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  1. Hey, hey, hey!!!! JonE, I hold your opinions in very high regard :^o

    Sherry and I have made ammends. He made the first gentlemanly gesture by PMing and calling for a truce of sorts. See, I give credit where credit is due....

    That's right we have made ammends and are sticking to only football.

    and sex.

  2. Mr. Know-it-all 20-something schmuck - I wasn't watching football then so I don't profess to be an expert on Jets Football History - unlike you, who wasn't even a glimmer in your parents eyes at the time...but, since you read some biased account, well, it's just has to be fact!

    BTW - I think Joe Namtath is the most over-hyped QB of all time. Because of his guarantee and his one fantastic year - he goes down as one of the greatest of all time? Shoot - Brady has three sb and two mvp's - but according to you, not HOF material.

    Well you just proved you ignorance, thank you.

    The problem isn't whether you know Jets history. The problem is you failed to read the subject before breaking in with you ignorant barbs.

  3. The '86 being the best Jets O thus far, correct? With a statement being made that this years version could top it, right? :roll:

    Arrogant schmuck.

    Nope. 68 offense, led by 2 HOF'ers and a guy who passed for over 4000 yards during a 14 game season ring a bell?


  4. So the addition of Coles gives this Jets Offense the potential to be the best of all time? Serioulsy, were you all dropped on your heads during your infancy?

    We all know you lack reading comprehension skills but please try to refrain from compulsively responding to a topic without fully comprehending its subject matter. This was a comparison between the 86 Jets offense and this years Jets offense.

  5. IMO, the O will look like dogsh*t at the beginning of the year and gradually improve. As for being compared to the great Jet offenses of all time, consider that we have to play these teams this year:

    HOME: Buffalo, Miami, New England, Oakland, San Diego, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville

    AWAY: Buffalo, Miami, New England, Denver, Kansas City, Atlanta, Carolina, Baltimore

    The bolded teams are all elite defenisve units that we have to play, 6 of the on the road. IMO, we'll be lucky to get 20 on many of those teams, much less look like Air Coryell against them.

    Idk a lot of those teams have taken steps back this year. Buffalo will miss Pat William. He always gave Mawae fits. Miami's defense has alway been a little overrated. Atlanta's defense is suspect other than their front four which has some playmakers. Carolina, Baltimore, Jacksonville and New England will no doubt have great defenses though. But then look at all the cake defenses we will play. There are a lot of powder puff defenses on that schedule, imo.

  6. Besides the fact that Woody's $800 million is buying the stadium and his request was to have the city and state pay for the rest you also get have the problem of risk vs payoff. Idk how much cash he would actually be putting into buying this team but lets for arguments sake say it is another $800 million. Woody doesn't have $1.6 Billion sitting in the kitchen of his house or even in a bank account. It is in investments that most likely average a decent return. The company I work for invests thier money in $100,000 lots at around 6-8% but they get that rate because they keep a minimum 1 million dollar balance. Anyway, back to the point at hand. In order to sell these invetments, get cash and invest it in a stadium or team you need to do a risk analysis. For example $800 million is for the stadium and I believe that would be owned by the Jets and if everything fell apart the Jets could sell it and Woody can recoup his money most likely. Although Commercial real estate is a more risky business than residential for the simple fact that it is not a "need". Now the problem with paying for the extension of the 7 train and the clearing of the rail yards is that Woddy wouldn't have control over those areas. You can't have a private owner of public train system. The clearing of the rail yards needs to be done anyway and the city will certainly recoup those funds and even make money through selling bonds. If the economy slid and Woody was on his back he would never recoup that investment. I think you get my point now. He would be taking money he is currently reaping a profit from and investing it in something that not only would he never make money on but could lose a ton.

  7. What bothers me over that article in Barrons is the fact that if he has the money ($2 Billion) to purchase MSG & Both Teams - Why didn't he just put up all of the money for the new stadium in Manhattan?

    #-oIt Boggles the Mind! #-o

    Well because no one really has 2 Billion in cash to buy something. They have so much in cash and so much in assets that they will use to back a loan from investors, banks or both.

