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  1. Welcome back, Shane I think things are overstated with Pete Kendell situation. In retrospect, the FO did the right thing. Letting Kendell go meant us signing Faneca this off season. Revis held out and broke Tannenbaum's streak of signing first round picks and having them report to camp on time, without missing any days, but when it was all said and done, the bastard signed and signed the deal we wanted(extra year). In the long run, it sent a serious message; this FO will not cave. Hold out and we'll ship you off. Kendell later remarked that he never thought the tea
  2. I guarantee, come June, that as soon as the Jets cut D Rob, Cincy and or Denver come running. D Rob will have no choice but to lower his contract demands and some team will sign him on the cheap, to lessen any risk from his knees.
  3. If he betrayed anyone, it was Miami. Senior Seau announced his retirement from football, only to "unretire" a short while later and sign with New England.
  4. I know he used to live in my father's neighborhood in Baldwin(South Shore, LI).
  5. Guys, let's stop the bull****. This has nothing to do, at least from my perspective, on Chad's arm strength or lack therof. It has everything to do with his ability to remain healthy. Chad held plenty of promise. We all remember those highlight reels of Chad throwing deep to Randy Moss. We remember how he saved our season and Herm's ass in 2002, with inspired play, and we remember our hopes being destroyed in a preseason game vs. the Giants. I love Chad, but he cannot stay healthy. Some of you know that I was born in Chicago and raised a Bears fan, so I speak from experience whe
  6. Brady is the Anti Christ. In college, as a fan and alum, I never really saw anything special from Brady at Michigan. Ho hum. He's Joe Cool all over again. Put him on my Bears, and the Lombardi's would stack up like flapjacks. Brady is special, and Bit made a great point; we're basically the Knicks trying to beat Michael Jordan's Bulls.
  7. AGREED. Everyone wants to make it a point that the defense did not gameplan, or the offense did not gameplan, which I counter with "did the Giants gameplan"? The offense I'll cut some slack, since the Giants sent wave after wave of blitzers, but on the defensive side of the ball, the Jets continue to look soft against the run. I watched the Niners play Chicago and both teams looked solid against the run. No, there was no gameplanning on either side. For the Niners, I watched their NT, Sopoaga hold his own against arguably the best center in football, Olin Kruetz, while their line
  8. It could backfire, but so far, this mentality has not hurt the Eagles. Remember the TO situation? Now, I know his situation was far more tenuous and extreme, BUT it was somewhat similar to ours. Bryan Westbrook was also seeking a new deal at the time and he had held out until early July, when his agent had realized he made a mistake and advised Westbrook to report. Shortly after reporting, Westbrook received the big contract he hoped for, while TO got nothing. This move was not only good for the team, but it was also an in your face move to TO. Philly has since signed Mont
  9. It's nice and promising that Nugent hit a 60 yarder in practice, but the guy just can't seem to hit his kick off deep consistently. For all the talk about him doing extensive exercises for his legs, weight training, etc Nugent still hit the ball poorly on Friday night vs. Atlanta. Unless he can force teams to field the ball deep in their endzone or hit more touchbacks, it will only put more pressure on this defense.
  10. Most people "forget" that our O line just improved, simply because of the addition of Thomas Jones. With the added threat of a running attack, Chad's play action fake will now be even better. It now keeps a linebacker or safety honest, as opposed to blitzing. Thoams Jones is an excellent blocker.
  11. I added Dwayne Jarrett from USC. There were some other players I could have selected, but imho, the Bears need to add another wideout to group that is good, but in need of attention. Bernard Berrian stepped up big time last year, but Muhammad is old and doesn't have much time left. I really like Mark Bradley from Oklahoma, but he has had injury issues and is now one year removed from ACL surgery. Jarret could step in right away and contribute immediately. Great hands, size, etc he will be groomed to replace MM.
  12. I went ahead and selected Ben Grubbs, OG. I think he'd be an excellent player for Chicago and fills a serious need. I really wanted Olsen, and thought he'd drop down to me, but I'd be happy with Grubbs.
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