's fiasco, plenty of relief rumors involving the Cubs. Trusting the FO to be smart right now.
  4. What do you guys think the next addition or change will be? Nice start post-ASB, but look at who we played.
  5. Nice to occasionally weigh in on the SenorGato, I mean Cubs thread. Somebody wiser than me said - Now I understand the giants every other year thing a little better. Pitching is killing us. Jake showed what he can be today, but can he give us that consistently? It's easy to predict Jake and Lackey gone next year. The Pen? Let's end the Stropdon experience. These guys need to go. Davis and Edwards are the keepers. The others? We just need a consistent bridge between starter and setup.
  6. Thanks John, I appreciate your opinion. It was weird watching today - our pen getting hit, throwing walks and beaning batters. The Pirates pen striking our guys out or otherwise getting out of trouble. Uehera was difficult to watch. Grimm as well. 1-0 becomes 1-6 and .500 ball. Not the end of the world. Lucky enough to be going to the Rockies series in Denver early May.
  7. I think today answered some questions for us. Strop needs something, maybe some new scenery. Deunsing? Please.....and Wade Davis, I'm not sold on. Yes, it's early but some farm for some pen needs to be considered. Or John Jay is expendable as well.
  8. Great to see you're still here, John. The pen always concerns me. Schwarbs leading off? - not convinced but hoping I am wrong. Heyward's swing -Yikes! Those read like negatives but we have many positives. Should be fun.
  9. I ask that Cubs fans remember who we are and what it took to win it last year. A lot of talent, luck and variables that worked our way. Expecting that again is a nice thought, but let's not turn into cards fans. Thanks.
  10. It's hard not to be sarcastic at this move.
  11. This game is meh as far as I'm concerned. Was going to go out and watch, but could not stomach any kind of phony patsy cheering.
  12. Brownies win a game and hack mag SI dumps us in the basement. http://www.si.com/nfl/2016/12/28/nfl-power-rankings-week-17-standings-playoffs
  13. As a 40+ year Cubs and Jets fan, just stopping in to congrat the other Jets fans that are happy with the WS win. Still numb about it but quite happy. Cheers!!!
  14. One more thing - Don't take your physio lightly or skip appointments thinking you don't need it. You do.
  15. Had total hip replacement done on the right side in 2007. 3-4 weeks with a walker, then 3-4 weeks with a cane. Every day gets better, it's just time. It became my strong leg and walking around pain free was great for years. Now I have to get the left side done. No biggie because I know what to expect. Just like I do with the Jets.
  16. Great post John. Been absent so long, I'm not sure if your post is associated with this comment. I'm not a "win at all costs" guy and I understand the range of emotions on this trade. I'm struggling and still processing this. If he's legit and delivers as we all hope, it may remove some of the selling part of our soul sentiment.
  17. Good to see you guys still here as well. We have depth which is a pretty good thing considering what we don't yet know regarding more injuries, etc. Be interesting to see who gets called up this year as well.
  18. Hi again fellow Cubs fans. Little bump in the road last night, but a little 9-0 revenge game today has the boys back on track. Fun season so far.
  19. Course the patsies are gonna say their headsets had problems too. Sure, Bill. Anybody expect differently?
  20. That was a fun streak and puts us in great position for a playoff spot. 46 games left and the Cubs can play .500 ball and still get 90 wins, exceeding many of our expectations. Looking forward to Sept 1st and an expanded roster. Maddon will have lots to consider.
  21. Soriano needs to be gone. Yeah, Hamels pitched lights out last Sat. when the stands were full of scouts. He'll sign somewhere and snooze. I don't want him on the Cubs.
  22. Hi guys, long time Cubs fan here, rare JN poster these days. Mostly enjoying the season so far, notes as follows: Was a little concerned going in that we're relying on too many kids to mature into what we think (hope) they're capable of. So far, so good. Bryant looks like he belongs and possibly can rocket to all star level. The Russell call up surprised me, but he's doing pretty good. His D at 2nd is great. Soler started hot, if his bat gets that back, we'll have a lineup that will make pitchers sweat. Did not know previously that Lester has no move to first. Really? &^%$#@! The rotation overall, I'm happy with. Wood's a little Jekyll/Hyde. Hendricks is an average #5 with upside. The pen can be brutal. It's like they've been taking turns being Marmol for a day. After a disaster Saturday Schlitter looked OK yesterday, but I want him gone. Strop and Rondon can be a great Tandem. Not sure about Maddon's batting the pitcher 8th, but I like what the guy brings to the team. Carrying 3 catchers is questionable. Fowlers' been a nice addition. I don't know that Coughlan has a future here. A lot of this reads negative, but this beat up Cubs fan is pretty optimistic about the future.
  23. I like what Collinsworth said right after. He's not buying Brady's lame responses.
  24. I dislike cheering for the Seahawks but today I'm a Hawks fan. Patsy hatred trumps all.
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