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  1. Abraham was seriously injured. That's the problem here. Most people have been mis-informed on that situation.

    Doctors cleared him to try and practice. Not to play.

    The week of the playoff game vs The Steelers, Abraham was sent back to Dr. James Andrews in Alabama. Andrews said that he was in the 6th week of an 8 week injury.

    John Abraham couldn't physically play. That's the bottom line. He wasn't ready yet. He tried to practice and the entire staff saw that he wasn't ready to play yet. He could have put on uinform and modeled the uni but he wouldn't have been effective and would have done long term damage to himself had he played. Abraham was hurt and would have been ineffective.

    Really, so the doctors cleared Martin to play with 2 broken ankles or chad with a torn cuff but wouldn't clear Abe to play? BTW, who said Abes injury was serious? You are saying some players play hurt and some don't and I agree. But the coach can also make it miserable for a player and embarassing for him if he doesn't play.

  2. is it just me, or is the running sluggish in '05. in '04 i was breakin' ankles online. i was pretty damn nasty with the stop & go stuff. i can see why they would want to tone that down, but it seems thet went overboard in doing so. :cry:

    I agree RB's have been toned down a little and running outside is tough against a normal defense without using the juke glitch. However, when a defense stacks the box against you running to the outside opens up. Also, when running inside the goal is to slow down and follow your blocks well. DO NOT HIT SPEED BURST. Some backs in madden are actually too fast to run inside and I have seen people run thier RB's with thier heads down (triangle button) in order to slow them down and follow thier blocks through the hole.

  3. I gotta jump in on this Herm/John Lott stuff.

    I just saw my team have a QB play the entire 2nd half of the season with a damaged right throwing shoulder.

    I watched Kevin Mawae play with a club on his hand. Pete Kendall played the 2nd half of last season hobbled. He was in alot of pain down the stretch.

    It's different for skill position players and offensive lineman though.

    John Abraham couldn't play last year. He was in a 6 to 8 week injury that was only in it's 6th week when The Jets played Pittsburgh in the playoffs. He was legitimately hurt. Tried to practice, staff decided that he couldn't play. He would have been useless in those two playoff games. Totally ineffective.

    I think if The Jets would have made it to the superbowl. Abraham would have been ready to play. He wasn't when we played Pittsburgh.

    I don't blame injuries on Lott or Herm. Abraham and Pennington have been hurt alot the last two years. Not throwing that at Lott's feet or Herm's. It happens.

    I've seen players play hurt with The Jets. Not an issue with me.

    Well I think you are getting a little off topic here. The problem isn't players playing injured verse players not playing injured alone. The issue is really the guys who are not seriously injured and cleared by the doctors not playing. Don't kid yourself the coach has the power to get knicked up players that can physically play on the field.

  4. YES. In so many words. I remember Teddy C saying that Thomas would be a double digit sack guy. Teddy C and our awful former d-line coach Ruben Carter did a miserable job with our young defensive lineman.

    The Jets drafted a speed rusher and tried to make him a run stopper. Mission accomplished. except he can't rush the passer anymore.

    It's very easy to figure out why. Line him up at the 40 yard dash now. See what Bryan Thomas runs. It won't be a 4.4, I'll tell you that.

    Put 30 pounds on Dwight Freeney's body. I bet ya he slows down.

    You are 100% right and that was an excelent post too btw.

  5. I sent gg a PM to ask her to do the math for me. :wink:

    McGinist has never missed a playoff game.

    Abe has missed 75% of Jet playoff games over the last 3 years.

    I just think you used a poor choice in trying to compare the McGinist situation to that of Abe.

    I was just kidding with the jab btw.

    But I still think it is a good comparison. Don't look at the numbers of abe vs mcginist per se. Look at the difference in how much mcginist was on the field when carroll was there and then BB and Parcells. I think the same can be said for other Pats players during that time peiod and then after.

