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  1. Welcome to the "adult" Jets message board. Great post, I'm not sure I want to keep Kareem unless he will stay for a reasonable contract.
  2. Great point TS I still would love for the Jets to get him though.
  3. He definitly made a huge mistake on Pat Williams just like he did on A Winfield last year imo. But lets wait and see when the whole thing is complete before we kill him. Don't get me wrong though the Pat Williams thing was a disgrace.
  4. RS, what's your opinion on Andre Dyson or Ken Lucas? Neither have gotten much attention and may come at a reasonable rate.
  5. There are still plenty of good corners out there. I'm not worried yet.
  6. His plan is to not over react and to get good bang for his buck just like last year.
  7. As ussual I'm two steps ahead of you Seymour. :wink:
  8. http://www.nfl.com/draft/analysis/individual_workouts#miami
  9. No, I have graduated. Perhaps I will go back for my Masters. But I currently have a BA. I used to work with someone who had attained their masters from Harvard and I wouldn't give this person a reference to pump gas at the local citgo. She was fired after like 2 weeks and was a job hopper in the truest sense of the word. All joking aside it is not the institution it is what you do when you finish. And again taking assets and making them work harder for you is different than building something from scratch. I agree quitting school is not the answer. My point is to call Kraft a genius is overstating it a whole bunch. Rather he is a smart person.
  10. You do realize that the most successful people to ever go to Harvard never graduated? IDK how much you know about business but to take nothing and make a billion is totally different than taking something and making it more efficient. It is like night and day. There are a million stories of guys taking over businesses and growing revenue or bottom line and there are just a handfull of stories of guys haveing nothing and building an empire.
  11. I think I would rather have Brooks "I just can't handle that tricky snap" Bollinger as the back up.
  12. True, but you know what I'm saying. Let's not confuse these two with Bill Gates.
  13. Well, although I disagree since the reality is that Kraft, like Woody was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I agree he is a good business man and realizes that giving a system QB a gigantic bonus is foolish.
  14. He is sort of an unknown right now and will remain so until his pro day.
  15. Unless there is a mystery player that has jumped up out at them that we don't know about. Alas D Rob from 2 years ago for the Jets.
  16. I agree and that is the real mystery here. What would they want?
  17. Well the real question is what do they want at the top of the draft. Consensus says that the top 2 picks are QB's. Hmmmmmmm.......... 30 million guarenteed for Brady or 15 for Alex Smith and Rohan Davey starting for a year?
  18. Maybe it's Brady? Could his contract demands be too high? Just speculating also.....
  19. There was internet rumors last night that Plax would sign with the Jets today. The source was said to be channel 12 news on long island. This was posted on a giants site. Unfortunatly, I do not live on long island so I didn't see it. But apparently it was on the 11 o'clock news.
  20. I would say pass and draft one. But if I had to choose from that list I would say Blaylock.
  21. Oh well plenty of good backs in the draft. Nice knowing you Lamont.
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