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  1. I think he'll play corner. At least, that's where I have him playing. It really depends on the team that drafts him. Given the success some have had, guys like Troy Brown, and to a lesser degree, Delthea O'Neal, Blackmon might be able to play both. I'd rather him stick to one position and feast or famine
  2. Good job. If you scroll to the top of this board, you'll see that we've run a mock of our own. Most mocks I've seen vary from Williams, to Ferguson, Cutler, to Leinart.
  3. Great point, SJ, I didn't realize that. Excellent signing, especially with Jenkins missing so much time the past two seasons.
  4. I think Edge will have the greatest impact on his team. Zona ranked 8th overall in Offense and Defense respectively. They were dead last, however, in rushing. Edge, with two 100 catch, 1400 yd receivers, should clear 1400 yd rushing, and 1700+ in total yardage. Edge should easily move them from dead last to something more respectable(15th?). Edge will also improve that D and keep them off the field. With quick strike capability and the option to grind it out, Bertrand Berry and Co should be able to play with leads for a change, pin their ears back and attack the qb. I thin
  5. How ironic? Read this: [highlight]The Bears, who finished 4-12 last year, chose to trade down to get extra choices to fill needs. "We liked our options better having the extra first-round pick rather than staying at four," general manager Jerry Angelo said. "We now have three of the top 35 picks in the draft and are confident we will get three quality players."[/highlight] That quote was from the Bears GM, Jerry Angelo, shortly after trading his #4 to NY for the #13 and 22 picks. The Bears ended up traded down one spot to 14 and selected Rex Grossman, the o
  6. Not enough value for Atlanta. Would have to throw in PatsFanTX and a box of kotex.
  7. I needed a tight end, but the early run on them left me high and dry. I decided not to reach for one early and filled other areas of need, such as OG and CB, thinking I could get some good value later on. I decided on David Thomas. Excellent hands, runs great routes, has a nose for the end zone. Is a bit undersized, but still a good value to me, having filled so many other areas of need.
  8. I never even factored in Abe's substance abuse issues. I know Atlanta really well. Lots of temptation. Good move for the Falcons, but be careful.....
  9. Denver got the best value, according to the draft chart. Atlanta gets their edge rusher to take pressure off of Partick Kerney, and they now match up well with the other defenses in their division(Rucker/Peppers Carolina Rice/Spires-Tampa Smith/Grant/Williams?-Saints). The Jets get another #1 pick in a deep draft and cap relief, allowing them to be big players in FA, and June 1st cuts. This is not over, either. The Jets can still trade down from #4, providing more picks to play with. Overall, a good deal for all parties involved, but Denver wins out. So far.
  10. Alk, Remember the TO trade? San Fran, Philly, and Baltimore?
  11. Checkmate. The deal for Abe and picks has worked out, but more importantly, the Jets FO has shown that they have a pair of brass seeds. It was important that they prove to the league, players, coaches, GMs, agents, and media types, that they would not cave in to John Abraham or Atlanta. Good job. Now, we can concentrate on our draft talk and FA.
  12. Good questions. I think it comes down, first of all, to whether Abraham signs the tender. If he does, I don't believ he can just sit out. I thought I saw something on this somewhere. Once he signs, he cannot avoid practice, miss games etc. If he does, I don't think he gets credit for the season, and the charade gets played out again. I am really not sure, just throwing stuff out there.
  13. Come on guys. Let's go. Another day for half a round?
  14. You, me, Ham and others feel the same way. This is a new regime, and they cannot afford to cave in. They have far more to lose in this than just Abraham. They handled the Chad Pennington situation very well, despite Tom Condon and Chad initially stating that they would not budge on redoing his deal. That scenario spoke volumes about Mangini and Tannenbaum and so will this. People bring up the argument that Abe was "wronged" by the franchise, but the only agreement he had was with the old regime. Everything changes when a new coach and GM are hired. He has to understand this.
  15. I don't believe he can do this, under the terms of the franchise tag. Once he signs, he cannot skip camp, practice or games. I may be wrong, but I thought I remembered reading this somewhere. Now, Abe could be a complete dog and pull a TO, claiming he's injured, etc and half ass it, but he does so at the risk of losing respect and contract offers from around the league. Then again, TO did this, was a complete cancer, and still managed to get $10M in guaranteed funds from Dallas. This case is different from guys like Adewalye Ogunleye, who sat out parts of I believe '03 wit
  16. It comes with solid drafting, and smart, sensible FA acquisitions. From the Bears point of view, Jerry Angelo has made some Bradway-esque moves, but he has also made some brillaint draft decisions. Nathan Vasher, Charles Tillman, Alex Brown and Lance Briggs were all great picks. Tommie Harris produced a Pro Bowl after his second season. We have to trust that this new brain trust can draft wisely, while adding valuable pieces to this core. We do have some pieces, we just have to hope that those pieces mesh with Mangini and Tannenbaum's plan(s). This may be the most important draft
  17. How quickly you forget Peerless Price. Nice use of your #1.
  18. The options are pretty simple. The Falcons need a pass rusher like Abe. The problem is that there isn't anyone in the draft as good as Abe is right now. Abe is a proven vet, in his prime and has 3 Pro Bowls under his belt. Given your draft position, the Falcons will have to reach for a tweener, or the next best DE option. There is no guarantee that the pick will pan out. What is guaranteed, is that Abe can get to the QB and, if healthy, will chock up 10+ sacks, a few FFs and be a terror on that fast inside track of yours. He makes you better. Abraham makes you better, far better than y
  19. Wasn't Dyson close to signing with us last off season, only to pull an Antoine Winfiled and sign with Seattle? Maybe I'm wrong.....How ironic if true.
  20. I think most people here understand that it's customary for players in Abe's situation to come to a contract agreement befroe being traded as part of any deal. It makes sense. What grinds our gears is the fact the the Falcons are trying to fleece our team and not part with their #1, or Schaub and picks. If you wanta 3X Pro Bowler, in his prime, you must part with equal compensation. The falcons are basically trying to give us nothing and take Manhattan. One thing. Teams lose their starting qb's all the time and still have successful records. The Bears, Vikings, and Bucs al
  21. Mosley from Missouri, I believe? I liked him as well, and was shocked to see him fall. I thought he'd go higher.
  22. Forgot I couldn't make comments in the selection thread. Nice pick. Sounds like your typical Bill Cowher/Steelers move.
  23. Very true, Bugg. I agree. While Bradway's last two draft's have reaped some nice fruit in latter rounds(Coleman/Maddox/Houston, etc), he has reached far too often, when the guys he liked might have been available later. It's not always whom you draft, but when you draft them. Had we not lost feruson, Terry might not have been inclined to each for Pouha when he did.
  24. Hey Arthur, Either **** or get off the pot. You really don't expect to have the #15 pick, Schaub AND Abe? It's simple. To get something of value, from the Jets, you must part with something of equal value. Since you have a hard time accepting what the value is for Abe, or giving us what we consider equal value, forget it. We'll take Seattle's #1 and be on our way.
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