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  1. Bowles. Is. The. Head. Coach. Every decision his coordinators make is a direct reflection on him.
  2. Hats off to McCown

    I've never seen someone more proud of a 5-8 team than Josh McCown, and that's why his career scouting report will read, "Great guy, not a winner."
  3. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    This is Bryce's third year in the NFL and the Jets coaching staff treated him like he was an undrafted rookie FA from a division III school.
  4. Would Eli To The Jets Be A Possibiity?

    Eli isn't qualified to be a Jets QB. For starters, he's been to the playoffs, which is an automatic disqualifier - but more importantly, he hasn't been universally rejected by the other 31 teams in the league. Once that happens, he might have a chance to suit up in green and white.
  5. Jets enter top 10

    We just need another 218lb safety/linebacker hybrid to finish implementing Todd Bowles' defense.
  6. Amari Cooper

    Yeah, no doubt. But I watched about 5 minutes of last night's game and saw Amari drop two catchable balls. I also watched him drop a couple against the Jets. I don't know how these statisticians define a dropped pass, but his hands are complete garbage.
  7. Amari Cooper

    Amari Cooper has terrible hands.
  8. Time to bench Mo for the season

    Christopher Johnson would be reasonable in asking why Maccagnan gave a contract to a player who, since his college days, was known to be a dog. And I don't think that's a road that Maccagnan wants to go down...
  9. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    Maccagnan has done a decent job of filling the bottom half of the roster with capable backup types. The top half, however, continues to be amongst the worst in the league. There's literally not a position outside of SS, FS, and TE that can't be upgraded and that is troubling.
  10. This is the time of the year where guys like Manish and Cimini will spread the false narrative that Todd Bowles risks "losing the locker room" by playing Hack or Petty because "it's clear in practice that McCown is outplaying them." And then we go 6-10 and end up with the 9th pick in the draft and end up picking a blocking TE from Penn State because he'll compliment Austin Seferian-Jenkins' game quite well and we'll all collectively wonder why we're such a sorry franchise.
  11. You're right, drafting them has clearly been the better option.
  12. McCown a great addition

    Great! He'll definitely help us get to the promise land of six wins.
  13. This Will Create A Long Thread

    Aaron Rodgers didn't have to relearn how to throw a football. He was an ear-thrower in college because that's the way he was taught told hold the ball in Jeff Tedford's spread/quick passing attack, which theoretically allowed him to have a quicker release. It wasn't "natural" for him and so he stopped doing it in the pros. All he did was he change where he held the ball prior to his throws, which is a tweak and not a complete tear down. Darnold's windup is bizarre and will cause him some problems. I know he's been working to shorten his motion, but sans a complete teardown, I don't know how much better it will get. I do agree that he's plenty accurate, even with his stupid windup. Some guys (Philip Rivers) have had success with strange deliveries, but many others (Leftwich, David Carr, Tebow) weren't able to adjust their mechanics enough to be successful in the pros.
  14. This Will Create A Long Thread

    I don't understand the folks who are all-in on Sam Darnold. If you have to re-teach someone how to throw a football once they enter the NFL, they cannot be the #1 QB in the class. Josh Rosen is light years ahead of him.
  15. Is Macc setting up for FA QB?

    I kind of relish in the idea of our next QB being an ex-Patriot. Think Curtis Martin. Obviously, this is only ideal if the player is good.