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  1. Rosen too much a risk?

    "There's no gold in Fort Knox. With the federal reserve debasing the dollar, hyper-inflation is right around the corner. When the dollar collapses, you'll wish you had gold instead of fiat-currency. Don't put your money in the banks - they will fail! Buy gold!" - Josh Rosen Naysayers
  2. "lol mom nd dad bill gates and MarK Zuckerberg didnt gradauate frum collage lol collage degreez are dumb throw them out their not a predictor of sucess"
  3. Is Dan Patrick retarded? He said "Why is it we question his accuracy (Lamar Jackson) but not Josh Allen's, when Josh Allen's is lower?" News flash, Dan...EVERYONE is questioning Josh Allen's accuracy.
  4. Darnold and Rosen go 1, and 2.

    I think the Browns want Mayfield anyway....so it's pretty simple for them. Draft Barkley at 1, and pick up Mayfield at 4.
  5. WR T. Pryor Visiting Jets

    Only in Jets lala land are WRs taking less money to come play with Josh McCown.
  6. I have a new scenario at #3

    The Jets fleeced the Browns a few years ago when they traded their 17th and 57th pick and three trash/backup player to the Browns for the #5 pick overall. They did this to secure the second best QB (after Stafford) in that draft - a player who is now making sure Mitch Trubisky has his morning cup of offee the way he likes it before his film sessions w/ the Bears. The Jets can't make the same mistake again, and that mistake is picking a player you like but don't love. We cannot have any more half-hearted commitments, particularly at the QB position. If you LOVE Rosen but only like Allen/Mayfield/Darnold, then you need to go all-in on Rosen. If that means giving up the 2019 # 1 pick, then so be it. Nobody will care/remember what you gave up for Rosen if he becomes Aaron Rodgers, and you end up w/ a franchise QB for the next 15+ years. We've committed the following resources to finding a solution at QB over the last 15 years... Christian Hackenberg: #51 Bryce Petty: #103 Tajh Boyd: #203 Geno Smith: #39 Greg McElroy: $208 Mark Sanchez: #5 Erik Ange: #162 Kellen Clemens: #42 Brooks Bollinger: #200 So a total of nine draft picks have been allocated towards picking trash QBs over the past 15 years. One first rounder, two second rounders, and a bunch of 4th - 7th rounders. That should be the benchmark for the Jets. Give up whatever it takes to draft a guy that you absolutely love - it will be worth the investment. And if you fail, then you're at the same place you've been since 1970, with no franchise QB.
  7. Reading scouting reports is a painful exercise. These "scouts" are literally meeting word-count minimums by typing sentences that have zero meaning behind them. "Needs to improve functional strength." - What in the f*ck does that mean? What is "functional strength"? Does it mean that he needs to stop bench-pressing and start flipping tires? What is "strength" vs "functional strength"? "Tight skinned, muscular build." Alright dude, the guy is in shape, but this isn't a Mr. Olympia contest. This makes it sound like the dude is strong as f*ck, but his next sentence the author claims that he needs to improve his "functional strength," so which one is it?
  8. This post is as lazy as the NFL.com scouting report on Josh Rosen. I expect more from you, Warfish. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. Well when 35% of the scouting report is complete trash and inaccurate, it makes sense to dismiss the entire report, right? If I said something like “Brett Favre has a weak arm,” you’d probably assume that I’m a shmuk who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, right? That’s how I feel about NFL.com. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. I’ve been upfront about Josh Rosen’s weaknesses, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. In fact, if you go look at NFL.com’s scouting report of Rosen, you’ll see that I excluded the accurate weaknesses they refer to - weaknesses that I agree with and don’t object to. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. NFL.com's scouting reports are a travesty. On Rosen's weaknesses: WEAKNESSES "Carries ball low in pocket with slight upward pre-throw hitch" - What in the actual f*ck does this even mean? He's got the smoothest delivery and mechanics of any QB I've seen. "Too casual in pocket set-up" - again, what does this mean? Should he be more frantic? "Arm talent and strength are below average." Whoever wrote this should be whipped in the nuts with a car antenna. His arm talent is excellent and his arm strength is better than good. "Lacks gun to challenge safeties with rip throws over the top" - See above "Needs better anticipation." - This is actually one of Rosen's core strengths and is what separates him from other QBs. "Poor mobility." Yeah, he's a pocket passer, not a f*cking running back. Just a super lazy write up. Pure trash.
  12. Josh Allen

    Stafford showed significant improvement every year. Josh Allen didn't. And you can make a strong argument that Allen actually regressed year over year.
  13. Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    Most of this stuff is provably false. For instance: Josh Rosen's father is NOT a brain surgeon - he's a spinal surgeon. He's had multiple concussions, which is true - he's had two. I can't think of any QB sho has ever chosen to retire early due to concussions, so if he does so it will be a first. Not being coachable? He's not Ryan Leaf. Mike McCarthy hates Aaron Rodgers, and Aaron Rodgers hates Mike McCarthy - who cares? I've watched Tom Brady scream at Bill O'brien and Josh Mccdaniels and have watched both of them scream at Tom Brady. Again, who cares? His attitude won't play well in New York? He's too political? He's a smart, liberal, rich, elitist, smug piece of sh*t. This makes him the PERFECT fit for NYC. The "mixed" reports of arm strength concerns come from one scouting report on NFL.com (that I know of) and reads like the person wrote it without ever watching him play. His arm is plenty good and is better than most NFL arms. If Josh Rosen isn't on your first round board, then you shouldn't have a draft board.