  8. now it sucks even more for me....... I have this feeling it wasn't quite so tough on legree changing horses...... is there a snowballs chance in cayman he'll help us forget fergie??? He is okay at worst & maybe he'll take a big step this year under hendu & between ellis , abe & d-rob

    I watch the Giants a lot but don't even know who Legree is. I'm not sure he can be the answer my gut tells it will be a rotation that includes Legree.

  9. Jets' Ferguson takes an emotional ride as Dallas sweeps him off his feet

    Sunday, March 06, 2005


    Star-Ledger Staff

    On Wednesday, the first day of NFL free agency, Jason Ferguson rolled out of bed shortly after 6 a.m., awakened by the telephone. On the other end was his agent, Jimmy Sexton.

    "You have a visitor," Sexton told him.

    Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had flown into Memphis, Tenn., where Ferguson makes his off-season home, and Jones was sitting in his private jet at a local airport, waiting to whisk Ferguson to Dallas and sign him. It was the beginning of a whirlwind courtship that swept the free-agent nose tackle off his feet.

    "Man, Jerry Jones is at the airport waiting for me," Ferguson recalled in a phone interview Friday, his voice rising in disbelief. "The cat is waiting for me."

    By mid-afternoon, Ferguson was sitting in a Dallas hotel room with a five-year, $21.5 million contract -- including a $9 million signing bonus -- from the Cowboys, who had outbid the Jets. The contract will pay a hefty $11.5 million in the first two years and $13.5 million in the first three seasons. Despite that, Ferguson was sobbing uncontrollably, despondent over leaving the only team he had ever known.

    A seventh-round pick when he entered the NFL in 1997, Ferguson had gone to bed Tuesday with an uncertain future. Wednesday, he went to sleep a weepy multimillionaire.

    And while many people have trouble identifying with the money that was thrown around during the first week of free agency, they can relate to the mental anguish that goes with the decision whether to switch jobs. The suitor is offering more money. The current employer wants you to stay and, while offering a big raise, can't match the figures the new guy is offering.

    The NFL, like your workplace, is a business. But it is also personal. Here is a look at the emotions Ferguson went through as he considered whether to switch his professional address or remain with the team -- and the friends -- he knew so well.


    The jet, with Jones inside, was idling on the runway as Ferguson and Sexton discussed their options on the phone. Cowboys coach Bill Parcells -- who drafted Ferguson for the Jets and coached him during Ferguson's first three years in the league -- wanted the 6-3, 305-pounder on his roster again, this time to anchor a new 3-4 defensive scheme.

    Jones had arrived to make that happen. One other factor was working in the Cowboys' favor: Sexton is Parcells' agent, too.

    Although the Jets wanted to re-sign Ferguson, 30, they hadn't been able to come up with enough money to get his signature on a contract.

    Ferguson has never played in the Pro Bowl and never had more than 4 1/2 sacks in a season, but he was highly coveted as a run-stuffer in the middle. The Jets knew this, so they sent assistant GM Mike Tannenbaum to Memphis on Tuesday to meet with Sexton. Still, they couldn't get a deal.

    The next day, they were outflanked by Jones' flashy recruiting tactics.

    "I immediately asked my agent, 'What about the Jets?'" Ferguson said. "He said, 'Why don't you go down there (to Dallas)? Maybe that'll put some pressure on the Jets.' Jerry's jet was nice. I ain't going to lie. They wined and dined me. It felt great to be wanted like that. The last time I was in free agency (2001), it was nothing like that."

    Jones and Ferguson took off from Memphis around 7:30 a.m. and Ferguson arrived at the Cowboys' offices in Irving, Texas, about an hour later. On the flight, Ferguson and Jones hit it off. The Cowboys had the momentum.

    Jones didn't accompany Ferguson to the Cowboys' complex. He stayed aboard his jet and flew to Atlanta for an NFL owners' meeting. When Ferguson walked through the doors, the first person he saw was wide receiver and ex-teammate Keyshawn Johnson, who was at the Cowboys' training facility rehabbing his knee following off-season surgery. The pair spoke briefly before Ferguson headed to Parcells' office.

