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  1. There is no recent speculation on this this that I have read - but I do think this is worth considering for the Jets. He will probably be less expensive than other alternatives and he would probably take a one or two year deal. Also there may be added motivation for him being across town from the Giants. During this season I didnt want any part of him - but I now think signing OBJ this offseason to a short one or two year deal makes a lot of sense for both sides. Whats everyones thoughts on this?



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  2. If I'm drafting someone top 5, I don't want to worry about injuries or just a guy bagging out.
    If he stopped playing there because the team was bad, I don't want to bring him to the Jets, who are trying to build from the ground up.

    Its no different than sitting out a bowl game. It wasnt going to help his draft status very much by playing. He is going to be a top 5 pick and a very good pro.

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  3. I actually think with JFM getting signed there is a good chance Quinnen gets moved this offseason for some picks or a player and JFM gets moved inside to his more natural 3 technique position. The Jets other priority this offseason will be a run stuffing NT and a DE opposite Lawson. Besides that Safety is really the only other position the Jets need to address on defense which can be addressed with a veteran.

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  4. All three of the analysts were all over ZW after Zach admitted he called his own number and he claims that he saw an open A gap. They showed replays of TB's D line and clearly there was no gap at all. That's why Bart was so pissed.
    Zach's Post game interview
    q - Saleh said it was kinda of like a qb option
    a - we got the play call in and I liked it just cause it has two different options, just like you just said, and right there I was just thinking to do my job and umm you know we had an open A gap there and unfortunately we came short

    Show me a 22 year old that wouldnt call their own number. That’s exactly the attitude I want in a QB.

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  5. not to defend them, but they did say it was his best game, but then the coach said that Zach should have taken the Berrios handoff and they feel Zach called his own number on the sneak because he wanted the glory...not sure I believe that... but Zach saying the A gap was open so he snuck it, but the tape shows there was no opening

    I am glad this lesson is being learned now. This could pop up during a playoff hunt.

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