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  1. So Mike Maccagnan thinks Todd Bowles is bad at his job, and Todd Bowles thinks Mike Maccagnan is bad at his job. For the first time ever, they're both right.
  2. Jack Straw

    Mel and Todd

    Two of the four were 4-3 defensive tackles/3-4 defensive ends in college...but in the pros, they were asked to abandon their god-given talent in order to stand up and play linebacker because our coaching staff is oh so creative. Nothing cuter than watching Quinton Coples and his 285lb frame line up as a cornerback...
  3. Todd Bowles IS the guy from Saving Private Ryan who's looking for his severed arm on Omaha Beach.
  4. But did you see Williams in spring practices? Absolutely unblockable.
  5. Jack Straw

    Browns Hire Hue Jackson

    Hue Jackson turned out to be a bowling ball with butcher knives.
  6. Jack Straw

    Mehta's Revenge

    Manish Mehta is what happens when the kid who spent the first 15 years of his life getting stuffed into lockers is given a pen and paper.
  7. Jack Straw

    Some depressing Jets stats

    I’ve done the leg work for you! Since 1970, the only non-expansion team with fewer playoff appearances than the NYJ is the New Orleans Saints. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. Jack Straw

    Some depressing Jets stats

    A 50 year sample size is enough to account for "circumstances" as you put it. The Bills, Patriots, and Dolphins have all taken turns winning the division over the last 50 years while the Jets have sat comfortably at the bottom or middle looking up. You play the cards you were dealt, in terms of the division you're in...and the Jets have played their cards worse than any other franchise in the NFL. The facts speak for themselves. Also note, that one of the Jets 1st place finishes was when they were 9-7 under Herm Edwards, so spare me the "woe is me" routine.
  9. Jack Straw

    Some depressing Jets stats

    The Jets have the fewest division titles of any team in the NFL in the last 50 years, including every expansion team. Without a doubt, they've been the worst franchise since 1970 and it's not even close.
  10. 47 seconds. That's how long I made it before I was overwhelmed with the urge to drive my fist through my computer screen.
  11. Jack Straw

    Chris Herndon- A Macc success story

    What's with our tight ends? Chris Herndon was born with extra pinkies on both hands; Dustin Keller was born with two left feet. Bizarre.
  12. Agreed. But if you're an idiot owner who doesn't know a football from a soccer ball, selling a super bowl winning head coach to your fan base is all you need in order to think it's a good idea.
  13. Jack Straw


    One interception came on 4th and 15 w/ two minutes to go, and the other came on a 4th and 10 w/ 40 seconds to go....if nobody was open on either play, then chucking it is literally the only option.

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