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  1. How O'Brien was able to get up after being treated like a crash test dummy, is beyond me. Set the record for most sacks in a season, and he would just get up, and go to work. The guys here are 100% right. O Brien threw a beautiful deep ball. Wind, no wind, didn't matter. Just watch that 51-45 OT win over Miami and you can see how nice an arm O Brien had, and what sweet touch he placed on the ball. He threw bombs. Passes that dropped into his receivers arms, full stride. He didn't have those cheap tds, the one's where you throw a dump off, or slant, and the receiver does all the w
  2. Cannizzaro was on the radio down here, 790 The Ticket, with Sid (yes, Sid Rosenberg). The show was broadcast from Dolphins camp. I didn't listen to the interview, but Sid did mention earlier that Cannizzaro had claimed that the Star Ledger report on Pennington having been named the starter, was wrong. His "sources" reported that it was not a done deal yet, and that Mangini had said no such thing.
  3. To those that don't know, Time Warner has bought out Adelphia Cable and dropped the NFL Network from some of their cities. On another football board(no, not Jets*******.com), some people reported that South Dakota and Indianapolis were being dropped. Some have said that the NFL Nework is being hiked to 21% last years' cost.
  4. A lot of venom was spewed over there, and by some very good, knowledgeable posters/fans. I think most people felt that Cannizzaro was being a child, the very same thing he called Ferguson. He was hypocritical. I think a lot of people felt Cannizzaro was full of ****, and called him and Sooth out for it. One of the few times that 95+ % of a board would agree with rival fans on the same topic. I haven't seen a thread like that in a long time.
  5. No way is this kid's arm weak. It's obvious to anyone that watches him. Instead of reading incorrect evaluations of him, try viewing the film. Jaworski showed several clips of this kid and Matt Leinart and showed why the Jets were high on Clemens. There was a clip of the single saftey formation, where you need a strong arm AND accuracy to drop the football in between the defenders and Clemens nailed it very easily. Leinart had problems against the same formation. From what I saw, this kid has a gun.
  6. I like the move for Manning Jr, but this incident is bad. The guy is a knucklehead and should spend time in jail if he were involved. Even if he weren't the mere fact that he put himself into a situation like this, by hanging out with a bunch of punks, is a sign of poor judgment. I don't feel comfortable with him playing for Chicago. The deal, however, is a very manageable one. He stands to make 7.5 M this season, but the contract is front loaded and actually degrades. If Manning Jr. fails to earn a starting spot(from Vasher or Tillman), he earns next to nothing. Pretty ni
  7. I'm not surprised. I think Angelo did it on purpose, to let others know that Chicago might be willing to deal up or down. Having now given up a third round pick for Ricky Manning Jr. Angelo might be inclined to recoup the pick by trading down, especially with the depth available at corner, linebacker, tight end and offensive line, four areas that most thought Chicago would look to cover. Angelo loves playmakers, and does a great job of finding players in the mid to late rounds. He has dealt down before and with the flexibility he now has, I would not be surprised to see a deal made.
  8. Didn't Carolina sign Na'ill Diggs? Carolina may have a hard time matching. This was a nice, calculated move by Jerry Angelo. After Bears fans went nuts, claiming the Bears weren't aggressive enough in free agency, Chicago rebounded nicely by singing Wesley from KC, Griese, and now, possibly Manning. This move would give the Bears a nice trio of Tillman, Vasher, and Manning, as well as the chance to draft a linebacker as insurance for Briggs, in the event he's no resigned, or to address another area of need. Excellent offseason so far for the Monsters of the Midway.
  9. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, eh? Parcells and George Young were notorious for this during their Giants days. I think D'Brick will be wearing Green and White on Sundays....
  10. Early on, no. Payton did miracle work behind that line, but during their playoff run from 84-88, they had one hell of a line. There's always the chicken or the egg arguments when it comes to backs and offensive lines. When Priest Holmes arrived in KC, I remember people saying that their line sucked. Miami also had some bad lines when Ricky Williams ran down here, but both backs made their lines appear much better. Regarding THIS draft, I am not too confident in the backs that are available. I'd rather use the #4 to draft D'Brick, and draft the best available linebacker or corner
  11. I found the answer to my own question. No he did not, although I swore he did at one time. Played for Washington and Detroit.
