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  1. Intelligent response. And you're one of the reasons this place ain't what it used to be.
  2. Yeah right... no need to attempt to be funny or patronize me. Above anyone else, I know how things go around here. Remember?
  3. Eye of the beholder. And totally depends on perspective. Well yeah... there are now the ecrubs and madmike's of the world who make his life a living hell, he does something about it, and he's the one who gets in trouble. And they still, constantly, harp on him and rip him apart, despite the fact that he's no longer around. Case in point, this thread. My point isn't that you guys were in the wrong, it's more that this place sucks without him and with some of the people who were kept in his stead.
  4. Seconded... the board ain't quite what it used to be.
  5. Cap doesn't have powers, per se... he had taken the super soilder serum and became peak human. So, he doesn't have powers, but he's the best a human could possibly dream to be, without having powers. It's a shame, but part of a much larger story. Obviously, with Civil War ending, the way the Marvel universe was is that they feared the people with powers and costumes. The main character in the Marvel universe is Captian America. He's the end all, be all. And the public didn't like him anymore, since he didn't want to comform to what the governement wanted, so they lashed out as only the public can. With fear and a gun.
  6. That's the thing... I don't think the plan was to move up and select either CJ or Peterson. I think it was to move up to trade down and pick up more things.
  7. That's ok... I don't think the plan would be to trade up and keep the pick. I'm sure they've got something else planned. Even at that, who's to say they wouldn't take a DE or whatever at number two... just to get what they want. And I think the Lions have no intrest in Coles, just as an FYI. I mean, they just gutted their entire defense. So they're not in win now mode.
  8. Teams that are picking in the top five also have alot of holes... but say an Arizona who's infatuated with Joe Thomas? Mr. Thomas meet the Cards. Cards, meet the Jets price or else they'll let him go to Cleveland.
  9. Who's to say that the Jets would stay at number two, should they make the move up there (which I think, at this point, would be far too expensive for the Jets)? They could make a killing by trading the number two and move into that 5-12 range and get an Alan Branch or someone else they need.
  10. Who has never played a full season in the NFL. And they still have Rex Grossman at QB and Lance Briggs doesn't want to be there... so the Bears are very mortal.
  11. Eh... probably not, cause player trades are rare in the NFL, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about it, since Vilma really isn't a great fit in a 34 defense. The Lions would seem to be a perfect fit, and the Jets could have world's of flexibility with the number two pick.
  12. Right. It's one hell of a price to pay. I think they were better off not doing that trade, obviously. I'm not advocating the deal to the Lions, as much sense as it would make, but I just couldn't help but think the Jets have more up their sleeve... They just have like 12 plans going into this draft, and none of them involve any FA's.
  13. Well yeah... but we don't know if NO wanted the chart compensation or more than that. I don't think the Jets will hold out for 4 first round picks, 2 seconds, a 4th and a 7th. Maybe two firsts and a second. And I know it's unlikely... just as unlikely as just trading Vilma straight up for the number two, as some people would rather. But, such is the life of a fantasy GM.
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