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  1. ftr a QB taking up 18% of your cap...10 NFL teams have a higher number for 2021
  2. I feel the groundwork is being laid for Watson vs. draft picks QB debate
  3. such a well crafted post, however this was my favorite part lol
  4. Come on Deshaun, oh I swear I wont fawn at this moment, you mean everything with you in Jets green, I might bust a spleen lets win a Bowl...Deshaun
  5. you guys are missing the point, I hate Brady, just hate him less than Rodgers. Besides we kicked Brady's ass in our only playoff game so there's that
  6. (Odd Couple reference for those in the know lol) I'll be rooting for Brady this weekend, I can't stand Rodgers. It's almost as if the earth reversed its axis
  7. something else I completely do not recall...you guys are a riot

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