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  1. Yeah well I'm from the Smoot side biatch............. Joking aside it depends on thier contract demands. Ty is the better short term fix though. But Smoot is better long term. jmo
  2. It sounds like based on this article the Jets gave coles 8 million upfront (8+13=21). That doesn't mean it was a bad move though. The Jets could be pushing money to the back of the contract in order to make one more big move.
  3. Remember when he took a 3 week vacation last year?
  4. Yeah I like this deal. We would have lost Moss anyway. He wants number one money and is far from worth it.
  5. This is kinda what I meant by my earlier post but worded it wrong. IMO, between Barron, Terry, Loper, and Munoz. There is pretty equal value from the late first to the 3rd round. All of them have a question mark. But all of them have good LT potential as well, jmho.
  6. The only problem I would have with taking a OT in the first round is that the draft is so deep at that position you may be able to get the same value in the 2nd or even 3rd round. DT is a different story though. I think the Jets would need to trade up to get an impact one of those.
  7. I still would be happy if the Jets could snag Brdney Pool with thier first pick.
  8. imo, Vincent from the Steelers is a free agent and a much better lineman. He is 25 and can play both guard spots. He is also 6'5" 338. Ross stunk up until last year in which he was average.
  9. Idk, in hopes of seeing if they could talk them down in terms of dollars? I saw a report that the chiefs were having Priest and other players meet Rolle and other free agents to try and persuade them into signing with the chiefs. Look the facts are the chiefs have no cap room and have yet to close the deal with anybody.
  10. Law not drawing as much interest has a lot to do with the age difference between him and smoot. He is also scheduled to meet with the Bills tomorrow I believe. Look the bottom line here is the chiefs have no cap room. That is why they didn't sign Law or Trotter for that matter.
  11. Really, really nice job on those fish. My only hobby is collecting football cards. All hobbies are dorky imo but they keep us occupied and make us happy. Again, great job!
  12. Are you kidding? The chiefs couldn't even lock up Trotter. They have 2.5 million in cap space and have yet to improve thier team at all, and probably won't all offseason. Chiefs are really not a great example here.
  13. http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/ny-spjets05,0,6046769.story?coll=ny-sports-headlines
  14. I don't think that is really fair. I mean Mc-snor-ton had a reputation for being lazy. I've never heard that about pryce. From everything I've heard he is a hard worker. McGlockton was notoriously lazy everywhere he went. Pryce could also play 3-4 DE very well imo if the Jets wanted to play more multiple fronts next year.
  15. Bringing Burress in would be great and I think that a coach like dinger can get the most out of him. I'm just wonder what he is looking for in terms of dollars.
  16. I do he would be an awsome addition! Very big and athletic defensive lineman. Played OLB in college actually next to levon kirkland for a year or two i think. Converted to defensive end and then tackle. He is a beast in the middle. Great idea!
  17. Maybe Herm wants all these undersized lineman so he can teach donnie to run the 4-3 cover 2 like Herm taught Teddy? Hey it worked for Tampa right?
  18. You mean theee trent dilfer? The one New England molded their quarterback to be just like?
  19. I think every department these days are viewed as burdens. The accounting department I work in surely gets treated like that. Boozer I can relate from putting in so much overtime and never getting out of the office. You would be shocked at how common stress related problems are for people our age. And people get pissed at Ricky Williams. go figure.........
  20. Wow this is great. NFL Network is the best.
  21. I agree TS that Pat Williams mistake was huge. I don't know Bernard from a whole in the wall.
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