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  1. Ignoring the fact that #80 on the Browns wants Adam Gase to die in a dumpster fire, I think this plan is masterful. Unless you meant the 80th overall pick, of course
  2. Any casual, couch-potato Jets fan with access to a PFW Draft Guide (print edition) could do a better job drafting than Mike Maccagnan. I wish this was a joke, but it's my actual belief. Carry on.
  3. They're only $2mm under the cap right now. I'm sure if they wanted to, they could figure out how to fit Leo's $14mm into the equation, but with Julio Jones wanting a new contract and Grady Jarrett counting for $15mm playing under his Franchise tag, it could be a tough pill to swallow.
  4. From my personal perspective, I think it's unlikely that the Falcons give up so much for an interior defensive linemen...but the numbers work, so it's not a pipedream.
  5. This deal, minus the 2020 first round pick, works out per the trade chart. But the extra 1st rounder (= in points to a 2019 second rounder) puts it way over the top. This is a complete pipe dream.
  6. Yes so true, how could any couch-potato draftnik possibly recreate Mike Maccagnan's success in the draft.
  7. Jalen Hurd reminds me of Keyshawn Johnson.
  8. Robby will go 80 for 1400 and 10 TDs w/ the Chiefs.
  9. Zero percent chance.
  10. Jack Straw

    Could you see Jets trading UP to get Bosa?

    If the Jets want to play with a 40 man roster, this would be a feasible option.
  11. Robby Sabo's YouTube videos are excellent. This guy is better than any Jets beat writer, by a country mile.
  12. Jack Straw

    Brooks On Bell's Impact

    Trenton Cannon will be reminiscing about how great his wheel routes were to 40 year old white men at his local YMCA in about 9 months.

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