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  1. Mind you, that 11 mil includes the entire SB

    In other words his combined cap # for the first two years will be 6.8 mil---- 3.4 mil per year cap hit for the first two years. Not bad at all.

    Oh, I read it wrong. Either way Mason is a tough SOB in the Heinz Ward mold. Fair money for him. I gotta believe that the Pats were not the only ones to strike out on him.

  2. http://theredzone.org/news/showarticle.asp?ArticleID=2348

    DALLAS - The Dallas Cowboys addressed a major defensive weakness Wednesday by signing unrestricted free agent cornerback Anthony Henry.

    Henry, who spent his first four seasons with the Cleveland Browns, will try to improve a Dallas pass defense that ranked near the bottom of the league in 2004.

    The Cowboys were 20th in the NFL in pass yards allowed per game at 232.4 and only three teams gave up more than their 31 passing touchdowns.

    Henry started 14 of 15 games for the Browns last season and led the team with four interceptions and 11 passes defensed. As a rookie in 2001, he led the AFC and tied for the league lead with 10 interceptions, matching a club record.

    For his career, Henry has 17 interceptions in 61 games, including 39 starts.

  3. WTF!! You post this Sh#t somewhere else and get hosed for posting an unreported BS "my friend told me" thread and decide to do it again here. Hey, newsflash, we are here at this site because we have gotten so tired of BS antics just like this running rampant at JI. Tom or Max, I am making my first demand that you delete a thread!!

    I second that. Delete this BS.

  4. Anyone know what happened with Jennings? Was it old-Bradway moronics or was it new-Bradway shrewdness and Orlando Pace is on his way?

    IDK I'm kinda glad he isn't coming. Maybe with his new promotion Dick Curl was driving Herm and Terry back from the combine and they got lost.

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