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  1. The CBS announcer hit the nail on the head. The Jets have come so far but mentally until they beat the Patriots, the bane of their existence for a decade and a half, they won't move on mentally. Going into Foxboro in a few weeks would be a great start. 

    Thats kind of what I felt in Metlife yesterday. It was a good crowd. But the fanbase wont return to the way it once was until we start bearing the Pats and Bills again on at least a casual basis. Part of that is our fanbase and part of it is their fanbase showing up and expecting a victory against us.

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  2. He's not going thru his progressions. Hopefully that's just rust be he's leaving chunk yards and points on the field.

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    Idk about that. When its 3rd and 14 the routes you are looking at on a play are limited. They need to find a way to get ahead of the sticks. Screens, or a shot on first down would probably be good ideas against Pitts run blitz.

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