  6. If Bryan Thomas was in this years draft. He would be drafted as an OLB/Edge Rusher in The 3-4. That's what he projected to be coming out of college. He was a speed rusher coming out of UAB.

    The Jets made the mistake of drafting Thomas and then trying to make him a 4-3 DE. They had put him put on weight. Since college, He has gained over 20 pounds. The extra weight and body change caused him to get sick and injured in his rookie year.

    Are you saying the coaching staff made the mistake of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? :shock::lol:

  7. In the four years prior to BB's arrival, McGinist missed 12 games (5 in '97 and 7 in '988).

    In the last 4 years, Abe has missed 16 games (4 last year plus 2 playoff games and 9 in 2003 and 1 playoff game in 2002).

    12>16? :shock::shock:

    I know math isn't taught in Texas but a 4 game difference is not that huge and can be considered comparable. It is about a 6% difference.

  8. You know it's funny but people including myself blame TB or the player himself for not being on the field enough. But look at some of the Vets on the Pats super bowl teams. Take Willie McGinest for example. He missed more games than Abe over the 4 years stretch that the coaching staff wasn't there. IMO, the coaching staff takes part of the blame for this.

  9. I guess some owners besides ours really are happy with just making the playoffs.


    Colts owner planning to extend Dungy's deal

    Irsay happy with team's success, wants to add to 2 remaining years on coach's pact.

    Coach Tony Dungy has compiled a 37-17 overall record. The 37 wins rank fourth in Colts history. -- Matt Kryger / The Star

    By Mike Chappell


    March 24, 2005

    KAPALUA, Hawaii -- Tony Dungy's string of success as the Indianapolis Colts' coach won't go unrewarded.

    Jim Irsay said during a break at the NFL owners' meetings this week that he intends to sign Dungy to a contract extension before training camp, which opens in late July. Dungy has two years remaining on the five-year, $13 million deal he signed in 2002.

    "He can sign an extension tonight as far as I'm concerned," Irsay said. "We're not going to talk about it that much, but we'll do it.

    "He certainly deserves one, sooner than most."

    In three seasons, Dungy has directed the Colts to three playoff appearances, including a trip to the AFC Championship game after the 2003 season, and an overall record of 37-17. The 37 wins rank fourth in franchise history.

    "We've talked," Irsay said, "but we have the type of relationship that Tony will coach here basically as long as he wants."

    Dungy, 49, has made it clear he has no interest in seeing how long he can handle the rigors of being a head coach in the NFL. He spent his first six years as a head coach with Tampa Bay before being fired after the 2001 season. He is a father of five and has the desire to expand his already vigorous community-related activities.

    Dungy acknowledged discussing an extension with Irsay, adding, "we'll see what makes sense. I know I don't want to work anywhere else, so there's no big hurry.

    "As long as I want to coach and as long as they want me, I think it will work out."

  10. It's a little early but most teams have thier RB's all set for next year with the exception of a few. So I think you can still within reason predict which RB will have a better year.

    So here is how the game works. I will list 2 backs below. The next person picks which back will rush for more yards and then adds a back for the next person to compare him to and so on.

    So here it goes.

    Curtis Martin

    Corey Dillon

  11. I think it is still too early to tell. But until someone knocks off the Pats they are #1. Followed by the Jets and Bills who I also think are very close. I also think the Phins will play harder this year although they will not have enough tallent to win many more games then they did last year.

  12. bradway drafts well, so if he picks a TE in the 3rd or 4th i'd feel pretty good about it. still, the putzier kid sounds like a player. it would be hard to go wrong with trading for him with our 4th rounder. since bradway screwed up the offer sheet of course. :?

    I agree totally Putzier is a helluva player. But I also have confidence in Bradway's drafting for some unknown reason.

  13. Denver wants a 3... I doubt they're going to get it. They'll probably have to settle for a 4... would that be worth it to y'all?

    I agree a 3 or a 4 is realistic. This whole situation has me thinking that the Jets are targeting Miller in the 1st and if he doesn't fall perhaps they pull the trigger on this deal.

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