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  1. Those middle-of-the-pack odds of Todd Bowles being fired say more about Jets ownership being thrilled with mediocrity than they do about Todd Bowles being a good coach.
  2. Jack Straw

    Anyone here ever quit drinking?

    I had the same exact feeling about weed as you. Never liked the feeling of smoking or the side effects (dry eyes, dry mouth, feeling brain dead, etc). However, a few months ago I was introduced to edibles and it's been a game changer for me. I buy the edibles (branded "Grateful Gummies") that are made in California, and they're just fantastic. I sleep way better now and drink way less than I did previously, and get a completely different (better) high than when I smoke. It's obviously not as social as drinking beer, but if you're looking to relax at the end of the day without having a hangover for the next day or two, it's the way to go. Also, a 30mg gummy (which is roughly two servings/highs for me) is roughly $6 each, so it's way more economical than drinking. I live in Manhattan and can drink $100 of booze in a couple of hours, easy. I still drink socially, but during the week if I'm home and looking for a relatively guilt-free reprieve, I'm taking an edible for sure.
  3. The last non-first round position player to make it to the Pro Bowl as a Jet was Richie f*cking Anderson in 2000. It'd be nice if we could maybe, just maybe, find some quality talent in rounds 2-7 more often than every 20 years. Note: Leon Washington and Justin Miller made it as kick returners..
  4. Opposing offensive linemen will spend all of 2018 digitally penetrating Darron Lee should we deploy him as an edge rusher.
  5. Jack Straw

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    I can't effectively argue with someone who doesn't listen and/or comprehend what I'm saying. My original post posed a question to you - a question that still hasn't been answered, so I'm at a loss. I've gone on to clarify my position through subsequent posts, which you have conveniently ignored in order to save some face, I'm guessing. You're NOT an idiot, Warfish, but you're definitely coming across as one when you purposely and consistently misrepresent other posters' statements to somehow make yourself appear smarter than everyone else...It's a tired act, to say the least, and does nothing to add value to the board.
  6. Jack Straw

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    You can keep saying that I said that Teddy is worth a 1st and a 4th rounder over and over, but that doesn't make it true. If you scroll up, I simply posed a question to you asking "If Sam Bradford is worth a 1st and a 4th, why do you think Teddy is only worth a 5th?" and you hijacked/Straw Manned that statement without ever answering the question. All I did was cite a range of what similar players had been "sold" for in the past...that does't mean that I think Teddy will yield that return, but it's not unprecedented.
  7. Jack Straw

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    What I'm saying, Mate, is that Teddy is probably worth something in between a 1st & 4th rounder and the 5th rounder you claim he's worth. In everyday life, we use comps to figure out what something might be worth. We do it when buying/selling homes, cars, stocks, and could you ever imagine - we use it in football, too! Now which part of this argument do you want to misrepresent so that you can maintain your "I'm the smartest and only Jets fan who isn't wearing green goggles" persona that you have so annoyingly cultivated at JN over the last several years?
  8. Jack Straw

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    My username may be Jack Straw, but yours should be Straw Man, because all you ever do is refute arguments that I don't make. I never said Teddy should yield a 1st and 4th, I said that in world where Sam Bradford is worth a 1st and a 4th, I don't know how you can say Teddy is only worth a 5th rounder...
  9. Jack Straw

    For the "Trade Teddy" guys.....

    What makes you think Bridgewater is only worth a 5th or 6th rounder? Sam Bradford was meddling in mediocrity and netted a 1st and 4th rounder, and his injury history included two torn ACLs and a torn throwing shoulder. He'd also been concussed and had ankle injuries, to boot...
  10. Brian Heimerdinger and Jeremy Bates should be running the show in NY, not Maccagan & Bowles.
  11. Jack Straw

    Contention Begins in 2019

    Why protect your franchise QB when you can spend top resources on players who's primary responsibilities are to chase whichever receiver just beat Buster Skrine into the endzone.
  12. ....This is assuming he doesn't get franchised next year. The Jaguars just declined his fifth year option which means that he'll be 24 years old when he hits free agency. He can stand up and be the OLB that the Jets haven't had since Abraham left town. We have $100 million to spend next year. Sign this dude.
  13. Jack Straw

    Henry Anderson

    2018's Rick Lyle.
  14. You're arguing with yourself here. I never said, nor implied, any of that...