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  1. Are you serious, So Fla? Coles? Morton? Remember the restricted free agent tenders Snyder and Co. offered Coles and Morton, forcing Bradway to either sign or deal away? Bradway underestimated the league, not expecting teams to be willing to part with a #1 for Coles, when he admitted he should have given the higher tender, for a #1 AND #3? Bradway seems to have learned his lesson.
  2. Question is Tom, are they giving up a 2nd, like Washington wants, or will it be or a lower pick? No way in hell do I even give up a 3rd. I might consider a 4th.
  3. I should have made myself clearer... By trading Pryce, DENVER would suffer the cap hit, since any signing bonus would be immediately come due. How big was his bonus? He did sign a deal with them two years ago I think. I guess my question is how much relief vs. how much penalty would Denver suffer? Washington took a big hit tading Coles to us, so I'm curious as to how much of a hit the Broncos would take. maybe it's not much, and they could then sign Putz, but regardless, if they do want him, they have to now move quicker on this deal.
  4. I expected this.... Why would anyone go to Chicago? Why not?
  5. It's early, Tom, but Bradway has turned into a great poker player. He might have taken a page out of Washington's playbook when they stripped us two years ago. He took notice of Denver's cap situation and might end up with not one, but two serious players that not only make us younger, but better. Aagin, I'll wait. We're only two weeks into free agency.
  6. Too many holes Bit. Denver's D line is a sieve. You cannot hope to win games against Oakland when you have no pass rush, or have issues stopping the run. Bertrand Berry and Hayward are now gone, and Pryce has a bad back. Ha! Any owners of Lamont Jordan, Randy Moss or Jerry Porter must start them when Oakland plays Denver. They also have holes in their D backfield with Herndon and Kennedy about to bolt. The only way they re sign Putz would be to deal Pryce, but I don't know how the cap hit affects them. If it isn't a big deal, they will have to hurry to try and get a deal d
  7. I doubt Denver matches, but it is possible. Denver is at a serious crossroads. They have little cap room, despite restructured deals by Lynch, Nalen, Plummer and Smith, have lost their best pass rusher two years in a row, in a division that now has Randy Moss and Joey Porter, and they have no 3rd or 4th round picks. They also need TWO starting tight ends, and Rod Smith is on his last legs. Trevor Pryce has a bad back, and yet the Broncos are trying to move him, despite their lack of a pass rush. They just re signed Ian Gold and Kenoy Kennedy is about to bolt. Jeb Putzier v
  8. Here's what Bronco fans are thinking.... http://www.broncosfreak.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10414 Here's a quote from Tim Brewster, Denver Broncos tight end coach: Denver finalizes Brewster's deal - Denver Post - Bill Williamson Tuesday, February 01, 2005 - Tim Brewster knows Pro Bowl tight ends. He thinks he could easily coach another. Brewster's primary task as the Broncos' tight ends coach will be to help Jeb Putzier make it to the next level. In his first year as the team's primary tight end, Putzier showed promise as Shannon Sharpe's main replacement. "He's just s
  9. "I come in peace" Wasn't that some B movie with Dolph Lundgren?
  10. It's not a bad deal at all Tom. Didn't the Broncos just sign Ian Gold, resign Ben Hamilton and lose Reggie Hayward? Kenoy Kennedy supposedly signed with San Diego? My point is that Bradway has offered a pretty fair contract to Jeb, and at the same time put Denver in a bind with having to match. They have a serious hole to fill at DE, having lost Bertrand Berry and Hayward in consecutive years, and having sent Trevor Pryce off for a 3rd or 4th, which leaves them seriously thin. They might not match.... I hope not
  11. Does he have a choice? I don't believe so. If the Broncos fail to match, I don't believe that he could turn down the deal and stay with Denver. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think he has a choice.
  12. No boxing forums? Where's da love? Come on guys, how much talk are we going to have on water polo? You mean to tell me you have a water sports forum, but nothing for the "sweet science"? With our resident "Bert Sugar" here in Mean Papi Green, we can have some good talk. Anyway, we have some great matches coming up. Erik Morales vs. Manny Pacquiao March 19th on HBO PPV (Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is also on the card) Fernando Vargas steps back into the ring March 26th on HBO, vs. Ray Joval Shane Mosley vs. David Estrada April 23 PPV Vitaly Klitsch
  13. I like Putz. He really showed nice hands and good speed. I'm not sure about his blocking, though. I just never really took notice of his blocking ability. The question is, how does Heimerdinger feel about him? With Bradway making an offer, I'd think that Heimer is pretty high on him.
  14. The team two teams I seriously worry about are Baltimore and Jacksonville. Both teams bring it with their defenses, and they also have big, physical offensive lines. I think Baltimore did a good job bringing in Mason to help take heat off of Lewis and Heap, and Boller should improve. Jacksonville did a great job bringing in the pass rusher(Hayward)they've desperately needed for the past couple years. Factor in those two monsters in the middle and a blue chip corner in the draft, plus Reggie Williams and Ernest Wilford's development, and we could be in trouble. Buffa
  15. I "Saw"(no pun intended)it last week and the ending left me feeling messed up. You do know that there will be a SAW sequel? I believe it's due out this October or November...
  16. I posted a topic at JI about Bradway rebounding from a terrible season last year, after he signed Heimerdinger. I called him a genius. When free agency opened and teams dove in, I felt my hands get sweaty after losing Jason and Lamont, but when word came out that Pat Williams and Jonas Jennings were close to signing, I relaxed a bit. Jennings was severely overpaid, and I pretty much knew Jason would bolt. What did upset me was not getting Pat Williams. This is the man that I felt would have brought our D to a Championship level. A mountain man. The man clogs toilets and the trenc
  17. I'm glad you came out, War I am also a big fan of trains. I just recently started up again, after 15 years or so. My dad's friend was a big fan and started me off by giving me some N and Ho scale stuff. I don't know of too many hobby stores here in South Florida, but there's a good one off 595 near Ft. Lauderdale
  18. Oh, so this is where the rejects hang out Nice site, really nice. Sorry to hear Tom and Dick( ) had problems at JI.com. It's ironic how TGG.com gets abuse for the banning stuff, yet you guys left for this same reason. Anyway, you guys are pretty cool and knowledgeable and I'm thankful allowing me to be here.
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