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  1. jetgreen13

    The ultimate smokescreen

    so the plan is to play up the dysfunction of our teams ownership/current regime??
  2. that's fair.. he very well might have been tough about defensive ailments questions.. bowles was probably fishing for free advice..
  3. the real problem is bowles is playing tommy tough guy in pre draft interviews, when the reality is he hasn't held his players responsible for their actions, on or off the field for 3 years running.. this rings completely hollow to me..
  4. hell no.. bowles is as stubborn as he is chicken ****.. what an absolutely awful combination for an NFL HC..
  5. with respect, i've been on jet boards for 13 years & i'm not all that familiar with your work or lack thereof.. i am familiar with you & your stance on this regime & the talent it's collected though.. bowles played a zero sum game that not only didn't get him fired, it got him an extension.. dance around that fact as much as you want.. what is, is, even when it doesn't fit our narratives..
  6. & what you don't see, (or more specifically won't acknowledge) is your shtick is apparent..
  7. sure you can!! we watched it.. if you're being intellectually honest, mccown (or any other vet JAG that might have been brought in) was going to be bowles' guy.. because in bowles' mind, mccown/or another vet JAG gave him the best chance to keep his damn job.. 5 meaningless wins later, mission accomplished!!
  8. go on about ball control as much as you like, the jets needs cousins dramatically more than he needs them.. & good luck selling him on coming here to no longer put up big numbers just to watch bowles being whatever the hell he is as a HC..
  9. i/we have watch the jets load up the defensive side of the ball with the lion's share of the talent for 20+ years.. a handful have been very good, if not special.. & even the "very good" jet defenses have always struggled on getting off the field when it really mattered.. most, by my estimation, have under achieved & some have been inexcusably bad given the talent.. in this day & age, the way to consistently beat passing teams is to become one yourselves.. that ain't happening with bowles.. obviously..
  10. question?? cousins is a proven 4,000+ guy entering his prime.. would you envision bowles giving cousins the freedom to continue to put up those kind of yards?? i don't but I'm cool with that.. because if bowles tries to make the highest paid player in the league a glorifed game manager, he will be setting himself up to get fired before the end of next season.. & i'm definitely cool with that.. time to stop living in the past & bring in a dynamic offensive minded HC.. we are long over due.....
  11. if cousins doesn't take the money then maccagnan will draft a QB at 6 or successfully trades up to get one.. trading down would take balls, so i definitely don't see that happening..
  12. we certainly can try to trade up but bowles has been nothing short of the kiss of death for both young QBs he's had here.. the idea that ownership is aware/don't care about this is staggering!! a well below JAG HC, that requires a veteran QB.. period.. LOLz & we still extended the guy?? go jets!!
  13. please, wait at least a moment.. let's not be too hasty..... #continuity..
  14. when you say maccagnan, maybe.. do you mean, why did bowles get left out of the conversation??