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  1. Reading is fundamental. I am amazed that you got to there. Good job Ignaramos Del Crappo.
  2. Wow. TomShane still very funny. I forgot that game. Now I know why I hate soup.
  3. It's a good post by you Slats but you didn't answer the question. I don't think Woody thinks of this as a rebuilding year in 2013. I think, Woody wants Rex to fix the coaching staff and for Idzik to fix the cap and to be back contending next season and beyond. I don't see leeway for Rex if this team finishes 4 and 12 next season.
  4. I see your points Slats. I understand where you are coming from but let's look at the situation. Do you think Rex Ryan is the head coach of the New York Jets in 2014 if the Jets of 2013 have a poor season?... You know the answer is no. If we fast forward to December of this year and the Jets are 4 and 9 and going nowwhere, Rex may not even survive the season. He might even quit on his own or excuse me step down.
  5. It's a very good point by Pedro that it takes more than just having a good quarterback to be a good team. Only the truly great quarterbacks can cover up for a team with great deficiencies. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have in the past been so great that it covered for defiencies in the rest of their teams. Aaron Rodgers operated with a poor offensive line, no running game and an awful defense and the team did well. Drew Brees is all world but he couldn't cover up for all the issues that the Saints had this past season on field and off. The Niners and Ravens are a testament towards being t
  6. Let's be real here. Rex Ryan is not going to survive a 3rd straight non winning and non playoff season. If the Jets have another poor season. He will not get an extension nor will he return as the coach with only one year left on his deal. There may not be a public mandate set by Woody Johnson although the media tried to get it out of him at the season ending press conference. Everyone knows including Rex that this is a make or break season for him. Woody Johnson was smart in not making the mandate. That's probably his best move so far. By not making a mandate on Rex. He is showing a vote
  7. You'd like to think that Idzik had some say in it but I believe that the staff is all Rex's decision. The hiring of David Lee would lend you to believe that.
  8. That's an excellent point. What the Jets do with Revis holds the key to the direction of the franchise.
  9. Thanks. I just have a feeling as a Jets fan that I haven't had for awhile. That feeling that we are once again a bad NFL franchise. The Jets haven't been a bad NFL franchise in a long time. Despite what the outsiders and some long time disgruntled Jets fans would have people believe me. It's starting to feel like Pre-Parcells. I hope that I am wrong.
  10. LOL. I am in my 30's now. I don't feel like an OJF but when you hit the big 30, you start THINKING "Am I old now?".
  11. Your response is not quite the responses, I used to receive in the past.LOL. "nobody rebuilds but ahole franchises".... Let's just project the Jets to be 4 and 12 in 2013. Rex will be gone. What happens to his new offensive staff and his last remaining soldier on defense in Dennis Thurman?... Well that answer comes from John Idzik. He will hire the new head coach and the new head coach will look to bring in his own staff. That's why a guy like Marty Mornhinweg has a lot tied into this season because he may not be retained. David Lee and Marty are Rex hires. You can bet your bottom dollar
  12. PERCEPTION VS REALITY The New York Jets are widely believed to be a losing franchise. As of January 12th 2013, It's been 44 years since the Jets have won a superbowl. There have been many ups and a lot more downs since that ground breaking and league changing championship in 1969. Throughout the 70's and much of the 80's, The Jets became an irrelevant franchise. Very few winning seasons or playoff seasons over the course of two decades. There were slight hiccups along the way where the Jets made an impact and went on runs towards a championship(1982) but there was a lot more losing than w
  13. This is exactly what the entire NFL wants. They want this issue to just go away and eventually it will. Like many, I am sick of reading and discussing this matter. These are my final thoughts on this matter. I am playing in to the NFL's hands here and putting this issue to bed. As a Jets fan, Even though this whole spygate thing hurts a heated rival like the Pats. I hate this whole issue. It's bad for the league and it's bad for the fans. I wish that it had never come to this. It's real simple to me. The NFL has always had and will always have cheating. Off the field and on. Teams will
  14. That's just horrible news. You gotta feel for Abram Elam and his entire family.
  15. I'd doubt that Mangini and Tannenbaum are going to be fired in 2008. These two guys are tied at the hip. They are one in the same. If one goes, both go.
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