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  1. Both of those guys were hilarious. Someone needs to hunt them down.
  2. I was at this other message board where the mouse pointer changed into the team logo and shape of the logo on the teams helmet when you were in a boarder or non clicking area. If you want I can post or pm you a link it was a chiefs site. I thought it was pretty cool.
  3. There have been other sources that said the same thing. Adam Schefter from NFL Network said this the other night on NFL Total Access.
  4. That sounds about right TS. Clayton is almost always wrong with this crap.
  5. Now Clayton always seems to be wrong but here it is. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=clayton_john&id=2004973 Jets 5 M Pats 3.3 M Pitt 1.5 M
  6. Fisherman, What makes you think Lamont is better than Blaylock over a full season? You can't answer it because no one knows. All we do know is that Lamonts top load carry wise was 18 which came once last year and Blaylock topped that 3 times including a 33 carry game. Also there is this idea that the chiefs o-line is the reason for his stats. Well the Jets o-line isn't that bad either and I can't wait to see the speedy Blaylock carry it on a sweep or on a screen behind Mawae and Kendall pulling to the outside. I'm not going to guarente Blaylock will be better because it is premature for that just like it is premature to guarentee Lamont is better.
  7. Well if that is true then this signing is fine with me.
  8. I gotta disagree Riggo. Blaylock is stronger than people are giving him credit for. You are right that he is not a tank but he is strong enough, faster and a better reciever out of the backfield.
  9. No wonder the Jets didn't resign this guy. That is a rediculous contract.
  10. I gotta be honest I have no idea wtf this kid is and what he is all about.
  11. How can you not like his comments. I would rather have this attitude on my team than Lamont's. Plus how can you not love a kid who comes in as a 5th rounder and works his a** off to get to where he is right now? I love this signing.
  12. My only question on Hovan is how he would fit into the Jets D Line. Maybe Bit can better answer this but I believe Hovan is more of a 3 technique, one gap D Tackle. Idk how he would fit next to D Rob.
  13. Norv Turner has historically been a one back coach. He has had a one thousand yard back all but 2 season of his NFL coaching career. He is also credited with the developement of E Smith, L Tomlinson, S Davis, and R Williams. All 1000 yards backs while he was there. I think it is safe to say Jordan will carry it 350+ as long as he stays healthy.
  14. He is the same height and weight as Holmes. While I'm not comparing him to Holmes because and it is premature for that. His style is the same. He runs low and drives blockers. Trust me he is a punishing runner. He also has nice speed. He will be a pleasant suprise for Jet fans who are not that familiar with him.
  15. NFL Network said D Darius got permission to seek a trade. I know he is 30 but he is a damn good SS.
  16. I gotta disagree with you guys here. Blaylock is a punishing runner. Sort of a poor mans priest holmes but only 25 years old. This kid is really good.
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