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  1. OK so we all know RichardSeymour takes ideas from kffl then pawns them off as his own on other message boards. But now he starts a poll on another message board listing the top QB's ever. On his list are the likes of Dan Foutes, Jim Kelly, Steve Yong and Bart Starr. But where is Joe Namath? No place to be found that's where. Then he says don't worry Namath would never be voted among the top 7. Fine but wtf do you have Steve Young and Jim Kelly up there for. And Steve Young has a ton of votes obviously from homer 49er fans. I swear this guy started watching football in 2001. :lol:

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Here is the article.

    Posted on Fri, Mar. 11, 2005

    Chiefs confident Knight signing will pay off


    Knight Ridder Newspapers

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. - (KRT) - The Chiefs are confident the consequences of their free-agent signing of safety Sammy Knight will work themselves out quite nicely as time moves along.

    For now, they just know they have a crowd at safety. And that's exactly what they wanted.

    Knight agreed to a five-year contract worth slightly more than $2 million per year. It includes an initial signing bonus of $1.2 million and total bonuses worth $2.7 million.

    For that, the Chiefs have themselves a new starting strong safety.

    "He's here to play," coach Dick Vermeil said.

    The two incumbent starting safeties, Greg Wesley and Jerome Woods, will compete to be the starting free safety.

    "It just depends on who the other best safety is," Vermeil said. "Competition makes players better."

    The Chiefs, after Woods and Wesley played well in 2003, awarded each player with large new contracts. Both responded by playing poorly, which left the Chiefs determined to make improvements.

    The Knight signing shows they weren't bluffing. Now either Woods or Wesley is out of a starting job, and, unlikely but possible, a job altogether.

    Vermeil indicated the Chiefs would keep both players, with one serving as injury insurance. Their contracts make their releases cost-prohibitive. The Chiefs would like to get some return on a $5 million signing-bonus investment in Wesley.

    Woods recently received an option bonus payment of $500,000, making his release even more unlikely. But the Chiefs could wait until after June 1 to release one of them. Delaying such a move would push the acceleration of the signing bonus for salary-cap purposes into next year.

    When they gave the new contracts to Woods and Wesley, the Chiefs figured safety would be the last position to worry about. Woods made the 2003 Pro Bowl, and the Chiefs believed Wesley played as well if not better.

    Neither one came close to playing as well last season. The Chiefs believe Wesley became too comfortable after signing the first big contract of his career.

    The Chiefs anticipate Knight's signing will serve as adequate motivation.

    "Guys get their nice contracts and they get a little more secure feeling, and it takes a little edge off their overall approach," Vermeil said. "They almost forget what they get paid to do.

    "I think Greg Wesley has enough character to get himself to do what he has to do. He's a good person and a good worker when his mind is right and he doesn't have any distractions."

    Wesley didn't return a message left with his agent, Drew Pittman.

    Woods, who turns 32 next week, is five years older than Wesley. The Chiefs are wondering whether his career has taken the irreversible turn that all inevitably do.

    "The older you get, it takes you longer to get back, and when you get back, it takes you longer to play as well," Vermeil said of Woods, who missed all of 2002 because of a broken leg and the last six games last season because of an ailing knee. "There is a wall that you hit and sometimes you can't play as well."

    For his part, Woods returned to his offseason home in Memphis wondering the same thing. He hired for the first time a speed coach to help him get back some of his missing range.

    "It's been going pretty well," he said. "I hope to keep doing this all through the offseason. I've got to build my legs back up. Ever since my injury, my broken leg, I've always been a step behind. I never got a chance to rehab properly and build my leg strength up to where it should have been."

    Still, word of Knight's signing and a possible loss of a starting job he's held since 1997 hit Woods hard, particularly since the Chiefs hadn't been in communication.

    "Nobody has told me anything," Woods said. "It's a business and they do things. Who knows what comes out of this? After what happened last year, you expect some jobs to be on the line.

    "(Defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham) likes to have good depth at every position. Maybe that's what this is about. Maybe they're doing it for competition. I know one thing about Gun: He's going to play the best guy. That's what he did last year with (Jared) Allen and Vonnie Holliday."

    The Chiefs hope to create that competition and motivation with Knight's signing. They also could be creating a volatile situation with an unhappy veteran on the bench.

    Woods has not been a complainer but acknowledged he didn't know how he would react to news he was a backup.

    "When the time comes I'll address that with my agents," he said. "It'll depend on a lot of things. Right now, I don't know what the Chiefs are going to do or what the Chiefs are thinking.

    "It just sounds like at one point, there will have to be decisions made and some people will have to accept roles."


  3. Nirvana -

    In Utero


    Can't remember the name but the one with teen spirit on it.

    IMO, what makes a great band is controversy, death and a GREAT duo of leadsinger and lead guitar.

    Zeppelin, Skynnard, Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers are on my all time greats list.

    Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Stone temple pilots, just about anyone from the Seattle grunge scene are on my more modern list.

    My favorite recent song is "Ball n chain" by Social distortion.

    Here's a song i HIGHLY recommend for all of you guys... "Cigarette" by The Clarkes. They are a Pittsburgh area band that ROCKS, IMO. :D

    That Nirvana album was Nevermind.....Great Album and group imo.

  4. I would agree 80. Right now, you probably take Carter over Warren, but if we are talking thre or more years down the road, Warren is the obvious choice.

    Let's not forget, the Patriots DL roles are slightly different then most teams. They are never going to be stat whores like Sapp. There jobs are to make the LBers life easy.

    I think if Warren was in another system, he might be a little better then Carter, but right now it remains to be seen. He has shown some brilliant moments, but othertimes he is doing his job and Vrabel, Bruschi, McGinest and Company are wreaking havoc.

    But you do realize that not everyone can ring up stats in a one gap system like Sapp once did? It is much easier to play DL in a 2 gap system than it is in a one gap. It requires far less skills.

  5. Welcome Big Ben.

    Even though I'm a Jets fan I's always liked the Steelers. My best friend for like the last 18 years is a Steelers fan and we both root for each others teams when they are not playing each other.

  6. I was just sayin I didn't know who he was, so it felt like a reach... damn, I didn't know I'd cause such drama! :lol:

    But, like I said, ther eare people who are smarter than me and they have their grand plans and designs.

    I don't think you are causing drama. I think you are just starting good conversation. I love Ware but that is jmo of him. I saw him at the combine and the senior bowl and was extremly impressed. Also he played against lesser competition but he played DE and his stats were great 50 tackles, 10.5 sack and 4 FF. Not bad for any level of competition. Add to that he showed up at the combine at 6'4" 251 15 pounds heavier then his playing weight and timed out at around 4.6.

  7. Rsherry, you made a good pick based on Dallas's needs. LB is so weak in this draft that you MUST reach a little bit to ensure you get your type of player. Plus, Ware is pretty versatile, he can fit into any system, whether it be as a 4-3 DE or a 3-4 OLB.

    I agree, plus if you run a "50" you can put Pollack and Ware over the tackles. These two would be a dynamite duo imo.

  8. I learned 1 thing from doing these over the years....Don't justify your picks to anyone...these guys should be lucky they can spell the names correctly.


    Well, I appreciate the kind words from everyone. Fortunatly in the speed draft the other night picks fell to me that were good fits also. Tonight maybe I needed to reach a tiny bit. IMO I wasn't reaching far. I have seen ware go as early as the Pats. Even if this was a real live draft and I was running th Cowboys what would I do? Trade down 5 spots so someone can jump up and grab him ahead of me like New England or someone in the 2nd round also switching to the 3-4? I just don't think any other player would benefit the Cowboys like these two. jmhnso.

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