    Ferguson and Parcells renewed acquaintances and revisited old times, and the coach told Ferguson how much he wanted him -- again.

    "Being that it was Bill, that was a big factor," Ferguson said. "You're always resistant to change. I was with the Jets for eight years. But Bill was my first coach, and with him, it was like coming home. He drafted me."

    Ferguson was given a tour of the Cowboys' headquarters. He saw the spacious locker room, with huge couches in the center, the indoor practice facility and the new medical wing, which was added last year and enables the medical staff to perform MRIs on site.

    He met the coaching staff and several players, viewed the Cowboys' Super Bowl trophies and had lunch with defensive tackle coach Kacy Rodgers.

    Then it was time to talk money.


    Ferguson was taken to a conference room, where he spent a couple of hours alone, while Sexton and the Cowboys began negotiating a deal. Ferguson was in contact with his wife, Gena, Sexton and some Jets teammates, including John Abraham and Shaun Ellis.

    "Things moved so fast," Ferguson said. "It was crazy. First, it was $7 million (for a signing bonus). Then it went to $8 million. I'm sitting there thinking, 'I can't believe this.' At $8 million, the Jets hit a wall. They said that's as high as they could go. Both teams were at $8 million.

    "At that point, I wanted to go home and talk it over with my wife. I wanted to step back and take some time to think about things. I wanted to make sure I would make the right decision. But Jerry (who had returned from Atlanta) and Bill wouldn't let me go. It's not like they blocked the door or anything. (But) finally, Jerry said, 'What will it take to get this done?' I said, 'You have to talk to my agent.'"

    Around 3:30, Jones and Parcells returned to Ferguson, huge smiles on their faces.

    "Jerry had his hands in his pockets and then turned them out, saying, 'I'm out of money,'" Ferguson said.

    The deal was done. Ferguson had his blockbuster contract. The Jets' final offer had been four years for $16 million, with an $8 million signing bonus.

    "I always thought I was worth that kind of money, but I never thought I'd get it, especially being 30," Ferguson said. "After 30, they say players go downhill."

    In the 16 years Jones has owned the Cowboys, he has never spent more cash to acquire free agents in a day than he did Thursday. The Cowboys committed $28 million in signing bonuses and $66 million in contracts on Ferguson, cornerback Anthony Henry and guard Marco Rivera. The previous week, they signed veteran quarterback Drew Bledsoe.

    "We were sitting at the combine and saying that the two or three days after the start of free agency might be the most significant in our time with the Cowboys," Jones said. "We had a resolve to execute our plan. It was pretty well-orchestrated."

    And it had began with Jones in his plane on a runway at dawn in Tennessee.


    After eight long, hard years in the NFL trenches, Ferguson had arrived. As the final details were worked out, Ferguson went to his hotel room.

    He started bawling.

    "Man, I can't lie, I just started crying," Ferguson said, his voice cracking. "It was so hard to leave the Jets. I called my wife. I called my 'dawgs' on the defensive line (Abraham and Ellis). I didn't know if I had done the right thing. I love those guys. They're part of my family.

    "But they told me I did the right thing. They told me I had to take care of myself and my family. They said it's business and they would always be there for me. That made me feel so much better. I mean, the Jets are the only thing I've known. I had some good times there. I was crying like a baby. The Jets are my family. I'll never forget them.

    "I just wish they had stepped up earlier and it wouldn't even have come to this. I kept hoping they would. At the end, they did, but it was too late."

    Though it wasn't a big factor, Ferguson remembered how he signed a four-year, $12 million contract as a free agent in 2001, then was forced to take a significant pay cut the following year. It was business then and it's business now, he thought.

    "Yeah, that was mentioned (during the negotiations)," Ferguson said. "Then, they started paying everybody (Curtis Martin, Wayne Chrebet, Kevin Mawae, Chad Pennington, Ellis), and I was like, 'When is it going to be my turn? I've been here a long time.'"

