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  1. Reading is fundamental. I am amazed that you got to there. Good job Ignaramos Del Crappo.
  2. Wow. TomShane still very funny. I forgot that game. Now I know why I hate soup.
  3. It's a good post by you Slats but you didn't answer the question. I don't think Woody thinks of this as a rebuilding year in 2013. I think, Woody wants Rex to fix the coaching staff and for Idzik to fix the cap and to be back contending next season and beyond. I don't see leeway for Rex if this team finishes 4 and 12 next season.
  4. I see your points Slats. I understand where you are coming from but let's look at the situation. Do you think Rex Ryan is the head coach of the New York Jets in 2014 if the Jets of 2013 have a poor season?... You know the answer is no. If we fast forward to December of this year and the Jets are 4 and 9 and going nowwhere, Rex may not even survive the season. He might even quit on his own or excuse me step down.
  5. It's a very good point by Pedro that it takes more than just having a good quarterback to be a good team. Only the truly great quarterbacks can cover up for a team with great deficiencies. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have in the past been so great that it covered for defiencies in the rest of their teams. Aaron Rodgers operated with a poor offensive line, no running game and an awful defense and the team did well. Drew Brees is all world but he couldn't cover up for all the issues that the Saints had this past season on field and off. The Niners and Ravens are a testament towards being the two most complete teams in the sport at the moment. They are both getting very good QB play and wouldn't be winning without it but those teams have balance and front line players at all levels. It's amazing that the Jets got as far as they did with Mark Sanchez in 09 and 2010. In Mark's defense, He was very good in the playoffs during those two deep runs but the Jets had strong overall teams and leadership. The Jets of 2011 and 2012 couldn't make up for the fact that they were getting average to below average production from their QB spot like the 09 and 2010 teams did. The Jets of 2013 have a lot more to improve upon than just the quarterback spot but it starts there.
  6. Let's be real here. Rex Ryan is not going to survive a 3rd straight non winning and non playoff season. If the Jets have another poor season. He will not get an extension nor will he return as the coach with only one year left on his deal. There may not be a public mandate set by Woody Johnson although the media tried to get it out of him at the season ending press conference. Everyone knows including Rex that this is a make or break season for him. Woody Johnson was smart in not making the mandate. That's probably his best move so far. By not making a mandate on Rex. He is showing a vote of confidence towards him. Woody doesn't need to state the obvious or create a negative umbrella over the franchise moving forward. By not starting over and doing an organizational reset, It shows that Woody wants to give Rex another chance to move the Jets in the right direction. 2013 is his last chance. John Idzik gets the organizational reset in a years time if the 2013 campaign leads to a 4 and 12 type season. Speculation on my part...maybe but the writing is on the wall. Just look at the situation. I am not rooting for it but all signs point to that possible destination. The Jets roster makeup and current cap situation doesn't lend itself to a situation where the team can re-tool and contend. They don't have a good QB and they have a lot of departing pieces and a limited cap space to get marquee players on the roster. In a perfect world, They would keep Keller and Landry. That would show me something. I don't think that the Jets have the cap flexibility to do that. You can thank Mike Tannenbaum for that. He botched the last two seasons after doing what I think was a good job overall up until 2011. If you thought that the Jets had talent issues in 2012 and they did, Then I can't see where they improve greatly in 2013. They need to be able to replace key players like Landry and Keller and hit homeruns in the draft and on the lower level free agency scale. I hope that they can do it.
  7. You'd like to think that Idzik had some say in it but I believe that the staff is all Rex's decision. The hiring of David Lee would lend you to believe that.
  8. That's an excellent point. What the Jets do with Revis holds the key to the direction of the franchise.
  9. Thanks. I just have a feeling as a Jets fan that I haven't had for awhile. That feeling that we are once again a bad NFL franchise. The Jets haven't been a bad NFL franchise in a long time. Despite what the outsiders and some long time disgruntled Jets fans would have people believe me. It's starting to feel like Pre-Parcells. I hope that I am wrong.
