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  1. So a trade is only a success if you win the Super Bowl? You're moving the goal posts. There's nothing remotely negative you can realistically say about the Diggs trade. That was a homerun. 
    Believe whatever you want. Like you said, the trade probably won't happen anyway. 
    And FYI, take a game away from Deebo last year - Coles still never had a season that good here. Deebo averaged 18 yards per catch last season. 

    Ok so we arent trying to win a super bowl now? Whats the goal here then?

    Maybe the Diggs trade was good or maybe they could have kept the pick, picked a WR to develop him cheaper and a defender to get KC off the field in OT. Buffalo isnt that great anyway. The AFC East was down last year. Jets were young, NE was developing a QB and Miami isnt that good.

    Deebo has a long way to go to have a career as good as Coles and he is two years in age behind him.

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  2. We've talked about this. The Bills just traded for Diggs two years ago and profited. It depends on the trade.  
    Also, the Pats, Packers, and Steelers all had HOF QBs for over a decade - which masked a lot of issues. 

    Bills won a Super Bowl? Bills are a good team - but lets not confuse them with the 1992 Cowboys.

    Yeah those teams picked the right QBs and they developed them. Similarly they also picked and developed the right guys at other positions too. Where was TJ Watt selected again? See the pattern?

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  3. Because he's never had a season as good as Deebo had last year?
    I loved Coles, but he didn't have Deebo's upside. 
    Nobody is saying that draft picks are scratch offs. Obviously, you want to build through the draft - which we have been doing. But that doesn't preclude you from trading for good players. There's a balance. Landing a veteran WR makes a lot of sense. We have an extremely young core on offense - Wilson, Carter, Moore, AVT. An established veteran WR who excelled in a very similar system fits like a glove. 

    17 games.

    If the value is very good you make the trade. Buy low and sell high. Like the Pats, Steelers, Ravens and Packers do. Thats why they are in the mix every year. Otoh teams like Washington, the Jets in the past, the Giants recently, the Cowboys and others make these kinds of trades for players coming off career years. Thats why they are never in the mix or if they are its very short lived.

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  4. What is your point? That Coles was as good as Deebo?
    1) He wasn't
    2) Even if he was, we drafted him in 2000. That's 22 years ago - Only 4 years after we drafted Keyshawn. 
    You are making my point for me.
    But continue . . . 

    How is Coles not as good as Deebo?

    Yes we have had some bad people picking players since then. We have also had bad people developing them. If these guys were really good at their jobs they would find and develop their own Deebo. I actually think they will try that route and this trade wont ever happen. Only teams bad at picking and developing players view draft picks as scratch offs.

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  5. I hear you and I would also rather do the Tyreek Hill package as opposed to giving up 10. 
    But if we were taking a WR at 10 anyway, it's still a no-brainer to me. Giving a 26 year old a big contract until he's 30ish works. The Jets haven't drafted a receiver as good as Deebo since . . . Keyshawn? I don't even know. I have big hopes for Moore, but he's still a projection. 
    If we were going to do something else at 10, then it's trickier, but I'm pulling the trigger. I want an edge at 4, almost no matter what. 

    Coles had 1264 yards in his third season, in 16 games, and he wasnt 26 years old, he was 24. But continue……...

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  6. There is no such thing as a lock down corner in 2022.  Nope.  DBs are at too much of a disadvantage and with teams running 3 and 4 wide sets one top CB does nothing to stop the passing game.  Ramsey got torched in the SB.  Get. The QB.  That is the only way to stop the passing game these days.

    There are mismatches. All you need is one defensive mismatch to change the numbers game on defense. There may not currently be a total lockdown guy in the league. But there are upper tier CBs that allow flexibility to the rest of the defense. I like the idea of having a pass rush tbh. Just dont want to reach. I feel like Sauce is much better value.

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  7. Draftng Sauce does nothing for this team.  Unless they can get to the QB on defense and pass the ball on offense, this team is not improving.  CBs are not worth as much in today's NFL and certainly not the 4th pick.  

    If you have a lock down type corner it frees other defenders up to blitz. It does a lot for a defense. If your DC knows what he is doing.

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  8. 1. We run the same system they do. 
    2. By all accounts we were drafting a WR. Wouldn't you take a given productive, bona fide wr1 over a potential wr1 that hasn't done it on the NFL level yet? I'm taking Deebo over Any of the 4 WR we've been arguing over for the past 5 months. 

    Its a very good system. Makes players like Mostert and Deebo look like all pros.

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