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  1. 1. We run the same system they do. 
    2. By all accounts we were drafting a WR. Wouldn't you take a given productive, bona fide wr1 over a potential wr1 that hasn't done it on the NFL level yet? I'm taking Deebo over Any of the 4 WR we've been arguing over for the past 5 months. 

    Its a very good system. Makes players like Mostert and Deebo look like all pros.

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  2. We've been building for a 100 years....when is the future ever right now?

    Because we dont ever see it through. We dont ever try to fit great players into our team. We do it the other way around. Right now Douglas should have Saleh in his office telling him to fix his stupid defense to fit Sauce into it. Instead he is talking to John Lynch about how much he can give up for a WR to make Zach look like the 20th ranked Qab.

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  3. The only time I probably would have been clowned as much for my takes is when I posted Darnold would be a bust. Lol. A lot of these same people would be acting just as childish if I went stronger with that opinion. Face it good teams like the Steelers and Pats dont make trades like this. Theres a reason for that. Someday maybe most of Jets fans and Jets twitter will get it. Hopefully before the next 10 rebuilds.

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