  10. LOL. I am in my 30's now. I don't feel like an OJF but when you hit the big 30, you start THINKING "Am I old now?".
  11. Your response is not quite the responses, I used to receive in the past.LOL. "nobody rebuilds but ahole franchises".... Let's just project the Jets to be 4 and 12 in 2013. Rex will be gone. What happens to his new offensive staff and his last remaining soldier on defense in Dennis Thurman?... Well that answer comes from John Idzik. He will hire the new head coach and the new head coach will look to bring in his own staff. That's why a guy like Marty Mornhinweg has a lot tied into this season because he may not be retained. David Lee and Marty are Rex hires. You can bet your bottom dollar that unless Mark Sanchez pulls off a miracle and becomes a good QB. Sanchez is gone and the Jets potentially start all over at QB as well because the 2014 head coach and the 2014 offensive coordinator will want their own QB not left overs from previous regime.
  12. PERCEPTION VS REALITY The New York Jets are widely believed to be a losing franchise. As of January 12th 2013, It's been 44 years since the Jets have won a superbowl. There have been many ups and a lot more downs since that ground breaking and league changing championship in 1969. Throughout the 70's and much of the 80's, The Jets became an irrelevant franchise. Very few winning seasons or playoff seasons over the course of two decades. There were slight hiccups along the way where the Jets made an impact and went on runs towards a championship(1982) but there was a lot more losing than winning in those two decades. The 90's saw the Jets start off somewhat promising only to fall badly and become a laughingstock by the time 1996 finished. It wasn't until Bill Parcells arrived in 1997, That the Jets would change course and change their culture and become a contender. Since 1997, The Jets have been a respectable and contending franchise. They won their first division title since the merger in 1970 and from 1998 to present day, The Jets have won two division titles and have made the playoffs 7 different times and have made 3 trips to the AFC Championship Game. In the last 16 seasons, The Jets have only 4 non winning seasons. In the era of parody, that measures up pretty well against the other 31 NFL franchises. The Jets transformed from being a laughing stock and irrelevant franchise to being relevant and a legitimate contender. The local and national media would have you believe otherwise but the Jets have been a respectable franchise since 1997. BACK TO THE DARK AGES This leads me to where I feel this franchise is now headed or currently is. It looks like the Jets have officially reverted back to their losing ways prior to 1997. It's been a long time since the Jets franchise was considered and expected to be awful and that's where they currently stand. The late season collapse of 2011 and the ugliness of 2012 have combined to set this franchise back and downward. It's amazing how far down the team has gone after two magical runs near the mountain top just two years ago. There are a lot of people to blame for the downfall. Poor leadership and team awareness by Rex Ryan. Poor management by Mike Tannenbaum and poor ownership and guidance by Woody Johnson. The run is over. You can not recapture the vibe and aura that the franchise had. MOVING FORWARD It's hard to gauge what direction the Jets are currently in. Are they retooling or rebuilding? The model for rebuilding is in place, A young roster with a lot of departing veterans. You have uncertainty at key spots like QB and a new leader of football operations in John Idzik. At the same time, The Jets have the same football leader in place in Rex Ryan, the same quality defensive system and a whole new accomplished offensive staff. Rex is coaching for his life in 2013. If the Jets do not have a winning season or make the playoffs. He is gone. He knows it and the entire organization knows it. Rather than begin a complete organizational reset. Woody Johnson has decided to try and take another shot. The problem is that The Jets are not constructed properly to be a legitimate contender. They do not and will not have the neccessary cap room to improve their talent base. They don't have the current talent base to be a legitimate contender. The team is stuck in neutral. If 2013 goes as projected, The Jets will have to reset the entire organization from the coaching staff to the scouting department a year from now. The only person that will remain is John Idzik. Instead of using 2013 to build for 2014. The Jets are putting off the rebuild for another year in the hopes of getting back to where they were. That ship has sailed. Woody failed to realize that or doesn't want to face that reality. By attempting this in 2013, The Jets are pretty much setting themselves up for potentially two more losing seasons in 2013 and 2014. Even if the organization gets things on track, They may not contend until 2015.
