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  1. I started at Matt's green house...migrated to JI, I loved JI got such a kick out of all the characters. I modded there for a long time too (only remember perma banning one guy, sorry if it was you and to anyone else who received a vacation during my time there), Anyway I do remember the exodus, I dont quite remember what started it but I always liked Max as a poster, and someone I had met at the stadium so I tried to stay neutral best I could. You've built a terrific place here, hopefully stays active for years!
  2. anytime I think of Geno I think of him trying to put the ball behind his back as he was getting sacked on the 1 yard line...burned into my bad memory banks
  3. Geno Smith will be the next record setting ex-Jet QB
  4. What's the old line? Why can't the Jets have nice things? umm we got a nice thing
  5. worth a vote just for making the Jets entertaining again
  6. Quarter Tm Detail MIA NYJ 1 Jets Pat Leahy 32 yard field goal 0 3 Dolphins James Pruitt 6 yard pass from Dan Marino (Fuad Reveiz kick) 7 3 2 Jets Johnny Hector 1 yard rush (Pat Leahy kick) 7 10
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