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  1. Not selling myself short, just sayin that people have their plans. But, like I said, I don't know much about Ware, and doesn't seem like a first round pick. Seemed like a reach, very boom or bust. And he's from a small school, as Troy State isn't huge at all. But, the plan he set out, it seems logical.

    And MJ, not a prob, just here to help.

    And, I've helped with DD.com for the last two years. I just keep it on the hush just in case someone disagrees with my stuff. Not much for playing internet tough guy :lol:

    I agree it is a slight reach but I can't trade down and this is what I think Dallas needs. IMO, Ware had great workout numbers and production.

  2. We're on an editing frenzy here!

    Rsherry took DeMarcus Ware, from Troy State. To be honest, it seems like kind of a reach. But, that's why there are guys who are smarter than me around. He probably knows something I don't.

    With Ware and Pollard at LB and G Ellis, J Fergeson, and L Glover on the line these two pick allow dallas to go from a base 3-4 to any front they want. They can switch to a 4-3, "46" or "50" without changing personel at all. Add a vet or two to the LB core and this teams defense is pretty much all set.

  3. I was going to say the same thing. Parcells would stand him up in the 3-4, where I think he's best suited anyway.

    That's what I was thinking too. I don't want to go too much into detail about my thoughts and reasoning because I don't want to give away my second pick. I will explain it all when I'm done with my second pick.

  4. I think the host f-ed up by tipping his hand as to what he was going to ask him.Basically ;what happened in Washington Laverneus?Whatever the guys name was filling in for Kay said THAT was what HE wanted to know.Not how great is it to be back or tell us what Chad said about how the arm's gonna be.Leberfeld surprised me-he really did.

    You may have a good point. It was Don Lagreca (sp?). I turned it on at 4:40 so I didn't hear what he said before that but I heard him mention that he wanted to ask him about Washington and the same questions reporters asked Coles that pissed him off the day before.

  5. Would you rather have Sharper or Darius? I'd take Darius,. strictly because of his hitting.

    I would rather have Darius. Sharper can play SS and is a upgrade there but is a better FS. Darius is in the mold of R Harrison and other great hitting SS's. I hate the guy for the hit he put on Fergeson but he plays full speed and with a lot of guts.

  6. Athletes don't win football games. Football players do.

    Sorry guys, but I just can never trust the combine, in any situation.

    Well yes and no. A lot of times a team will have a terrible front 7 but great secondary. The secondary could just look bad because the defense can't stop the run or get pressure. The combine helps pick out those situations where a football player is very good but just on a bad team. Ofcourse the reverse happens as well. Some of you guys maybe too young to remember Michael Stonebreaker and Chris Zorich. These guys looked great in college. All the stats you want out of a MLB and DT. But in reality the secondary on that team and some other players pulling less numbers or stats were the ones making them look so good. The combine just confirms what you are seeing on tape or draws attention to it.

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