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  1. Damien crushed it here...he forgot about us 50 year fans/losers though
  2. do you mean a pouty face and standing on sidelines with hands on hips isn't gong to cut it?
  3. offensive guru ran a play from the 80's at least 4 times today, WR screen ... that play put Al Toon in a dark room for two years
  4. This BS get on the same page, keep working, letting players bitch on social media, standing on the sidelines looking defeated at the first sign of trouble has to end tonight. Fifty plus years of unrelenting support for a team that has made me absolutely miserable aside from a couple of flashes is killing me, i don't have enough time left to stand behind a pile of crap. Gase must go now. The entire offensive staff must go tonight. Someone needs to step in and slap the sh*t of the our prima donna "star" players and tell them to shut the f up. Change it tonight Chris Johnson or you will loose another fan that has dedicated his professional sports fandom to your absurd franchise.
  5. Art Shell and Jackie Slater were 3rd rounders ...make it happen
  6. DId I read correctly on PFT he played 11 snaps agaisnt eh Giants, and had 5 tackles, 2 1/2 sacks, and 4 pressures? That's ridiculous if true
  7. spot on, it's never been more obvious that the league is only concerned with $$$. With these bs London games the NFL tries to own the entire TV day on Sunday 9:30am-11:30pm. Add Thursday's and Mondays, and it's just unmitigated greed with a real lack of regard to the players health
  8. Monday Night Miracle was the most ridiculous win I ever attended, and I was at the "Can't Wait" win at Foxboro
  9. The league favors its favorites, see Cowboys, Steelers, Patriots...it was painfully obvious the NFL wanted a Cowboys win Sunday, same as it wanted a Packers win last night.
  10. exactly. Francesa hates the Jets and wouldn't be physically capable of complimenting the team without a dig. My only problem with Gase Sunday was he took too long to give it to our 90 million dollar stud running back on the goaline.

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