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  1. You gotta go with value there. If you pass on Miller. You are rolling the dice hoping that Alex Smith is there late in The 2nd round.

    This is exactly why I posted about trading down. You now enter an area where there are alot of similar talents from 25 to 55.

    If you stay, I take Heath Miller. 2nd choice would be Marlin Jackson, big physical corner who just ran a 4.4 in his workouts. That's good enough for me.

    Not really though. If Putzier is still available via trade and Smith doesn't come up in the second maybe TB can pull the trigger on that trade.

  2. I agree that both are questionable in my mind right now. But the more questionable of the two in Johnson. I wouldn't be shocked if he slipped out of the top 10. To me he appears to be too weak to play in a 3-4 which is what most teams needing LB's in the top 10 play. The only team dumb enough to pick him could be the Bucs.

  3. How?

    He is not going to see it from the Patriots and they will never let him leave via free agency. The Patriots can ride out his contract and then have the franchise tag applied to him.

    Tom has publicly stated he recognizes the harm of chasing every last dime. He will give the Patriots a hometown discount, if a 60-80 million dollar contract could ever be considered a discount, and will be very rich.

    So what you are saying is Brady will give a 20-40 million dollar hometown discount including 10-15 million in guarentees? I think they call that hometown fantasyville. :lol:

  4. I agree, it is a system and not an offense alone. Not to start a Herm vs Hackett debate but it is also interesting that Walsh made sure the entire coaching staf including the head coach where on the same page with the offensive gameplan and that he felt this was very important.

  5. And I doubt either of us gives a flying **** about the others opinions, so lets zip up and quit the pissing contest.

    One challenge though, I bet you don't have the guts to go over to KFFL and argue with MasterMadden over Namath, because you don't have the easy out of being able to accuse him of bias.

    I wouldn't waiste my time.

  6. I'm insulted that you said I live in Nebraska. There's absolutely nothing in Nebraska except for their football team. I live in Kansas..."As big as you think." That's our new state motto....seriously. :lol:

    Insulted? Aren't you a Nebraska fan? Both are pretty states though.

    BTW, getting back to the original subject. I did root for the Cubs and Sox and I'am a Yankee fan. So it does happen.

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