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  1. It's relevent when a head coach (Parcells) has only had significant success when his defense was being run by a future hall of fame coach who would later go on to win 3 superbowls.

    Trust me, if Crennel wins 3 SBs in cleveland and Belichick never wins another PLAYOFF GAME, you'd better BELIEVE I'll be acknowledging that casts serious doubt on Belichick.

    It's not relevant, it is rediculous.

  2. Sherry, you are so dead wrong about TB - but, you are one of those poeple that thinks they already know everything -except for Tatum's rep - Hey, you learn something new every day. :lol:


    I expected you to comeback with something like that since your "look at the stats on TB" line didn't scare me away. Face it Garb it is the way the Pats are built. They are all niche players who do one thing well. Together they make a great well oiled machince. Now I know you will bring up T Brown and all he does but be carefull there he it is still in certain situations that he is used.

    BTW learning something everyday is something you should try. Maybe you can start with the basics like football for example.

  3. I think the point we're missing is that what are players going to think when a guy like Brown, who did something I havent seen a player do in years did and as a reward, he gets a pink slip.

    In regards to the financial and personell situation it's a smart move, but will players be willing to sacrifice so much just to play with them? Sometimes paying a guy a little more than he's worth helps the morale of the team in the longrun.

    You can only make heartless moves for so long before it bites you on the a$$.

    I agree Brody and there is a distinct difference between the goings on of a couple years ago with the releasing of Milloy (who by most accounts was a questionable locker influence anyway) to releasing several true gut it out guys. That combined with the Pats only true advantage being taken away (thier coaches) should put them into the tailspin we have all been waiting for.

  4. JonE and Sherry don't watch Pats ball - obviously. Check Tedy's stats and get back to me on his JAG status.... :roll:

    You know, just because someone has a funcky dance, great soundbite and a good PR rep doesn't mean they are better players than TB.

    I'm having trouble finding it. Can you please tell me which of his stat's I'm supposed to be impressed with.

    Garbs upcoming response "well you can't measure heart RSherry but if you could TB is a surefire HOF'er"

  5. It was that Mackenzie deal that put the G-Men at the top of his list.

    Are you saying that Plaxico wants to go play with the Giants because Kareem McKenzie is there? I mean this isn't Michael Jordan we are talking about. There was a story put out this morning that the Vikes are no longer interested in Plax and are pursuing Gardner. Then this one comes out in the evening? Sounds like the Giants are willing to overpay yet again to save accorsi from facing the music of an embarassing mistake he made last year in the draft.

  6. 1) Parcells has only won superbowls with one team.

    2) Parcells has used heavy credit-carding to provide significant advantages in the short term at the expense of his teams futures.... futures he skips town to avoid.

    3) His tenure in New England was 0-1 in the playoffs with two other losing seasons until Belichick came on board and they went to the superbowl. His tenure in Dallas without Parcells has been 0-1 in the playoffs with another losing season.

    Not much to brag about, IMO.

    I think Smizz is right you have been reading the idiots on kffl a tad too much.

    BTW, What is BB's record without Romeo?

  7. 1) Belichick wasn't as good a HC back then. He has learned lessons from his mistakes in Cleveland.

    2) The Browns lost in their first 3 years as Belichick rebuilt, then went to the playoffs with the NFL's #1 defense and beat Parcells Patriots before losing to the Steelers. The following year they started 3-1.... and then Art Modell announced he was moving the team to Baltimore and the bottom fell out. The team lost 10 of its next 12.

    It was an unusual situation to say the least and Belichick may well have had more success had circumstances been slightly different.

    Now do you see the challenge in taking over new teams and why it should be held as a higher accomplishment than just winning with the same staff and players?

  8. Coles was a move the chains type for the Jets because that is how they used him, and that's pretty much Chad's range. He was much more than that his first year as a Skin, but not his second...and definitely not in his third. He's got tons of heart, but he should have had his bad wheel fixed. As for the comment on portis....ridiculous. 1300 yards and he didn't even play in the final game. Hardly a dissapointment. He should have a great year with Jansen back and athletic center who should fit nicely in Gibbs running attack. Not too sure How Moss will pay off. Have never really been a fan, but rather have him than anyone who doesn't want to be there. As your boy Randy Thomas said..."you don't want to be here...stay home".

    Not really rediculous when you consider Portis had his worst year as a professional from a ypc standpoint (was 5.5, last year 3.8) a touchdown (15, 14, last year 5) and carries over 20 yards (11, 13, last year 5) yards also dropped by 200. But no need to really mention him. Everyone here knew he was a system back anyway. Just look at Ruben Droughns.

    So I guess maybe the big play problem wasn't limited to Coles last year?

    Anyway you lose all credibility with me when you say Coles was a big play WR. He does and always has caught the ball with his chest while leaving his feet. Making him a poor candidate to take a slant the distance. You are probably the same guy who was here 2 years ago claiming the skins were going to the Bowl after robbing the Jets. :roll:

  9. Uh dude, the time he was beat by Belichick Belichick had been rebuilding a pretty heinous Cleveland Browns team himself.

    and Parcells has never been run out of town because he always skips town like a deadbeat dad when child support checks (or the cap hits) are due.

    A lot of people try to give Parcells more credit for "doing it in multiple places". I'd be more impressed if he stuck to his guns instead of bouncing around and credit carding teams caps to give himself a window.

    Besides that "doing it in multiple places" thing is sort of weak.

    2 SB wins with the giants

    1 SB loss with the Pats

    1 AFCC loss with the Jets

    1 playoff loss with the Cowboys

    Notice a pattern?