  12. Good points all around. I don't think we need to use a first day pick on a running back. In today's NFL, one could be claimed from the scrap heap for nothing. Growing up in Chicago and being raised a Bears fan, I idolized Walter Payton. Neal Anderson did a fine job too, for a few years, and then came almost a decade of nothing at running back. Wasted picks on Rashan Salaam, Curtis Penis, and free agent acquisitions of washed up guys like Edgar Bennett, Craig Hayward, etc. Lewis Tillman. James Allen. A storied franchise with legendary running backs throughout it's history
  13. And finally, here's part III: detroit, MI: With all the changes the Lions made at QB, and rumors of Vince Young's stock falling will the Lions go for Young or get help at offensive line, defense or trade down? thanks Rob Rang: I believe the Lions will have to consider either Young or Cutler if available, but the more likely scenario right now has the team adding a physical tough guy in the mold of what Millen and Marinelli are trying to build here. In my latest projection I had the Lions selecting OT Winston Justice. -------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Here's Part II. Tallahassee, FL: Why is Chad Jackson's stock soaring? Sure, he's fast, but he wasn't exactly a superstar in college. Rob Rang: Jackson was pretty effective in college. His sophomore season he broke the Florida record for yards per reception (22.3) and his junior season he tied the school record for most receptions with 88. Urban Meyer's offense had Jackson catching a lot of short and underneath passes, but his speed and explosiveness was readily apparent in workouts. Also, you mentioned his speed, but it is also his size. 4.32 speed at 6-0, 213 pounds is exceedingly
  15. Some interesting stuff here, so I thought I'd post it. Hammer away.... http://transcripts.usatoday.com/Chats/transcript.aspx?c=665 Comment from Rob Rang: Hello everyone. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to talk draft with me. I'm ready for your questions now. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Dallas Texas: who will be available at either DE or DB when the Seahawks select in the first round? Rob Rang: The Seahawks will likely be looking at DEs Kiwanuka and Tapp at this point. CBs could include Joseph, Jennings, Yo
  16. Found this blurb about White: NFL | L. White being compared to Clarett Mon, 3 Apr 2006 18:35:14 -0700 Jason Cole, writing for NBCSports.com, reports USC RB LenDale White is being mentioned in the same company as free agent RB Maurice Clarett. An NFL exeutive said, "We had one of our scouts go up and ask him what was going on (after White didn't run). The kid said his hamstring was tight or something like that. Then we tried to find out when he was going to run and he didn't know. It didn't even sound like he was going to run. What does this kid think?" A former USC offensive
  17. Bingo. Why would a 35 yr old, first time head coach and a first time GM take a chance on drafting such a huge question mark? Quarterbacks are always a mystery. Even the most talented have busted and some that have been maligned have excelled. I would just as soon take the player with less risk involved and draft Ferguson.
  18. If Denver would've been able to afford Abe, maybe there would be no problem. I think they're afraid that they can't get to Big Ben As it stands now, they still don't have a pass rush and will probably get drilled again
  19. With the bad luck/injury bug blight that has hit all of the cover people for Madden, is there any chance Cowher goes down? Hell Tice was taken out on the sidelines
  20. Regardless of where you sided in the Jets attempts to return to NY, his was a good move by the NFL. By moving the Draft away from MSG, the Dolans take a negative hit in the media and wallet. Bravo.
  21. Did he try to sell them on DRob and Bryan Thomas?
  22. I heard on one of the radio stations down here something about Moulds going to Pittsburgh. Would be a great fit for both parties.
  23. Ham, While I can understand Chicago looking for youth at OT, I don't see them using their pick on Eric Winston, especially with the rumors about Angelo and Smith having concern with Charles Tillman. The Bears picked Marc Colombo in a similar spot several years back and he never amounted to anything. he blew out his knee, had it rehabbed time and again, and was a complete waste of a pick. Winston was great before he injured his knee, has still is not the same. I could see Chicago going TE(Pope), linebacker or corner, in that spot, unless Holmes somehow dropped. I also think
  24. It really depends on the needs to the team that drafts him. For a team like Chicago, I think he'd be a pretty good pick, as Vasher and Tillman are entrenched. Blackmon could be brought along more slowly, by playing him in the nickel of dime, instead of throwing him into the fire. The Bears also have a good pass rush and can blitz from so many different parts of the field.
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