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  1. PFT called it, it's Mangini. Upside: The dude is very young...I don't even think he's in his late 30's yet...
  2. An exotic dancer post without picture of dancers? What's wrong with you boy? Straighten out your damn act!
  3. Don't have a forum...heh heh, but point proven...anyone can do it. ================= OK, why don't we just make TX a mod for the comedy value of it? A predicted excerpt: Newbie: Why are there so many Pats fans here? Don't they have their own board? TX: Chad had a noodle arm! Newbie: WTF? What kind of Jets site lets a Pats troll be a mod?
  4. Could any Jets fan here write an objective article citing 5 reasons why the Pats will finish ahead of the Jets yet again in 2005? I think not.
  5. TX, Nice article, just one correction...2 wild card teams have won the SB, not one. The other was the Broncos for their first title. IIRC, K.C. won the division and forced Denver to play one game at home then 2 more on the road en route to the SB against the Packers.
  6. Hyped

    HD DVD Wars

    ROTFLMAO! ======================= Yeah, agree with the consenus to wait out new technology.
  7. We Pats fans are like roaches...kind to get rid of
  8. Hey, Yall bastards ran over here without tellin' me? Just for that I am gonna post 1,000,0000 Pats related topics! Ahh..never mind..I see PatsfanTex here.... Thanks to Seymour for inviting me over. Won't post much, will lurk and post here and there. Just stopped by to say hello.
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