    Ferguson called coach Herman Edwards. He got Edwards' voice mail.

    "Herm is my guy," Ferguson said. "He was sort of like a father figure to me. I'd talk to him about my kids, about everything. I told him how difficult it was to leave him, and (defensive coordinator) Donnie Henderson. Donnie did a great job."

    In Dallas, the plan is to go to a 3-4 defense with Ferguson at nose tackle. The expectations will be huge for a guy who made 59 tackles last season, forced two fumbles and had 3 1/2 sacks.

    "I'm not going to take the money and lay down," Ferguson said. "I still have a lot of goals I want to accomplish. I want to go to the Pro Bowl. I want to win a Super Bowl. When I'm finished playing, I just don't want to tell my kids that I played. It's like, 'What did you do?'

    "I got a lot of (fan) votes for the Pro Bowl last season. It felt good that people were starting to recognize me. Now, with this contract, people are going to be looking at me. Now they know about me. I'm just getting started."

  10. Actually, he did after the Superbowl. He said the Patriots was more impressive because of having to deal with the salary cap thing. :roll:

    rsherry - Why do I have feeling these people you seem to reference alot are voices in your head? Maybe you were sulking immediately after the Superbowl for about a week, but the Brady for the Hall debate was talked about alot. The rang of answers went from Yes, to he needs to play well for another couple of years. The bottomline was as long as he can put up the numbers he has over the last 4 years, he will be a HofFer. He has three Superbowl titles and two Suprebowl MVPs.

    That is what I pretty much said in my other post. If he falls off the face of the earth tomorrow he will probably make it. If he seperates from BB and struggles history will remember Vinitiari and a great "team" winning those Super Bowls and little to no credit would go to Brady.

    BTW, quote the text next time you throw out an insult. I was refering to the people that Vote on the HOF. Those people are the writers most of which still do not give Tom Brady the respect a pats fan does and rightfully so.

  11. I can't really hit either. I think one of the keys is to take a lot of pitches and wear down the pitcher. It seems the computer throws a lot of balls and even walks its share of batters. Plus I need to hit practice mode more.

  12. rsh, I had Abe in the Hall of Fame. I compared him to LT. Then he QUIT on us. There is nothing worse that quitting on a team. I have just been unable to look past that. As much as I want to. I'm at the point now where I don't even care if he goes to the Cowboy and gets 25 sacks next year, he has burned the bridge with me.

    God help him if he's a Jet next year and he's lying on the field injured at some point. Who wants to bet that the Meadowlands is filled with boos? It'll get ugly.

    Jeez, I never thought of that. It is well within the realm of possibility that Abe getting bood could happen. I really am indifferent about them trading him. If they do fine but get some good value. I don't want to suffer through the days of hoping Jeff Lageman can get to the QB again. I really like this kid Demarcus Ware from Troy state. I guess my feeling is fine trade him but get a speed rusher in here to replace him. Don't saddle up with BT because he is not the pass rushing answer imo. Have you seen Ware or read about him?

  13. I guarantee that watching the way Herman coddled Moss all season influenced Abe's decision to sit out the playoffs.

    Yup, no way either sits out if Parcells is the coach. I still like Abe though. I'm biased because he was my favorite player before he pulled that crap last season.

  14. This is why you have to give the Pats credit. They were the ones to figure out how to play and win in the salary cap era. Have 3-4 guys that you atually pay, and then construct a system where you can plug in replaceable players. The Pats might lose Bruschi, who may be their best defensive player, and they aren't even flinching. Imagine what Jet-land would look like right now if, God forbid, Vilma had to retire tomorrow? We'd be predicting 4-12. The Pats? They say "oh well".

    That and there would be a million trade for Ray Lewis threads.

  15. I'd almost like to see your next 10

    11. Bills

    12. Vikes

    13. Rams

    14. Eagles

    15. Bears

    16. Colts/Ravens

    17. Chiefs

    18. Jets

    19. Oilers/Titans

    20. Bucs

    I think this would be it if I had to do another 10.

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