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  1. im watching the weight lifting part in the combine.....john lott is in charge of the guys and he is all over the players,callin them meatheads haha...screaming at them ....makin fun of them as they come to the bench, its hysterical....

    i guess its his way of pumpin them up..

    i bet shane has a better way of pumpin them up :shock:

    I never knew Lott was like that. After watching him I have a newfound respect for what he did for the Jets. He is a no nonsense coach.

  2. i actually was listening to ESPN radio today and they said that it wouldn't be a surprise if he goes undrafted.. Won't he have a private workout? He would really need to prove something in my mind to get any kind of real look..

    Yes he will run again at Ohio State's pro day. And I would have to agree if he runs a poor time again he will probably go undrafted. He needs atleast a 4.6 flat, imo.

  3. Yeah I buy this. But it doesn't matter because Clarett has cemented himself as a 6th rounder at the earliest. Not because of the 40 time alone but because he quit. Clarett is a "flip of the coin" in its truest form. Is he immature and can get over it or is he a head case that will never change? That is really what GM's need to decide.

  4. P.S: Doing the blog, I scan dozens of articles a day and I've had a "great vibe" on Justin Beriault....So far at JI, no has even noticed---but he is said to have "off the charts quickness" in short-shuttles (almost best all time for the combine)....He ran a fast 40 too...

    I wonder when he gets noticed by fans (NFL teams know him)?...3 or 4 time all-conference player.

    Great point on Beriault.

    One other note is that he was had 100+ tackles at Ball State. Big frame and ran a good 40 for his size and position. Looks like a John Lych type but faster and more athletically gifted imho.

  5. They made an interesting comment about the USC players there. Something along the lines of they look so much more NFL ready than the rest. Faba, have you any info on the USC players? And what are your personal thoughts on the LB class. Thanks in advance.

    USC guys are the most technically sound from what I've seen. They have really done a great job coaching these guys. It kinda then makes it tough to see how much these guys will improve in the pros.

  6. Who was the 1st?


    TAMPA, Fla. - Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Dwight Smith was arrested early Tuesday and charged with a pulling a pellet gun on two fans who approached his car while he waited in line at a McDonald's window.

    Smith, a star in the Super Bowl two years ago, was inside his car with a friend at 4 a.m. when a woman in the car ahead of them recognized the player, the Hillsborough County sheriff's office said.

    Two men in the car, Trevor Boyce Jr., 19, and Javier Joseph Jr., 22, walked to Smith's car and tried to talk to him, officials added. Smith became annoyed and drew the pellet gun but did not shoot it, officials said. David Roston, Smith's 26-year-old friend, got out of the car and punched Boyce, officials said.

    Boyce and Joseph got back in their car and called 911. Deputies arrived and arrested Smith, charging him with aggravated assault with a weapon. Roston was charged with battery. Bail and attorney information was not immediately available.

    The Buccaneers and Smith's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, did not immediately return calls.

    Smith pleaded guilty in 2003 to pulling a gun on a motorist. He was fined $225, put on a year's probation, ordered to take anger management classes and complete 25 hours of community service.

    Smith returned two interceptions for touchdowns in the Bucs' 2003 Super Bowl win over Oakland. The 26-year-old safety is a four-year veteran who had three interceptions and 83 tackles last season, playing all 16 games.

  7. Vikings | Police & Courts: WR Kelly Campbell - from www.KFFL.com

    Mon, 28 Feb 2005 14:01:44 -0800

    Don Seeholzer, of the Pioneer Press, reports Minnesota Vikings WR Kelly Campbell was arrested on weapons and drug charges. He is charged with possession of marijuana and theft by receiving stolen property, including a handgun.

    Is it too late for the Vikings to include Campbell in that Moss deal?

  8. I'm not too happy about it either. Foote isn't a pimple on Bells butt. If Bell stays injury free he's gonna make some lucky team VERY happy IMO.

    Here's hoping that it ISN'T the Pats again fer chrissakes. :shock::lol:

    Yeah I agree Foote looks a step slower and smaller than Bell. But it's Pitt and I'm sure Cowher will get a great LB from east moorehead state university and he will be a gem.

  9. Thanks again RSherry...got keep my responses short today, but I don't have time to post much...

    Can we some of your numbers on our draftblog?...You got a few we missed...

