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  1. that really touched me.. whoever came up with the idea made something wonderful happen for that little boy & his family..
  2. yeah but gholsten couldn't play NFL football & whitehead can.. what's the correlation??
  3. saleh put becton on notice publicly at the end of last season on how important this year will be for him.. he shows up after missing voluntary workouts in a "look at me" t shirt looking visibly pudgy at best.. remember his video clowning around with teammates in front of a weight room mirror around this time last year?! dude looked like the incredible hulk in comparison to today.. IMHO becton will not be trusted with wilson's blindside while fant is on the roster so i hope he's been working on his footwork at RT..
  4. i stopped taking these guys seriously after them trying to rationalize how jamal adams was ever any good in coverage with the jets.. LOLz how has that hot take aged PFF?!
  5. how you would be feeling about douglas if hill wanted to move to jersey instead of using his residence in florida for work if he chooses??
  6. if they got renewed trade interest in mims he'd be gone 20 minutes after this post for the biggest bag of rocks they could get for him.. it didn't work out.....
  7. watched a "can't wait" podcast this summer & connor hughes after watching a scrimmage said something to the affect of.. he spoke briefly with a ref after the scrimmage & the guy told him #8 is a ball player, #11 is not.. sounds about right in retrospect.. the end..
  8. certainly not the fine folks at PFF.. or the well read national media..
  9. the only question about his attitude is how awful it is on a scale of 1 to 10.. otherwise spot on post..
  10. safe bet he's been off the deep end well before getting drafted..
  11. wow man, truly sorry to hear about this.. all the best..
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