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  1. Bill Walsh is the greatest football mind ever. Just an out of this world football genius.

    He is so brilliant. When you pick in the late stages of the first round. One of the best things, you can do is trade down. Walsh was always in that 25 to 30 range. If you see a Ray Lewis type, stay and take him but the best thing to do is trade down and double up on your picks.

    I agree walsh was the best at spotting talent, and his last pick ever was? TE Eric Johnson which he snagged in the 7th round.

    I also would like to see the Jets drop down if they get a good enough offer.

  2. The interesting thing about the whole thing is that Brady's deal expires after the 2006 season. Isn't that the same time the CBA expires? If so this could get interesting since the players union is being syubborn about the fact that they no longer want NFL teams to have the "franchise tag" designation. This could get very, very interesting if the Pats continue thier stubborn ways with this contract.

  3. It looks like it is a new deal.


    Patriots Notebook: Bonus delaying Brady deal

    01:00 AM EST on Friday, March 25, 2005


    Journal Sports Writer

    The structure of Tom Brady's $24-million signing bonus is holding up completion of the three-time Super Bowl champion's new six-year contract.

    Brady, who has two seasons left on his contract, agreed with the Patriots on the parameters of a deal nearly a month ago. Although the six-year, $60-million deal would put Brady in the top tier of quarterbacks, it would still be less money than Peyton Manning and Mike Vick signed for in the last year. Even though he's won three titles and neither Manning nor Vick has been to a Super Bowl, Brady was fine with the Patriots' overall offer.

    But late in negotiations, the Patriots explained that they wanted to pay Brady his $24-million signing bonus in four installments. More than half of the bonus money would come in the first two years of the deal, but unpaid bonus money in the later years of the contract would not be guaranteed. That would mean if Brady got hurt after a few years, portions of the $24-million bonus would never be realized.

    Brady, who expected to have his deal done before he left on a trip to Europe earlier this month, balked at the unusual proposal.

    In most deals, bonus money is guaranteed and paid in full when the deal is signed. In some deals -- like the one the Pats worked with Drew Bledsoe in 2001 --there are tiers within the deal that kick in bonuses. Those tiers are usually seen in longer-term contracts than Brady's six-year proposal. For there to be four tiers is almost unprecedented.

    Brady spoke before this year's Super Bowl about making financial sacrifices for the team in order to keep it competitive. Two days after Brady said that, Patriots owner Robert Kraft noted that Brady could easily make a case to be the league's highest-paid player.

    Despite knowing Kraft's assessment, Brady stuck to his pledge, anyway, and was prepared to accept less. But he wasn't prepared to accept less and yet still not have a fully guaranteed, up-front bonus.

    Brady's deal doesn't expire until after the 2006 season. He's due to make $5 million and $7 million in salary the next two seasons. One interesting subplot to the negotiations is that unless the NFL's owners and the NFLPA agree to a new collective bargaining agreement, the 2007 season is an uncapped year. If -- and that's a big if -- there's an uncapped season and Brady is on the market, the contract he'd be in line to sign could be immense.

    At this point, the negotiations aren't quite acrimonious. But Brady isn't blind to the fact he's willing to meet the Patriots halfway on salary but is not being met halfway on the bonus.

    Squib kicks

    Linebacker Tedy Bruschi has had surgery to repair the hole in his heart. It's not clear whether that condition was directly related to the stroke he suffered last month. Meanwhile, a decision on whether he'll play in 2005 or at all still may be months away. . . . The agent for defensive end Jarvis Green said yesterday he's heard from a few teams interested in the Patriots' restricted free agent, but the fact that those teams would need to sacrifice a first-round pick as possible compensation for Green has kept conversations from leading to visits. . . . Patriots vice president of player personnel Scott Pioli will be inducted into the Central Connecticut State University Hall of Fame on May 13. . . . The team also re-signed defensive lineman Ethan Kelley, a seventh-round pick in 2003 (243rd overall) who made his first career tackle in the final game of the 2004 season.

  4. Not sure if this was posted yet.

    Q)Lance, are you coming in as a nose tackle to fill in where Jason Ferguson left off or are you more of a swing guy? How are you being viewed? How has the team told you you're going to start off?

    Legree: I'm coming in as a defensive tackle. Primarily I think I'll be playing defensive tackle. I think, in a worst case scenario or if something happens, they know I have the ability to step in as a defensive end.

    Q)You have a relationship with the coach on your new staff, Denny Marcin. What can you say about him and what he's done for you in your career?

    Legree: Denny has done a tremendous amount for me in my career. I came into the Giants with Denny as my coach, and Denny coached me for three years there. Just in my development as a football player, I think Denny has been very instrumental in that. Hopefully I can continue to develop with him as my coach again.

    Q)Lance, did you think that the Giants would pursue you a little harder? If so, are you disappointed they did not?