  13. This is exactly what the entire NFL wants. They want this issue to just go away and eventually it will. Like many, I am sick of reading and discussing this matter. These are my final thoughts on this matter. I am playing in to the NFL's hands here and putting this issue to bed. As a Jets fan, Even though this whole spygate thing hurts a heated rival like the Pats. I hate this whole issue. It's bad for the league and it's bad for the fans. I wish that it had never come to this. It's real simple to me. The NFL has always had and will always have cheating. Off the field and on. Teams will always look to gain a competitive advantage in every area that they can. There's cheating on the field and off. There's a standard level of cheating that everyone has come to accept when it comes to pro football. Everyone has quietly accepted things like dis-information from NFL teams. Either through injury reports or whatever, This is a widely accepted practice. Each team is responsible for protecting their own teams interests. I have always been cool with that. Even though it involves lying. It's part of the fabric of competition in the NFL. Everyone has quietly accepted cheating by players on the field and or teams practicing cheating and then implementing it in games. A great offensive lineman knows how to hold and get away with it. A great corner or WR knows how to interfere on pass plays to gain an advantage. I have always been cool and accepting of this. Every team studies other teams plays. They watch countless hours of video and breakdown every play and every situation to try and figure out what an opponent may try to do. I am also cool with this. It involves strategy. Information and knowledge is the king of competition. The New England Patriots are most likely not the only team that has attempted to or has stolen information from opponents. It's part of football warfare. If The Pats cut a QB, You sign that QB before you play the Pats and rack his brain for information. Even though this is shady, This has been a widely accepted practice for a long time. If The Jets cut Brett Ratliff in camp, Miami could consider signing Ratliff just to get a better "understanding" of the Jets offense. The New England Patriots by stealing opposing teams signals during a game, They crossed the line. By hearing and knowing another teams plays during a game, That is crossing the line of what is generally accepted in football warfare. The Pats cheated on a grand scale for a long time and got busted. Their team and organization deserves to get heat for it. They simply crossed the line. What they did was an ultimate sin. Is it as bad as paying off the referees to call a game in your favor? NO but it's dangerously close. Does what New England did tarnish their legacy and championship run? Like it or not, It does somewhat because it leads to more questions as to how far, The Pats went to win games. Did they do more than just steal teams signals? It's really bad for the history and integrity of the NFL if you believe that. You don't want to enter this zone. You'd hate to think that there was more here than there already is. By the same token, You can't completely erase the Pats accomplishments. They have been a great run team and a great organization. You don't want to rob their players and coaches who worked hard to get to the mountain top. If you want to dis-credit the Pats championship run. It also dis-credits everyone who was apart of them during their run. That includes key members of the Jets like Eric Mangini, Brian Daboll, Bryan Cox, Matt Chatham etc... If The Pats have always been cheaters and everyone knew, Then Eric Mangini was in on it and he too is a cheater and his rings don't count. The NFL wants to sweep this under the rug and it will eventually be. They should however implement a strong security system that prevents the level of cheating that went on here and that goes on. The most important part of the NFL is it's integrity. They can't have this level of cheating, They can't have crooked players, coaches or refs. That kind of stuff would ultimately destroy the league and game. This matter has to be taken seriously. Ok, I am done with this. It's off my chest and my brain. I am moving on to other football matters like who is going to be the Jets backup inside linebackers and who will be their quarterback come opening day against Miami.
  14. That's just horrible news. You gotta feel for Abram Elam and his entire family.
  15. I'd doubt that Mangini and Tannenbaum are going to be fired in 2008. These two guys are tied at the hip. They are one in the same. If one goes, both go.
  16. I think what you have in Schottenheimer and Sutton are two very good assistant coaches who have had growing pains in their first coordinator jobs. Year three for these two is going to be very telling as whether or not, they have grown into the jobs. Talent is a big factor and the Jets coaches have not had alot of talent to play with the last two years. The Jets have had one of the weakest talent rosters in the sport in 06 and 07.