    BTY, I linked a story about McCune last night---never knew he was 26 year old, who spent 3 years in the army overseas...

    Check you PM RSherry, I'll send you some draft stuff I can't post publicly...

    Absolutly you can post it all.

    Anything I can add would be great. I love this draft stuff.

  10. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=pasquarelli_len&id=2002441

    Updated: Mar. 1, 2005, 2:06 PM ET

    Broncos thin on defensive line

    By Len Pasquarelli, ESPN.com

    Cleveland and Denver have agreed on a trade that would send Browns defensive tackle Gerard "Big Money" Warren to the Broncos for a fourth-round draft choice, but financial details remain to be completed.

    Those details revolve around how, and how much, Warren will be paid in the final season of his original NFL contract. Denver officials, who apprised Warren's representative of the trade agreement on Monday evening, are to speak to agent Joel Segal on Tuesday in an effort to reach an accord.

    Another issue that must be addressed is what position Warren will play in Denver as the Broncos switch to a 3-4 defensive front in 2005.

    Warren is due a $1.3 roster bonus on Wednesday and a 2005 base salary of $950,000. While some reports indicate he is also under contract for the '06 season, Warren reached predetermined performance levels to void that portion of his deal.

    It is believed that Warren, the third overall choice in the 2001 draft, will opt to play on a one-year contract, rather than seek an extension. That would make him eligible to be an unrestricted free agent next spring. In essence, the Broncos, desperate for defensive line help, would rent him for one season.

    Cleveland officials last week granted Warren and Segal permission to discuss trade scenarios with potential suitors. The Broncos quickly made contact to indicate interest in the four-year veteran.

    If the deal is completed -- and it can't be officially announced until Wednesday anyway -- Warren will be reunited with defensive line coach Andre Patterson, who coached him the past two seasons in Cleveland and recently joined the Denver staff. Patterson noted at the combine in Indianapolis last week that he is a huge Warren booster and conceded he was prodding his new Broncos bosses to acquire him.

    "Nobody really understands him," Patterson said. "Is he the smart, intelligent guy you see on Monday, or is he the hip-hop gangster you see every Wednesday? I got to see the consistent guy every day in my meeting room, a guy that could pick up stuff."

    Often criticized because his modest statistics never matched the huge investment that Cleveland had in him, Warren nonetheless is an intriguing player. The Browns have paid him a considerable sum in four seasons, including $11.6 million as a rookie.

    Warren, 26, has appeared in 60 games and started all but one of them. He has recorded 152 tackles, 10

  11. Top 5 LB times

    Robert McCune Louisville 4.51

    Adam Seward UNLV 4.60

    Derrick Johnson Texas 4.65

    Demarcus Ware Troy 4.65

    Michael Boley Southern Miss 4.66

    The most impressive was Ware. Apparently showed up heavy enough to play OLB in a 3-4 or DE in a 4-3 but fast enough to finish in the top 5 among LB. Looks and plays like the next J Abe. Very impressive pass rush showing at the senior bowl in practice verse top tackles.

  12. Thanks a ton Sherry....Have wachted it half a$$ today and tought I was, perhaps, spreading False info on Browner...

    I was right--almost a 4.7...

    I'm glad Aaron Fransico ran the 4.81---I thought it was the safety from Iowa, who we've been saying has better than average speed for a SS.

    Average 40 time for SS' AT 2004 combine: 4.61

    Average 40 time for CB's AT 2004 combine: 4.51

    Glad I could help. I'm just paying you back for helping me yesterday though. I didn't watch much yesterday.

    BTW, those are the official height and weight per NFL Network.

  13. I wonder if that was just Group A. Anyone know if Rogers and Miller are running? I wouldn't be surprised if alot of the big names pretend to have hamstring pulls this afternoon to get out of running after seeing what Group A did. Damn.

    I think there was an earlier group that ran. Not 100% sure though. I do know that Pac Man Jones elected not to run.

  14. Does anyone still want Brimmer and his 4.8 40's? That is pathetic. There are lineman who are faster.

    Yeah that is slow. The most impressive physical specimen imho was Jerome Carter FLorida ST. Very muscular and cut body and good time for his size.

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