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  1. Trade the 6th we just got for the young fu manchu'd let's have a party guy and move forward
  2. Au contraire mes amis Extend this deal making mofo right now!! Do it DO IT!!!
  3. This is gold Jerry, GOLD! funny dude should post here
  4. Here's a prediction, after round 1 of the draft, and the talking head's give out their grades, the Jet's who will have drafted the second rated QB and either a stud OL, RB, WR, or CB, will not receive an A mark from anyone. You heard it here first
  5. What a dumbass thing to say, it's morons like him that give the Jets a bad name. What does the current incarnation of the NY Jets have in common with anything in its history aside from the color green? Pats loving hack
  6. Namath proud to be Jet, Revis proud of his bank account
  7. is this a jiggsaw puzzle?
  8. ^ the Manish's of the world are a blight, a fungus, the worst of the worst.
  9. ha! I can safely say I was never at a Mass with a Jets chant lol
  10. Jets get two starters for a guy they are looking to replace? who wouldn't do this
  11. He was a local guy, but you never know, those lights get pretty bright
  12. not that i ever thought he was any good however Neil O' Donnell was horrific as a Jet after going to a Super Bowl
  13. It's called "The Dry Look"
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