  17. Brian Schottenheimer and Bob Sutton are on the hotseat in 2008 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Jets are expected to be better in 2008. The media and many Jets followers will have you believe that Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum are in a make or break year. That their jobs are on the line. That won't be the case. I believe that the owner, Woody Johnson is fully behind Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum. I believe that they have some rope to play with here. If The 2008 season does not produce the desired results that the Jets braintrust/ownership is looking for. Then 2009 will truly be Tangini's make or break year. The two people who I do believe are working for their jobs in 2008 are offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. First, Let's look at Brian Schottenheimer. Some of his responsibilities have been altered for the 2008 season. The running game has been a weak spot for the Jets for two years now. In 2006 and in 2007. The running game has been turned over to Bill Callahan. He's not only replaced Tony Wise as the o-line coach but he's been given the designation of "running game coordinator". The Jets QB coach, Brian Daboll who came over from New England to join Eric Mangini's staff is very close with Eric. He has a strong voice in the locker room. His forte is the passing game. He could be next in line to replace Brian Schottenheimer. If The Jets have a good year in 2008. Then Brian's job is safe but he could also get head coaching consideration if the Jets have success offensively. He's gotten strong consideration the last two years. If The Jets don't have a good year offensively in 08. Brian could be gone. This is a big year for him. The Jets have gone out and added some talent to the offensive side of the ball. It's time to produce results. It goes without stating that Bob Sutton is on the hotseat as the defensive coordinator. He barely retained his job this offseason. Eric Mangini was non-commital towards Sutton's job status for a long time in the winter. It was only when all viable replacements dissapeared that Sutton retained his DC post. If the Jets defense does not take the next step in 2008. Sutton will not be the Jets defensive coordinator in 2009. For two years now, The Jets offense and defense have been ranked near the bottom of the league. It's a make or break year for these coordinators.
  18. Those stats mean very little. 3.8 vs 3.6 per carry. It doesn't even take into account the teams run defenses that we played during each QB's starts. Each part of an offense has an effect towards the other parts of it. The Jets struggles in the run game were atributed to alot of different things in 07 and 06. In 06, The Jets were not a good running team as well. Let's not forget that. It all starts with the offensive line. Then it's the blocking at positions like TE and FB. Once you have those pieces in place. You should have an improved ground attack. Having a passer who can beat a defense with his arm, helps the run game. Having good weapons in the passing game helps as well but Dan Marino scared defenses and that didn't really help his running game much. You need the offensive line to be right if you want to run the ball.
  19. This is a good site and forum. It's just hard to dedicate so much time to each message board. Anything less than 8 and 8 could lead to more changes. Ultimately, I think that Mike Tannenbaum and Eric Mangini are safe through 2008 and 2009. If the team falls flat on it's face in 2008. Then 2009 will the make or break year for this regime. The owner loves Tangini so I think they have some rope to play with here. It's a big decision year at QB and the coordinator spots. If Clemens/Pennington don't get it done. The Jets have to start all over at QB. If the defense does not take the next step, Bob Sutton will be gone. Brian Schottenheimer with a good year in 08 could get more head coaching consideration. If the offense has a bad year, Eric might have to make a tough decision as to who runs the offense moving forward. Part of Schottenheimer's responsibilities have to be slightly altered. Callahan is the running game coordinator and former Pats assistant, Brian Daboll is the QB coach and his voice is respected by the coach. It's a big year for Brian Schottenheimer and Bob Sutton.
  20. Finding 3-4 compatible players is real difficult. The ideal money move in the 07 offseason would have been to overpay for someone like Adalius Thomas. He had 3-4 experience and can play multiple positions. ILB, DE and OLB. The Jets need more than just two pass rushers. Banking on Bryan Thomas alone was not enough. Especially in a rotation type defense. Calvin Pace was overpaid but his signing was needed. His success as a complete player in the 3-4 in Arizona paved the way for his signing with the Jets. It's hard projecting college players to the 3-4 in the pros and being able to secure 3-4 compatible pro players is just as difficult. That's why The Jets had to out-bid Parcells and the Dolphins for his services. They too wanted Pace to man the outside at LB in the 3-4.
