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  1. WTF kinda question was that?

    I need gg to help out when I get asked math questions like that.

    It's pretty simple. You are mocking the point that Brady is surounded by the better defense and team and saying he is just a better QB. I'm asking you if you would trade the Pats team last year minus Brady (you can keep Brady) for the Jets minus Pennington. Oh yeah and to take it a step further throw in the coaching staff.

  2. To quote Jesse Ventura, "these people got rich but not being stupid."

    The NFL was the brand name. At what cost is victory worth it? Yes, the AFL could have eventually buried the NFL, but what would be left of the league and how much money would have been wasted?

    The Jets victory gave the AFL credibility.

    Wrong again just like you have been many times private. The Jets victory was what caused the merger to go through. I can see you never studied the cause and effect of buyouts, competition and mergers.

  3. JW & rsherry - IMHO this year will be a transition year for the Patriots much like 2000 was. Before that season the Patriots cut alot of high priced 'old' veterans. Luckily in 2005, the team has alot more talent and should be able to weather the storm. Looking at the schedule, the Patriots have a gauntlet they have to run on the road. There are no gimmies. So, I do not think the Patriots will go 14-2 for a third straight year, but neither am I ruling out another run at the Superbowl. IMHO, short of injuries, if everything goes wrong as the Jets' fans want, we are looking at a 10-6 team. However, I believe the team will go about 12-4. Probably, losing a home game and a few road games.

    It's not about things going the Jets fans way. The pats are a team that will finish between 10-6 and 12-4 at this point. If things go the Jet fans way it will be between 6-10 and 8-8.

  4. Not knowing nothing about this years crop coming out I say this-second hand.The Big O on WQAM this morning said that any one of last years top ten would be a first rounder THIS year.

    Do you mean they would not be top 10 this year and just first rounders? I'm not sure if that is true this draft is very deep imo and there will be good players well into the second round that will carry 1st round grades. jmhnso.

  5. If the Pats go 6-10 with a healthy Brady, yes, I agree.

    Let me get my $.02 in.

    1) Belichick served as de facto QB coach for much of Brady's development. There's reason to think he brings more than a little bit to offensive gameplanning and play design.

    2) That said, this move concerns me, particularly if Belichick is our de facto OC.

    There are only so many hours in the day, and if Belichick is putting in major time on offense that eats into his overall QC time.

    3) If the majority of OC duties are going to be hoisted by one of the offensive position coaches and Belichick is merely keeping a firm grip on things this way (liberal guidance and vetoing of playcalling and play design) I'm more comfortable, although I'd still rather have an OC.

    Until proven otherwise, one overriding principle....


    It's not that I think BB can't handle the job of OC. It is more about the fact that there will be a ton of new coaches and players on the team and a lot of fires will need to be put out. I think this is the problem that will arise from having BB perform OC duties.

  6. Here's the deal:

    1) The Jets win over the Colts in Super Bowl III had absolutely nothing to do with the merger. It was a foregone conclusion prior to that Super Bowl game.

    2) What the Jets did with that win was give the AFL instant credibility as the two leagues merged. Even Pats fans can't ignore that.

    Why would the AFL go through with the merger after getting beat down 3 straight times in the Super Bowl? The AFL owners had deeper pockets and could outlast and take down the owners with money rather than get beat down in a game that was failing to attract fans anyway. That game catipulted the ratings and attendence of future super bowls. I know that the NFL claims that the attendence was high for the first 3 super bowls. But by all acounts attendence was so low that they moved all the fans to midfield to make it look like the place was packed for the TV cameras. The bottom line is Super Bowl 3 put the Super Bowl event on the map with other large events at that time and paved the way for the AFL and NFL to both have mutual interest in continuing the merger process. I can't believe you guys are even trying to argue with this. Even Giant fans accept this as truth.

  7. It's kinda funny but the draft could definitly unfold where either Cadillac or Benson are staring the Jets in the face. It happened to all the first round RB's in last years draft. It will be interesting to see if the Jets bite on one of them.

  8. History tells us that rarely works out very well.

    I agree, it is a very, very difficult thing to do. I know BB knows every aspect of offense and had been a HC for a while now. But even guys that have that same background have struggled not having an OC. This is a big mistake on his par, imo.

  9. I don't know why there is so much hate for this guy. I know he capitalizes on his Jets fandom but still who wouldn't if they were in his shoes? I can remember going to games in 1996 when it was 2 degrees in the meadowlands and 10k people in the stand who were mostly the other teams fans. He was still on top of that guys shoulders starting the chant.

  10. I think R44 had a write up on him the other day but I couldn't find it. He said that Gamble was a great special teamer for the Fins before blowing out his knee. His natural position is S. And he said if he could return to form he would be a great addition. Hopefully he sees this and can add some more.

  11. Here's a paragraph from the actual article:

    Legree, a fifth-year pro, was a favorite of Jets defensive line coach Denny Marcin during their three seasons together with the Giants. The 6-1, 300-pounder was signed to help ease the departure of Jason Ferguson, who signed with the Cowboys. Legree has been solid against the run and is versatile enough to play defensive end.

    Nice find. I can't really argue if Marcin likes him. I think Marcin is an outstanding coach.

  12. RS, I had four players targeted at 32 ... Roddy White, Barrett Rudd, Demarcus Ware, and Jerome Mathis

    I felt Roddy White offered the best value of the four

    Would you have went elsewhere?

    As TS would say I have a man-crush on Ware. I would have gone with R White too. Pats don't need a DE/OLB like Ware, they don't need a speedy WR like Mathis and I'm just not crazy about Ruud. JMO.

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