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  1. we have 80mm, multiple high draft picks ( sort of lol) a QB, RB, DL, SS, FS...need WR, OL, CB. not unreasonable to expect a playff team next season
  2. so 3 years from now when those picks are ready, and our franchise QB wants 250mm, we can start over? The team has a QB on offense and defense with Sam and Jamal...embrace!!!!!
  3. John Schmidt 1964-1973 Joe Fields 1975-1987 Jim Sweeny 1984-1994 Roger Duffy 1990-1997 Kevin Mawae 1998-2005 Nick Mangold 2006-2016 This is all time NFL talent at one position, center. The Jets have history at this position, start here for the next NYJ OL lineman. I like Harrison, as depth at the middle of the OL just to address the current starter.
  4. no chance, he'll want more...but i have no idea how much it ill take
  5. Kyle Clifton had over 200 tackles one season, 5-7 yards downfield ... neither is a HOFer
  6. why does every talented Jet have to become a bargaining chip? This guy loves to lead, play hard, hit hard, fire up the team, fire up the fanbase, fir up potential FA's, is an all pro, and best player on the team...so obviously fans should try and play monopoly with him right? WRONG Let DOuglas earn his money finding players, his job is made easier locking up this kid for his quality years thanks for listening
  7. this, the reps are very helpful...however i gave u my sears
  8. there is a PSL board somewhere, i know someone trying to sell 4 right now, good seats lower level, sunny side, between gl and 5yd line. pm me i'll put you in touch
  9. I don't love everything about Gase, however you cannot deny the absurdity of the Jets season. Injuries, illness, and roster deficiencies were real, not imagined. Gase gets a pass this year from me, and to be honest the names being thrown around right now for other openings leaves me satisfied to have him around right now. SAR comparing to Parcells is classic SAR but his premise is solid imho

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