    Uh dude, so why did BB fail so bad in Cleveland? Maybe because his ready made coaching staff wasn't there? Cleveland was a playoff team 89 while the Pats were thier ussual 5-11.

    It was the Jets whom Parcells left in cap hell and I think by the way he is running the Cowboys he has learned his lesson there. BTW, if changing teams and continuing success is so easy why is it almost never done?

  10. Parcells playoff record without Belichick: 0-2, and one of those losses was to Belichick.

    Belichick's playoff record without Parcells: 10-1

    I would put BB ahead of Parcells in a heartbeat.

    And you would be wrong. That's a really dumb stat to close a case with. Very narrow minded and I'm suprised you would use it. The two times Parcells was without BB he was building a staff and team from scratch. The one time BB tried that he was run out of town. Something that has never happened to Parcells.

  11. No.

    This disaster is designed to do nothing but wring the very last dollar out of Jets fans. It is an insult to real fans and, fortunately is doomed to failure.

    That's what these scumbags get for trying to build a stadium that eliminates 10,000 seats, makes our team inacessable to fans who don't use mass transit and steals our tailgating.

    Screw Jay Cross, Michael Bloomberg, Woody Johnson and anybody else who tries to take our game days away from real fans and hand them to corporate interests.

    Well said. Down with the west side stadium.

  12. Hey, I didn't say the Brunell disaster had anything to do with it, and I think if Spurrier hadn't ruined Ramsey's head and most of his bones, he'd be a much better player already. TBD.. What I was alluding to, and I guess I have to re-hash it is...I said Coles lost explosiveness. If you are an elite player and touch the rock 90 times, you better deliver something other than 10 yards and drop, "even if you have to do it on your opn" I saw this guy play at a different speed the first year. Whether it was this year of Gibbs with Brunell or Ramsey, or last year of "the 'Ol Ball Coach" and that Carousel of QB's he had, it's been the same. Coles has lost that edge he had coming from the Jets and for the first year as a Skins. He was a threat...and he should have gone uner the knife. He can take a hit though...so he should have gotten along famously with Ramsey.

    I'm not sure who misinformed you but Coles was never an explosive player. He was always a move the chains type of guy. Sure he didn't make many plays after the catch last year but in reality he never did. Do you blame the lack of production of C Portis on his lack of explosion as well?

  13. In the 70's everybody was considered a DB! The

    only one's that come to mind in that period that

    played with Tatum was Willie Brown,Colzie and

    Atkinson..The Raiders also had a backup DB who

    went on to acting and got his break playing Apollo

    Creed in the Rocky movies!! :wink:

    Really? I never knew that. That is pretty cool.

  14. Here we go again Savage. We are in full hitchcock mode here with quoting eachother's quotes.

    BB's a better head coach than Parcells. Belichick has 5 superbowl rings. Parcells has 2. How come Parcells doesn't win superbowls with his new tuna made staffs but Belichick does.

    I love this Tuna made and Tuna Team stuff.

    When Parcells went 10 and 6 his first year in Dallas. I didn't say Parcells made it to the playoffs with Campo talent.

    You win with the players you win it. Previous coaching staffs do not take credit for the work you do. Every new head coach inherits players from previous staffs or regimes.

    How many players on Dallas are Tuna guys? Keyshawn, Vinny and Dedric Ward. I missed the part where Roy Williams, Dat Ngyuen, Larry Allen, Laroi Glover and Flozell Adams were Parcells guys.

    This love affair, you guys have with Parcells is laughable. He did a great job while he was here but Parcells is a selfish jerk who tries to take all the credit and leaves every team in a bad spot. He cares more about himself than he does the teams he works for.

    That's his legacy as a man and a head coach.

    As a head coach, He's one of the greatest of all time. Can't deny it. Herman Edwards is not even in his freaking league but Parcells is a selfish jerk who gets way too much praise and respect from a fan base that he crapped all over.

    Parcells just began in Dallas. Why don't you give the guy a chance? It's not like he has been there 4 or 5 years like your boy Hermy. As far as making it to the playoffs with Campo's talent. I would say that is not exactly accurate. I mean Parcells added a couple of players and had players playing much better than they ever did under Campo. What players did not perform under Parcells but performed better under Herm? Last year Parcells did pretty well in my eyes. He got rid of a lot of salary. He got a extra first rounder this year and he found a franchise runningback. Now he has a lot of cap room and picks. Bet your money Dallas will finish in atleast second if not first in that division next year and definitly make the playoffs.

  15. This is why coaching is a tad bit overrated sometimes. It's important but you need talent to win and some luck.

    What do Bill Parcells, John Gruden, Joe Gibbs and d!ck Vermeil all have in common?

    They all had losing seasons last year.

    Just because you have a good head coach. That doesn't mean that you are going to win. You need talent.

    Even though, Belichick gets the most out of his players and is one of the greatest head coaches of all time. He has better talent than people actually realize.

    I ranked John Fox very high for just a 3rd year head coach. Even though, He's only made the playoffs once in three years.

    I just happen to like the way he runs his team. There's more to being a head coach than just X's and O's.

    Nice post and I agree. YOu need a nice combination of players, and coaches who know how to motivate and use them in the right situations.

  16. So then seeing that Parcells has already proven he wasn't the reason for his own Super Bowl victories then he is rightfully sucking Belichick's sack. Once Belichick falls without his old staff then we can talk.

    No once BB wins with his own staff we can talk. You can't coach your players if you are always coaching your coaches. That is why keeping your staff intact is so important.

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