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  1. If you think I threatened you you might want to polish up on your reading comprehension.

    You can be a jackass all you want and that's fine, when I referred to "losing my patience".... well, some Pats fans vouched for you so I assumed you might be a decent guy. Wanted to give you as much slack as possible for just writing you off as a total a$$.

    Went past that point, so feel free to keep whining, I've got a good feel for you now.

    Thank you for not listening to those pat fans trying to vouch for me. I'm very happy that you feel this way.

    BTW, How is that Cedric Benson pick working out for the Vikings? :lol::lol:


  2. Price of 1st Round Draft Pick Chad Pennington: 77.5 Million Dollars and counting

    Price first round pick gave back to team :roll: : 2 Million Dollars

    Price of watching 75.5 million dollar QB first round draft pick have an 61.2 QB Rating in the seasons' biggest games: Priceless!!!

    How would you know? Your not even from New England bandwagon jumper.

  3. Obviously reading comprehension isn't your strong point. I pointed out that Namath was not about to be a top 7 guy and you flipped the **** out and started menstruating all over your seat.

    Now he's been added to the poll and guess what? He's not going to make top 7 and people are ripping me for adding him to the poll.

    Obviously because I'm a Pats fan this is all some plot to screw Namath over...

    You got ripped for 50% of the QB's you put up there. I don't really give a f what you think. There were other people besides me asking where the f he was.

    Uh oh you have spent 15 minutes over here. You better get back to kffl quick and see if you can steal something and post it over here as if it is your own idea.

  4. hahah here is the private message I got from this tough guy over at kffl.

    Shut the **** up. Any good will you had from me is rapidly vanishing.

    Your bizarre and perverse insistance that I somehow robbed myself is asinine and basically only serves as a weak smear attempt on this board.

    Meanwhile feel free to argue with me on Manning/Brady till the cows come home, but don't suggest that I'm intentionally trying to rob Joe of some honor. Do some digging and you'll find that Joe Namath is held in pretty ****ing low esteem by most NON PATS FANS on this board. I've seen a LOT of dismissive comments about the guy from non pats fans, so wasn't sweating the idea of him winning it.

    There's a write in option. I guarantee you if 5 or more people vote for Joe as a write in I'll add him to the next poll.

    Just another internet tough guy. Maybe we should set up you and mayone in a steal cage match.

  5. RSheila, the bat signal just went on, you need to race over to KFFL and defend Namath's chastity. And it's a Seahawks fan doing the bashing.

    dickseyless, your the loser on a jets message board defending your QB with ferocity. YOu get sand in your vagina and start quoting Brady's completion percentage on a 35 degree day with light winds to the southeast everytime someone says he is what he is a system QB..


  6. How did I insult you?

    If your opinion, as you proclaim, is the same as the vast majority of football fans on this planet, then you would not be a part of the 'idiot fringe' now would you? :roll: Do you understand what that means? :roll:

    This isn't an insult?

    You constantly are insulting and bad at it too.

    Try going to page 3 of this thread to see my argument or maybe you missed it.

    Oh yeah and keep being all you can be ass clown.

  7. So you are the voice for most football fans? :roll:

    It is funny most of the people on TV from former players to the mainstream media seem to think Brady is a pretty good QB. Short of the idiot fringe like Skip Bayless, some even think he is Canton material right now. Now that is premature, but still name another QB that after 5 years that has his resume? Face it you can not. Any argument you make is weak.

    It is his coaching staff. What effect did the coaching staffs have on Bradshaw, Aikman, Montana or whomever you bring up?

    It is his supporting cast. Ok, most admit the Patriots talent wise can not compare to any past dynasty because of the salary cap. They do not have the ability to maintain the depth the past dynasties had.

    The only weak a$$ argument you have is he does not put up Madden type Manning numbers. :roll: You know what, until prooven otherwise, the only place Manning can win a Superbowl is in Madden.

    TS - Answer me this, do you think the Texans would be closer then they are now? You know the answer and it is yes.


    here you go again pfkbitch. can't have an argument without insulting someone. Well I hate to tell you but it is not only my voice that says this is true but it is most peoples. If you put down that tom brady blow up doll down for a second you would realize it is true.

    As for the Madden comment I have made plenty of arguements on here and none of them had to do with Mannings numbers vs Brady's. There is no comparison there.

    Your comment about the Texans is almost as laughable as the picture I get of you in a uniform making love to a brady poster.


  8. Jets fans are amazing.

    Since Brady led the Patriots to their first title, the resonating sound out of Jets'fans mouths was, "Brady is fluke. He has to proove it he can do it again. He Dilfered he way to the Superbowl, he only led them on two touchdown drives in three games."

    All he has done in the three subsequent seasons is throw for 11,000 more yards, 79 TDs and only 40 INTs, win six more playoff games and two more superbowls. Over those six playoff wins against teams with a combined record of 75-21, all he has done is: 130-207 1379 yards 10 TDs and 2 INTs for a nifty little 94.2 QB rating. His team is 43-11 over the same span.

    I do not know if it was this thread or another one of the 1000 Chad and/or Brady threads between the two boards, I firmly believe some of you would not recognize a great QB if he bit you in the a$$.

    It's not just Jet fans that feel this way. As a matter of fact I would say most football fans feel this way. They is no reason to hate on a Pats player. Most here will and would have admitted the pats coaching staff is the best as well as some of their players. Just not brady.

  9. Hermie definately deserves to be fired before Bradway. Go back and watch the last five minutes of the Jets/Steelers playoff game and tell me our HC deserves to still be here.

    I totally agree with you here. But Bradway needs to be on the hot seat as well a little. All being said though I would like to see Bradway hang around a year or two after Herm.

  10. The real beef I have with TB is the fact that he didn't even attept to get TO. TO listed the teams he wanted to play for does anyone know if the Jets were included? No, because the moron was busy getting J Mac who is good but he is no TO.

  11. You play on PS2 or XBOX?

    I play on ps 2 but it doesn't really matter. If you want to know how to stop the juke glitch it is really a defensive call and then setting it up. I will post it here with a diagram if you want.

  12. I know how to do the juke glitch but it is very easy for top ballers to stop this. You can pm me for advice on either one (stopping it or doing it). I played this kid who was the falcons today and he scored a TD on me with the juke glitch. I then set up the correct defense and got 3 fumbles including returning one for a TD. He d/c glitched me but oh well I know he sucks.

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