  21. There's no denying the fact that the Jets are a much more talented football team on paper right now than they were when the 2007 season ended. Despite a 4 and 12 record in 2007. The Jets were a competitive team. They were good enough to compete in games but ultimately not good enough to win. They just didn't have enough talent. The Jets have upgraded their team in the trenches significantly. The o-line and d-lines should be better in 08. The Jets in 07 were soft upfront. You can't win games in the NFL if you can't win at the line of scrimmage. The offense's running game should be much better than it was in 2007. Bill Callahan is running the o-line and ground game and these are strong areas of expertise for him. The Jets have the talent now to control the line of scrimmage and play power football. The additions of Faneca, Woody, Richardson and Franks will help the Jets in short yardage and in the red zone. Thomas Jones and Leon Washington should benefit from those additions. The continued development and progression of players like Ferguson and Mangold is a key to how good the Jets o-line can be next season. The Jets run defense should be better in 08 as well, Provided that Kris Jenkins stays healthy. He's the key to the entire defense. Jenkins has to hold up his end of the bargain. The Jets had no pass rush in 07. Vernon Gholston and Calvin Pace should help in this area. Gholston has an immense upside and if he picks up things quickly, He can be a dominant force as a pass rusher on the outside. The tools are there for him to be a consistent double digit sack man. Pace will provide a pop at rushing the passer but he can also stand up against the run. He's been compared by the Jets defensive staff to Mo Lewis. Mo Lewis was never spectacular in one area but he was very good in every area. A complete linebacker with toughness. An improved pass rush will benefit the Jets young and talented secondary. Revis and Rhodes are excellent players. The key to the secondary will be the development of Justin Miller and Abram Elam. Their progression will be the key to how good the Jets secondary can be in 08. Barring bad luck and injuries. The Jets will be a better team in 2008. How much better?.. That remains to be seen. While, The Jets are better upfront on offense and defense. I don't know what level of play they are going to get from the QB position. Mediocre play from QB will not be enough to make this team a playoff contender next season. I still think that the Jets do not have enough playmakers on offense and defense. The Jets still have question marks and are still a few players away from making a serious run. One more good offseason and draft could put this team in the direction for a strong run. Until the QB situation gets settled. The team is going to be limited in how far it can go. I don't think that the Jets will be a playoff contender in 2008. The window that I see for them is from 7 to 9 wins. The AFC is ultra competitive. There are too many teams that are far ahead of the Jets in the talent category. The Pats, Colts, Jags, Chargers, Steelers seem to be prime playoff contenders. There's an opening for the final seed in the conference. Can the Jets be good enough in 08 to contend for that final spot with the likes of teams like Cleveland and Tennessee etc. Buffalo could finally rise up in 08, They are getting closer. There are other AFC teams that are on the same level as the Jets right now looking to rise up and contend. At this point, As a Jets fan. I am happy with what the front office did following last season's disaster. I just don't think that the Jets are in a position yet to be a real contender in 2008. They are probably a year away. Time will tell.
  22. Looking for attention??? Kellen Clemens is just a rookie. He hasn't even stepped on an NFL field yet. So it's pretty hard to judge him as a player. What brings you to the conclusion that he "sucks" already.
  23. I did an article on this site about how The jets wouldn't be contenders in 2006. It doesn't mean that I can't wait until traning camp and the games. It's the start of something new and fresh. The birth of a new era in Jets football. I am excited of the direction this team is headed in. I think they've got the right people in place.
  24. If PFW's prediction holds up. Jets and Niners finish at 3 and 13. 3 and 13 means that Pennington and Ramsey flopped at QB and that could very well set The Jets up to draft Brady Quinn. It could be Quinn and Clemens in 2007 for The Jets.
  25. PFW has released their 2006 preview issue. They have predicted that The Jets will go 3 and 13 in 2006 and finish in last place in The AFC East. They have The Jets and Niners finishing tied with the league's worst record. Just as a sidenote, They are predicting that The Panthers beat The Colts in Superbowl XLI in Miami. In PFW's power rankings, The Jets rank 31st out of 32 teams. The quote on The Jets in 2006.... "With roster nearly devoid of Pro Bowl caliber talent, The Jets are atleast one year away from contention"... Just to give you all a quick wrap up of their analysis on The 2006 Jets. Here is PFW's final summary on The Jets in 2006. "The Jets will try to build momentum throughout the season as the young coaching staff and players mesh. This team appears similar in many ways to last year's Browns, whose 6-10 record didn't reflect how hard they played or how competitive they were under Romeo Crennel, Mangini's predecessor in New England." Get ready for alot of this Jets fans. Alot of experts and publications will predict us to be a losing team in 2006.
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