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  1. definitely get you about letting darnold play in the same system 2 years running.. but gase has been a brutal play caller here.. can't even make up how badly he's done with bell & the running game as a whole..
  2. LOLz first time hearing about the dying on the field nonsense but no shock value.. the guy's a complete phony..
  3. i'm gonna wait until PFF tells us what to believe..
  4. who will defend like grim death..
  5. adams is a self absorbed entitled dope.. no chance of him being quiet.. none..
  6. are you still in character??
  7. one of the most important tools in the toolbox for & leader/box safety..
  8. actually, adams plays really well in space.. at least that's what PFF says..
  9. LOLz his 2nd pick was a completely meaningless pick 6 from brady's backup who immediately got benched as a result..
  10. can't forget DTs.. no shot at q williams.. he didn't draft us & he looks like he can play..
  11. LOLz good advice!! tired of you twisting yourself up to twist up my words.. waiter, check please..
  12. what does what i figure have to do with what douglas ends up doing with adams?? do you know what douglas' beliefs on how much value the SS position has?? perhaps douglas could see that money to re sign "the best S in football" better spent on the OL??
  13. & douglas didn't draft adams.. lets see if he pays the guy..
  14. you're right I misspoke.. they almost all believed darnold should have gone one.. i was speaking about the mayfield bandwagon that got crowded quick enough to make darnold an afterthought in comparison durning last season..

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