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  1. It's a Great fit, rs ... upgrades two positions with one move

    Fabini is an adequate LT but was a very good RT ... better RT than K-Mac, IMO

    And Jennings is a bona fide LT ... much better LT than Fabini

    So this upgrades two positions ... LT and RT ... in one fell swoop

    Fair enough, like I said earlier I don't object to is so long as the Jets aren't blowing thier free agent wad on Jennings and Jennings alone.

  2. This is from PFT.


    On a day when Bucs cornerback Dwight Smith helped us to craft Rule No. 1 of free agency (i.e., don't get arrested on weapons charges within 24 hours of the opening bell), we've heard about an interesting interview that occurred at the Scouting Combine.

    Asked why he had decided to come out of school a year early, a player who won't be named told a team we won't disclose that he gave up his remaining eligibility because needed to earn money so that he could support his family.

    All together now: Ahhhhhhh.

    In response, one of the team employees asked, "So why did you spend $80,000 of your $100,000 line of credit on a brand new Hummer?"


    Here's the lesson, kids. Don't try to bullsh-t guys who have waded through far more of it than you could ever throw. They've heard it all before, they've seen it all before, and though it might come as a shock you're really not smarter than any of them.

  3. It sounds great, but this year's free agent class is less than stellar and I'm not high on Heath Miller either.

    I see the Jets taking a chance on an athlete at some point in the draft. Perhaps Vincent Jackson or Chevy Troutman? I think it's better to take a low-cost risk at getting the next Antonio Gates than it is to flush money down the drain on a mediocre tight end. I trust Baker to hold down the fort while the kid develops.

    I agree 100% Baker will be fine until someone developes behind him. IMO, this is a smokescreen.

  4. Teams have to be under the salary cap by tonight, as far as I know. Here's the cuts so far

    Packers: Mike Wahle

    Cowboys: Dexter Coakley

    Raiders: Ray Buchanon, Frank Middleton

    Buccaneers: Brad Johnson, Ian Gold, Mario Edwards, Joe Jureviscious

    Dolphins: David Boston (not officiall yet as far as I know. But will be if they do not reach an agreement on a restructuring of his contract.)

    Mike Wahle would be a nice addition to the Jets.

  5. im watching the weight lifting part in the combine.....john lott is in charge of the guys and he is all over the players,callin them meatheads haha...screaming at them ....makin fun of them as they come to the bench, its hysterical....

    i guess its his way of pumpin them up..

    i bet shane has a better way of pumpin them up :shock:

    I never knew Lott was like that. After watching him I have a newfound respect for what he did for the Jets. He is a no nonsense coach.

  6. i actually was listening to ESPN radio today and they said that it wouldn't be a surprise if he goes undrafted.. Won't he have a private workout? He would really need to prove something in my mind to get any kind of real look..

    Yes he will run again at Ohio State's pro day. And I would have to agree if he runs a poor time again he will probably go undrafted. He needs atleast a 4.6 flat, imo.

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