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  1. it really is.. hell, he might actually be a great guy or an awful human being..
  2. i completely agree.. but i put nothing, absolutely nothing past woody & woody's brother..
  3. then play webb.. that way, everyone but coach bowles & possibly mccown are happy..
  4. i put nothing past woody & woody's brother with regards to ass backwards decisions/coach bowles.. nothing.. that said, it would be a brutality tough sell to the fan base to bring coach bowles back for reasons to obvious to even go into anymore..
  5. nothing.. but coach bowles hasn't been fired yet.. granted, i can't see any situation ownership feels they can force feed their fan base with him another year.. but word on the street, as i'm sure you have also heard is, woody & woody's brother are planning to keep maccagnan for whatever reason those two dopes have come up with.. this regime with this absolutely ass backward chain of command is the worst in franchise history..
  6. perennially awful ownership this franchise has had is the one common theme..
  7. if true & clearly that's debatable, it would mean woody & woody's brother won't put themselves on front street by completely conceding they **** the bed two regimes running.. no word on if the HC maccagnan supposedly will be be picking will actually report to him directly, or will they stick with the smartest guys in the room formula?? can't wait..
  8. who's kidding who?? coach bowles is done here black monday.. if woody's brother is a fan of coach bowles, which seems to be the case, why subject the guy & your fan base to the absolute train wreck the next 7 weeks will be inevitable be??
  9. actually in coach bowles' press conference he said he didn't have any problem with his team's the effort in the latest debacle.. LOLz coach bowles didn't even need to watch the film!! make it stop..
  10. LOLz i didn't mean to imply hitting those nails squarely should have been difficult..
  11. you hit a lot of nails square on the head creepy..
  12. fire maccagnan & the entire regime black monday.. they came in together, that's how they should leave.. zero upside in being in position to having this conversation again next year at this time..

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