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  1. good post WF...The thing I'm most impressed with is Douglas turned what he had to work with into bonus additions for lack of a better term. Brilliant trade down, and swap with the hated Pasts. the trade for Wilson makes sense to me too seeing what a crap shoot late picks can be, and to that adding the best punter in the country with a sixth is a home run imho. Go add some WRs as FA's but I think the position has been frimed up nicely so far this off season. This is the best GM the Jets have had in memory.
  2. why weaken a position the team just made very strong? We've all complained about the lack of depth on the Jets roster, give me a team with 3 starters for 2 positions any day.
  3. Looks like the Jets team is solving many puzzles these days!
  4. bottom line who wants a polite football player?
  5. yes but joe willie jump pass for the win! very cool clip btw
  6. this is a great read...I wonder if the trade involved one of the 3's?
  7. Perhaps the strategy is to sign ol and draft playmakers? Jeudy? I'm not sure I'd want to give up too many picks for an aging, although very good, tackle along with tons of cap space
  8. we have 80mm, multiple high draft picks ( sort of lol) a QB, RB, DL, SS, FS...need WR, OL, CB. not unreasonable to expect a playff team next season
  9. so 3 years from now when those picks are ready, and our franchise QB wants 250mm, we can start over? The team has a QB on offense and defense with Sam and Jamal...embrace!!!!!
  10. John Schmidt 1964-1973 Joe Fields 1975-1987 Jim Sweeny 1984-1994 Roger Duffy 1990-1997 Kevin Mawae 1998-2005 Nick Mangold 2006-2016 This is all time NFL talent at one position, center. The Jets have history at this position, start here for the next NYJ OL lineman. I like Harrison, as depth at the middle of the OL just to address the current starter.
  11. no chance, he'll want more...but i have no idea how much it ill take

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