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  1. Tom - you mean like "We need more big plays" = "I don't know go ask my OC"?
  2. Isn't this what got BB run out of cleveland? I think he is a genious don't get me wrong and tough decisions should be made to benefit your team. But only to an extent. I believe all these losses will be dificult for BB to overcome. Especially the loss of his ready made coaching staff.
  3. I'm going to have too look for some more info on him. I really do not know much about him. I knew about the Stingley hit, but that is it. That is only because it is replayed all the time. Remember that SS that played for the Cards? I believe his name was Chuck Cecil? I could be wrong about his name. He claimed he was ran out of the NFL. I think that was the dirtiest, and hardest hitter I have ever seen. Second ofcourse is R Harrison.
  4. RSJ

    MVP 2005

    Anyone else have a ploblem with the levels? It seems that if I play on pro I kill the computer. But if I play on All-Star I lose 2-1 everytime. Anyone have suggestions? Maybe I should play with the sliders?
  5. No, he was before my time. I have seen highlights of him but that is not like watching a player week in and week out.
  6. This would be a huge mistake by the Phins imo. I wouldn't give up that pick unless it's to move back in the draft and get more picks.
  7. Welcome, and you should try posting more.
  8. http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/story/8257273 It's official: Hit Man Harrison in improbable internship March 5, 2005 By Clark Judge SportsLine.com Senior Writer You want to know why next week's NFL Europe league workouts are worth following? I can tell you in two words: Rodney Harrison Rodney Harrison remains one of the league's most feared hitters. Rodney Harrison. It's not that Harrison has anything to do with the tryouts. It's that he has everything to do with the officiating, with the New England safety expected to serve as one of five interns chosen from NFL rosters. The league office on Friday confirmed that Harrison, the Hit Man the league loves to fine, will participate in the three-day clinic, with the first session beginning Monday
  9. He's just scared because Coles has a winning record verse the Pats.
  10. Well, Coles is not going to be a red zone threat his second time around either. The problem is there are only so many patterns a 5'11" WR can run in the red zone. You are not going to throw a fade route to him unless it is a designed underthrow. Therefor the corner can cheat to the inside and try to force him out in the red zone. Not many WR's under 6'2" are red zone threats for these reasons. He will catch his TD's on the occasion he can beat his defender physically to the inside. But it won't be that often. Not when you have the 6'2" McCarriens on the other side a decent TE and good catching backs out of the backfield. Coles just needs to be Coles. He needs to be a consistent move the chains WR who can on occasion run a deep route and it will make our offense that much more potent.
  11. Hmmm, the ty law rule has really limited a corner like woodson's ability imo. In woodson's defense the raiders had no pass rush. But Abe only plays half a season and the Jets can get a pass rushing DE in the draft if one falls. If not Thomas can play Abe's spot well. I would do it if I'm the Jets.
  12. I was not one of those people who thought McCarriens would come in and produce like that. Although you are correct many Jet fans thought he would. I personally wanted to see the Jets make a run for TO but was told by fellow Jet fans that he is bad for the locker room . I think coles will produce well and put up similar numbers to a derrick mason next year.
  13. He could be but most likely an abe contract would increase the Jets cap room by about 2-3 million as long as it was a typical contract for a DE/OLB.
  14. Yeah well I'm from the Smoot side biatch............. Joking aside it depends on thier contract demands. Ty is the better short term fix though. But Smoot is better long term. jmo
  15. It sounds like based on this article the Jets gave coles 8 million upfront (8+13=21). That doesn't mean it was a bad move though. The Jets could be pushing money to the back of the contract in order to make one more big move.
  16. Remember when he took a 3 week vacation last year?
  17. Yeah I like this deal. We would have lost Moss anyway. He wants number one money and is far from worth it.
  18. This is kinda what I meant by my earlier post but worded it wrong. IMO, between Barron, Terry, Loper, and Munoz. There is pretty equal value from the late first to the 3rd round. All of them have a question mark. But all of them have good LT potential as well, jmho.
  19. The only problem I would have with taking a OT in the first round is that the draft is so deep at that position you may be able to get the same value in the 2nd or even 3rd round. DT is a different story though. I think the Jets would need to trade up to get an impact one of those.
  20. I still would be happy if the Jets could snag Brdney Pool with thier first pick.
  21. imo, Vincent from the Steelers is a free agent and a much better lineman. He is 25 and can play both guard spots. He is also 6'5" 338. Ross stunk up until last year in which he was average.
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