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  1. you know she's a fighter and internal strength is the best kind...prayers for the best outcome for your entire family
  2. made us better, here and not here
  3. this series had me wanting to go out and run hills! highly recommend
  4. jetswin

    The Will

    I think Carter II is going to be blitzer because of his speed and smaller size, sherwood is too slow for nfl safety do he'll be another hybrid for saleh's schemes. We may have some very productive players drafted late. Very excited to see this team in action
  5. I was listening to that interview driving home yesterday, I can honestly say you just knew the question was coming. Carton can be mildly amusing at times but he has no feel for his guests. Zach was just excited to talk about being a Jet and football, and sounded as young as he is, it made no sense to try to lead the interview to something like that, especially with a young guy who was just trying to sound professional during your first conversation with him. It didnt make me angry, however it was cringe worthy as you could hear the silence on the phone as he worked his way into the questi
  6. interesting thought, I'd trade a 6th for Njoku or Lattimore, but is that realistic?
  7. I watched on NFLN because listening to rich Eisen is infinitely more enjoyable than Mike Greenberg, and I like Jeremiah
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