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  1. i disagree.. to say smith, as well as mauldin, haven't become competent NFL players is based on injuries, is playing devil's advocate at best & disingenuous at worst..
  2. you're indulging a poster who is intentionally doing everything in his power not to be taken seriously.....
  3. the idea that jet ownership has let bowles start (& continue to start) a 38 year old career JAG in a full blown rebuild is mind numbing to me.. finding out if petty is a viable starting option should not have been left up to the self serving dope of a HC.. inconsequential wins & or padding his resume notwithstanding..
  4. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    he wasn't going to put in either (if at all) until the team is properly demoralized anyway, so really what's the difference?? after his apparent badge of honor reluctance to play either kid, is there any upside for him if one does play well?? i say no & i don't think that's lost on him.. zero sum game..
  5. Mike Westhoff back in the NFL

    good for you westy, i'll miss the hell out of you on SNY.. i'm sorry johnson never looked at you as a HC candidate.. go figure.....
  6. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    if mccown's arms & legs fall off of his body, i look forward to your inevitable deafening silence, if petty comes in & plays well..
  7. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    i'll take you at your word on that.....
  8. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    the real problem is you & your like minded cohorts here are basing this on a self serving, cowardly, HC.. bravo..
  9. Sad state of Jets backup QB's

    i won't argue that, but sanchez did did make some big time throws in that amazing two year run.. really thought back then, sanchez & ryan would be the faces of our jets for 10+ years..
  10. you wanna trade HCs??
  11. yeah, getting kids still on their rookie deals to play hard is not much of an accomplishment, if at all.. more like par for the course.. but man did you nail it with how bowles has been epic fail with veterans making big money..
  12. Sad state of Jets backup QB's

    ...waiter, check please..
  13. Sad state of Jets backup QB's

    yes, you, personally.. the most recent example is you are now completely ignoring i gave my opinion on bates' comments after claiming i was trying to create a false narrative..
  14. Sad state of Jets backup QB's

    i gave my opinion on bates' comments.. i know, what a novel idea on a internet chat forum, right?? it seems i've come to realize over the last 24 hours or so, i can't make my points clearly enough for you not to attempt to twist them to fit your "voice of reason" agenda.. or perhaps you're simply being disingenuous, or trolling, or a combination of both..
  15. Sad state of Jets backup QB's

    bates sounds like a guy parroting his boss' talking points.. go figure..
  16. hopefully of his bowels.. certainly not over bowles..
  17. fair points.. just please be mindful, all of them have been discussed here & elsewhere in great detail.. hell, i slammed maccagnan in this very thread for signing mccown.. bowles was going to try to pad his resume with any veteran JAG maccagnan was dumb enough to hand him..
  18. if you're argument is bowles has given petty a fair shot & has based it on what's best for the franchise, we strongly disagree..
  19. well, seeing that you're a patriot fan, it's continuing to work out quite nicely for you.. i guess next, you'll help us understand why bowles needs an extension..
  20. so essentially, allow bowles to continue to start veteran JAG QBs, over unproven talent.. & of course, that unproven talent remains as such, because the HC will hold onto whoever ends being the veteran JAG QB like grime death.. how many times do you need to watch that movie before you understand the ending??
  21. i would agree with you if bowles was not playing a zero sum game..
  22. & mccown is a 38 year old JAG on a one year deal.. petty obviously can't play, because he was picked in the middle of the draft?? that's why bowles, ****ing the kid over is OK with you??
  23. ...two things.. "exactly" what?? i very clearly stated, i have no idea what is being said, or not said behind closed doors between bowles & ownership.. now if you do, please share.. i'm sure the board would greatly appreciate the intel.. & yeah, me no what cumplisat mean.....
  24. i have no idea what ownership is, or isn't saying about bowles refusing to play petty & or hackenberg in meaningful games.. again.. but if ownership has mandated one, or both of the kids need to play & bowles is stonewalling them, he would already be fired.. if by management, you mean maccagnan, bowles apparently doesn't give a **** what he is, or isn't saying about playing petty & or hackenberg in meaningful games.. again..
  25. forget about bowles for a minute.. we both agree the guy's a self serving dope, who absolutely needs to be fired.. the end.. what's mind numbing to me, is the organization continues to let him get away with this horse ****!! & yes, i know in jet bizarro world, the HC doesn't answer to the GM.. that said, if you're maccagnan, how could you be dumb enough to give what's his face an old JAG QB in FA?? anyone being intellectually honest knew mccown was going to be this dopes guy a nanosecond after he was signed.. you can't make this **** up..