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  1. I chose Sauce because it set the tone for a phenomenal draft from top to bottom, and most likely helped the cards play out as they did.
  2. i love backs like this, all business no dancing, great vision, and man what a burst of speed. this guy will be a stud for the Jets!
  3. Ed Marinara lol Saw him play for Big Red at West Point when I was a youngster
  4. jetswin


    Thieves lol Team tweeted something similar, hahaha
  5. jetswin


    Wha wha what!!!!!
  6. jetswin


    In! and for the record I believe Sunday Sauce recipes should be included
  7. jetswin


    Wilson & Wilson...Carter I & Carter II...Johnson & Johnson... Bryce Hall and Breece Hall??????
  8. Fun post but I was instructed by my doctor to not make any important business or personal decisions today.
  9. No way Joe was putting on the Spotbilts like the rest of the guys
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