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  1. Jack Straw

    PFF shows Deontay Burnett some love

    I have a feeling that the Jets will "Danny Woodhead" Deontay Burnett and we'll spend the next 10 years watching Burnett catch touchdowns from Tom Brady.
  2. The guy is literally a walking-case of CTE and the NFL has buried its head in the sand. Sad to say, but if he lives past 40 I'll be surprised.
  3. Leonard Williams is going to Brian Winters' Mike Maccagnan so hard.
  4. Jack Straw

    Why did bill leave the jets

    Leon Hess was a WW2 veteran who rose to the rank of Major while serving under George Patton. After helping save Europe from fascism, he rescued his father's bankrupt oil company and built it into one of the world's largest, most successful oil producers. While certainly not a great football owner, the guy was a self-made man through and through who demanded the respect of anyone who was lucky enough to stumble into the same room as him. While success escaped him for much of his tenure as the NY Jets owner, there was never much doubt that he wanted to win at all costs, and it was clear that he would do whatever was necessary to make that happen. Robert Kraft, much like Leon Hess, certainly benefited from family ties, but made his fortune by building and selling company after company before eventually finding his way into football. There was never any doubt in Belichick's mind, based on Kraft's previous track-record of successful business dealings, that Kraft would be 100% committed to success. The idea of working for a guy, like Kraft, who has put in untold time, energy, and effort, is always preferable than working for a guy who inherited his fortune simply because he had a father who wasn't smart enough, or disciplined enough, to pull out in time. The fact is that Bill Belichick was never going to work for either bumbling idiot that was James Dolan or Woody Johnson. He wanted to work for an owner who was hell-bent on success, and not someone who was just interested in a billion-dollar hobby that would gain him access to some new billionaire friends. The last 20 years of watching Jets football and Knicks basketball proves yet again that Bill Belichick is smarter than all of us.
  5. Jack Straw

    Bob Raissman on Joe Benigno

    I understand your point, but saying the words "Michael Kay" and "good radio show" in the same sentence nearly made me have an aneurysm.
  6. Jack Straw

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    I had to watch Todd Bowles kick while the Jets were down for four years. What goes around comes around?
  7. Did Pac kick the chair out from under his legs before finishing his sentence? Someone check to see if he's hanging from a ceiling fan.
  8. Jack Straw

    Joe Beningo

    Pretty sure my phone call to Joe & Evan this morning (Chris from Manhattan) led to this tweet.
  9. They're really giving Kingsbury's dingleberry a good sniff, yeah?
  10. Yeah, the Jets sure didn't lack energy in the first half of the AFC Championship game against the Steelers.
  11. If Dante Fowler nets a 3rd and a 5th as an 8 game rental then a 24 year old Leo for 16 games should return a 2nd, easily. Leo has been a disappointment, for sure, but people forget that he came into the league as a 20 year old. He's still got upside.
  12. Jack Straw

    Argument for Jim Caldwell

    Chuck (the author of this drivel) and me got into it on Twitter yesterday over this article, and he was triggered by my questioning his thesis. He plays the laziest of cards (race) and actually had the audacity to call Jim Caldwell and Lovie Smith "great head coaches" who were fired and not rehired due to race. He also cites Jeff Fisher's continued employment (even though he's not employed) as proof that the NFL is a racist "good old boy network." He ignores that head coaches like Wade Phillips, Steve Mariucci, Barry Switzer, Marty Schottenheimer, Mike Sherman, Jim Mora, Brad Childress, Jim Fassel, Chuck Pagano, Mike Smith, Mike Holmgren, and Mike Martz are all unable to find jobs as a HC, despite the fact that they have higher winning percentages as head coaches than Caldwell or Lovie Smith. He ignores that Hue Jackson kept his job after going 1-31; Marvin Lewis going 16 years without a playoff win; the Chiefs trading for Herm Edwards after going 4-12; Romeo Crennel getting four years in Cleveland, while Palmer, Butch Davis, Eric Mangini, Rob Chudzunski, Mike Pettine, and Pat Shurmer all got less than that. Chuck obviously suffers from confirmation bias, and went out of his way to find ANY data to support his article. He's an activist masquerading as a data-driven author and I will not stand for anyone calling Jim Caldwell or Lovie Smith great head coaches. Not on my watch.
  13. Jack Straw

    I think Monken is the primary target

    I just watched Matt Rhule's 20 minute sermon titled "Man Up" from the Men's Conference on YouTube, so I'm basically an expert on his background. AMA.
  14. Jack Straw

    If the Giants called and offered...

    You're all asking the wrong questions. If we trade Jamal Adams, how are we going to replace his one interception over the next 32 games?

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