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  1. Can receivers catch anymore without them? It seems like every player at a skill position uses them. What happened to being able to use just your hands?
  2. Every game I have ever been too have had some kind of fight break out in the section I was in. never went to the same section. In general I would rather enjoy the game at home with friends and family then go to the game and have to worry about drunks and fights. Its getting bad.
  3. pete carroll is going to mess up this pick, I can feel it in my bones.
  4. I hope the jets trade down for another 3rd. There is a lot of talent in the 2-5 rds.
  5. was the t-richardson talk by the jets perhaps a great smokescreen?
  6. Viking are going to be kings of this draft just based on this retarded a$$ trade.God cleveland sucks
  7. **** trading him. Let him holdout and sit. Lets see how quickly he will cave. This league is starting to turn into the NBA where players think they can do as they wish and have no fear of repercussions.
  8. you guys are funny. The jets defense ranked 5th last year with bad safety play and an ineffective pass rush. With the addition of landry and hopefully a lb/de draft pickup our defense can only get better. Trent richardson would HELP our defense. keep them off the field (Something we couldnt do last year) and give the opposing team bad starting position.
  9. you guys cant expect anyone in reporter to be 100% right in this kind of business. To many factors, to many possibilities, to many people.
  10. Incarcerated Bob ‏ @incarceratedbob Reply Favorite · Open **UPDATED NFL NEWS**Source: Three teams in heavy talks with Vikings for #3pick so far we hear Dolphins / Bucs / Jets (Rumor just broke) #IBN I dont care anymore about what people have to say. This dude is pretty good at his job and mostly accurate.
  11. if he holds out again, I say trade him. I dont see him producing at the same level as this or last year for much longer.
  12. he didnt say dwight was signing, he said they were talking about it. big difference. He has reported to many correct stories, days (sometimes weeks) before major networks to be guessing, the odds cant account for that.
  13. and one thing tebow isnt, is unconfident. Something you need in an offense and a team like the jets.
  14. Its starting to make more sense. Arizona traded for a dismal qb in kevin kolb. If people remember correctly they gave up a second round pick AND rodgers-cromartie. Tannenbaum is known, above all else, as a salary cap guru, if someone can find a way around the cap hit its him. Sanchez, in an updated twitter feed by incarceratedbob, would not mind the move and has actually asked for it. Im pretty sure, even the biggest sanchez hater can agree that sanchez is a better qb than kolb, at any point of their careers. This is making more and more sense and im liking it more and more. If we
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