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    Can receivers catch anymore without them? It seems like every player at a skill position uses them. What happened to being able to use just your hands?
  2. Every game I have ever been too have had some kind of fight break out in the section I was in. never went to the same section. In general I would rather enjoy the game at home with friends and family then go to the game and have to worry about drunks and fights. Its getting bad.
  3. Coples will slide out of the first.
  4. just when I forgot about him.
  5. coples will slide down farrrr.
  6. pete carroll is going to mess up this pick, I can feel it in my bones.
  7. I hope the jets trade down for another 3rd. There is a lot of talent in the 2-5 rds.
  8. was the t-richardson talk by the jets perhaps a great smokescreen?
  9. Viking are going to be kings of this draft just based on this retarded a$$ trade.God cleveland sucks
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