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  1. I chose Sauce because it set the tone for a phenomenal draft from top to bottom, and most likely helped the cards play out as they did.
  2. i love backs like this, all business no dancing, great vision, and man what a burst of speed. this guy will be a stud for the Jets!
  3. Ed Marinara lol Saw him play for Big Red at West Point when I was a youngster
  4. jetswin


    Thieves lol Team tweeted something similar, hahaha
  5. jetswin


    Wha wha what!!!!!
  6. jetswin


    In! and for the record I believe Sunday Sauce recipes should be included
  7. jetswin


    Wilson & Wilson...Carter I & Carter II...Johnson & Johnson... Bryce Hall and Breece Hall??????
  8. Fun post but I was instructed by my doctor to not make any important business or personal decisions today.
  9. No way Joe was putting on the Spotbilts like the rest of the guys
  10. jetswin

    Bart Scott

    If Bart Scott didn't say, "Can't wait!' would anyone remember him in NY? Would he be working in NY? He could give two sh*ts about NY, just trying to further his career. You'd think after tiki Barber these guys would take a different approach.
  11. Wishing and praying for the best for your wife and family... continue to be strong
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