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  1. He's playing reasonably for a backup RB with limited touches
  2. it's not ... But is easier to change ... And he's a d**sh for burning the pats cheating evidence
  3. I thought it was gonna be the girl clapping 2 rows back who did it on my first viewing
  4. Agree ... Broncos look f**king awesome right now
  5. Nice to see ... I'm gonna wait until after next weeks game before really getting excited though
  6. Believe Cooks is getting a lot of props as well. L-O-V-E Pryor though ... Def the right pick for us in round 1 !
  7. Agree +1 Also if Geno is playing well we make a post season run
  8. Sounds good to me ... Will find something white in the back of the closet to wear as well!
  9. 2014 will come down to how Geno performs. I have been pleased with what I've seen the last month of 2013 as well as camp & preseason this year ... Keep it up kid!
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