    Legree: Well, I mean, of course you would hope that they would pursue you more. I knew that they had to make decisions in which they were trying to build a certain type of defense. I figured I just didn't fit into their plans.

    Q) Lance, how great is it for a player like you to be on a D-line with Abraham, Ellis and Robertson as far as freeing things up for you to be able to do things because of the attention they get?

    Legree: I think it's great. I mean, those guys are going to get so much attention. When it all boils down, you can't double everybody. So I think it's going to open up a lot of opportunities for me. I just have to be prepared to make those opportunities work for me.

    Q)From your discussions with the coaches, do you feel you're going to start?

    Legree: They told me I'm in a position that I have to come in and work, but I could very easily start on this team.

    Q)Are you more of a run-stuffer than pass rusher?

    Legree: Well, I think I'm more of a balanced player. You know, I came into this league more of a run stopper, but I think I've developed my pass rush ability. I've focused on that. I think that I've balanced things out. But, you know, I think for the most part, I am a run stopper.

  5. Well here it is anyway.

    Q)Do you think you will get your fair share of carries with Curtis kind of getting on in years?

    Blaylock: Absolutely. Absolutely. I feel like if I come in and prove myself, the opportunity will be given to me for, you know, maybe 15 carries a game. I'm ready for that.

    Q)Derrick, a lot of people in New York haven't really seen you run. How would you describe yourself as a running back?

    Blaylock: I would describe myself as a slasher, man. I'm pretty quick to the hole, I have pretty nice moves, and a little power behind me. Don't think I won't drop the shoulder on a couple guys (laughter).

    Q)Derrick, you've played behind Priest Holmes and you've seen the example that he set of a guy who kind of came out of nowhere. Do you see yourself as that kind of guy once your career kind of gets going more?

    Blaylock: Exactly, yeah. I really do, man. I feel like I could be a starter in the league. I've been preparing for the day to come that I would be the starter. But right now I know what my role is, and that's to come in and back up Curtis.

    QAre you feeling any "pressure.

  6. I found this article on another website. It may be true or it may not. I have however heard several other sources say the same things that are in this article.

    The Playstation 2 was and still is a big seller, and many of us are excited to see what Sony will come up with next. Well, they have just revealed to us their details about "Playstation Network", PSNet for short. You probably all know how popular online gaming is, and Sony knows that

  7. 20%, IIRC (and I could be wrong on that but I don't think I am) but a 14 mil cap hit is pretty painful. In 2007 it would be right near 17 mil....

    A good reason to get this puppy signed.

    I'm confident they'll get something done, though asking for the SB to be nonguaranteed is a bit of a slap in the face.

    It is a big slap in the face imo. Kinda wierd too and could mean to me that they want to ty law or lawyer milloy him before this contract is up. Jmo but this whole thing could piss brady off and blow up in thier face.

  8. 2005: 10.029 mil cap figure

    2006: 14.000 mil cap figure





    He has at least 6 years left but in 2006 his # really starts to sting, and after that it goes up 20% per year.

    Isn't the franchise money like 18 Million for a QB? Also I thought it went up every year by a certain percent above the increase.

  9. when I do that it makes Abraham drop back into a zone....

    up (towards yourself)

    or down (towards the tv)

    ? sorry, I am kinda stupid like this. lol

    You know how when you spread your line you hit L1 and then up on the D Pad? Well this time hit L1 and up on your right analog stick (both towards the TV). If you hit down towards yourself it will crash your line in. Let me know how it works out.

  10. That is some bizarre Sh#t. Hopefully he sticks his head in here so we can find out what the story is. :lol:

    Apparently he sent JG an e-mail stating his wife will not allow him on anymore sites like this again. She stated this on one of the threads that are still up. WTF knows if the whole thing is true though I mean she could have found a picture of him with a stripper and went psycho. People will do crazy things during times like these I guess.

  11. What happened was a person claiming to be DW2's wife and using DW2's screen name told everyone on the site that she found DW2 with another man :shock: and that DW2 used that site and others like it to pick up men. That thread was deleted within like 20 minutes and that was pretty much the first thread. Then he started on apologizing with his own SN. Saying that someone is very angry with him. Then some newbie registered that day claiming to be his wife said it was all true what was said in the first thread.

  12. wow wow. how do you play acclerated quarters. I play 5 minute quarters, and which analog stick do you hit up with? the left joystick or the right joystick??

    The accelerated clock is an option in the "game option" section.

    You loop the defenders on a outside pass rush by hitting the right analog stick up. Down has them crash in, left to the left and right to the right.

  13. Apparently, DW2 cursed out his wife on the board that shant be named. Then she got on there, told him to get off the board. He had to unregister and everything. There's a whole couple threads on it. Just bizzare.

    But did you see the first thread?

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