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  1. jetgreen13

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    LOLz i didn't mean to imply hitting those nails squarely should have been difficult..
  2. jetgreen13

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    you hit a lot of nails square on the head creepy..
  3. jetgreen13

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    fire maccagnan & the entire regime black monday.. they came in together, that's how they should leave.. zero upside in being in position to having this conversation again next year at this time..
  4. i actually lived in maryland during shanahan's run in DC & just do to proximity, i was pretty up to speed with his tenure & came away unimpressed.. granted, the slow moving train wreck that was robert griffin had to have been challenging..
  5. jetgreen13


    how wonderful for the fan base..
  6. jetgreen13

    Why is Macagnan escaping the purge?

    & ownership rewarded him with an extension.. #ownership..
  7. i'm not sure coach bowles is going to lose any sleep over today or his career as a one & done NFL HC.. even i don't believe the man is a big enough dope to believe he doesn't know that this part of his football life is over & never, ever coming back..
  8. how long have you been following this team??
  9. jetgreen13

    Todd Bowles is a LOSER!

    i didn't miss your point.. i don't consider other franchises making the same mistakes we did a badge of honor..
  10. jetgreen13

    Todd Bowles is a LOSER!

    & coach bowles is the worst of the bunch.. that's neat trick.. oh, coach bowles.....
  11. jetgreen13

    Todd Bowles is a LOSER!

    today or the last 4 years running?? this regime is shamefully incompetent.. has been since they walked in the door..
  12. jetgreen13

    Poorly coached team

    there is no "why not.." he can & should be fired black monday.. the idea of willingly saddling darnold again next season with this dope just because?? jeezbus..

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