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  1. Woody Johnson may be a moron but he’s not an idiot. 
    He’s NEVER leaving the biggest entertainment market in the world. 

    I think its a win win for the NFL. Woody would get an even bigger market than NY in the sense that it would be the only team in the entire country and The NFL could get a new owner in NY. It doesnt help the NFL when the Jets and Giants are so bad either. The interesting question is whether the NFL will make the Jets keep the name in NY. If the Jets moved out there are about 10 teams that would quickly try and take their place if expansion didnt add one.

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  2. Some interesting results in the poll.

    Apparently half the people on this board didn’t want to draft Wilson at 2. Im not sure some of you are being completely honest lol. Last march or April I’d say it was probably a 70 / 30 split. I didn’t want Wilson and I was definitely in the minority at the time.
    76% of the board doesn’t think Zach Wilson is a franchise qb or are atleast very concerned with his progress thus far. And 24% of the board thinks he is or will become a franchise qb
    1/4 of the board is already willing to move on from Wilson, while 75 % of posters are willing to give him atleast another year (I think 25% is actually a pretty high number considering he was the number 2 overall pick just 8 months ago
    And 82% of you thinks JD should bring in a veteran to compete with and push Wilson next year. 

    My opinion was totally dismissed by almost everyone on this board when I said I didnt want Wilson. None of us know whether he will be good - but I just think it’s easier and better to get everything else right then add the QB and RB at the end. I am hopeful Wilson will be good and he definitely has more talent than any QB since Pennington

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  3. To me, that's not about arm strength.  In fact, it maybe just the opposite.  It's the inability to be accurate when he's not putting 90%+ on his throws.
    It's a stupid example, but I'll give it to you.  I play 3rd base and sometimes pitch for my Firm's slow pitch softball team.
    When playing 3rd, I have no trouble throwing piss missiles to first without even thinking.  I just cock back, throw and 99% of the time it's chest high to the first baseman.  However, when I pitch and get a grounder back to me, I know the distance between me and the first baseman is way too close to fire one off.  But if I try to throw it overhand with decreased velocity it ends usually ends up 3 feet in front of the first baseman.  Call it the yips, call it whatever, I have trouble making that short toss with some touch.  Instead, I usually just run halfway to the base and underhand it to the first baseman.
    I see the same thing with Zach.  He, for whatever reason, can't make those short soft toss plays.

    Thats not a stupid example at all. It actually makes a lot of sense. You could be exactly right. For Zach maybe its not the position change. Maybe its the anticipation, eye placement or speed of the game that is causing a similar type of thing. Also those types of things could be similar to the baseball position change. Zach threw with touch in college. But even there if you watch his full games you will see throws that just dont have anything on them. Not as often as in the NFL but you would see them.

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  4. I feel like his arm strength might literally be the only part of him I don't question.

    Yeah I think when everything is set just right its definitely there. But when its not he has trouble. There have been a lot of examples of what I am talking about throughout the season. But one from yesterday was the throw to the TE that ended up in the dirt. There was literally nothing on that throw. The swing pass to Berios was similar. I question just his natural ability to throw a football with just his arm.

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  5. I still kind of stand exactly where I was pre draft. I highly question his arm strength. I know about his highlights- but it seems to me there is a huge drop off in arm strength when his arm and body aren’t exactly perfect. Maybe that will look better when he gets to know the offense and play with more confidence. I dont study him enough to know if its his feet or body causing this phenomenon- but it definitely exists.

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