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  1. Schaub was considered a pretty good prospect coming out of college. He has already spent two seasons acclimating himself to life in the NFL and has done well in the little time he has played. That is a bigger body of work than anyone coming out of this draft, and he comes at a much lower price. We can still draft a stud in DE Willimas or OT Ferguson, or trade down, as opposed to investing 20M+ in an unproven, high draft choice. There have been plenty of high draft QB busts in the past, but when you consider the success of guys like Hasselbeck and Delhomme, and others, like Aaron Brooks,
  2. I can't stand Harris. It's really not his fault, but I remember when Wannstadt drafted him in round one and he just busted. Guy would get beaten even with a 10 yard cushion. One of many first round busts by Wannstadt in Chicago. he's turned things around and is a decent corner, but I jsut hate hearing about this guy.
  3. I didn't realize this. It amounts to an even better deal, since 'Zona would have an additional pick in this deep draft. Wow.
  4. If I'm Dennis Green, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I've heard people kill Edgerrin James for going to Arizona, but aside from the money, the team is very talented. They were ranked 8th in offense AND defense, despite being 1st in passing and dead last in rushing. James changes all of that. He could easily rush for 1300+ yards, several tds, and help the D with Time of Possession. Trading down allows them to fill needs on both sides of the ball, and they could very well make the Playoffs this season, making next years pick a low to mid 20's selection.
  5. Thanks, SE. To be an elite team, I think you have to plan far ahead, have a contingency. The Bears' line is good, but aging. Fred Miller and Ruben Brown have serious mileage on them, and Max Jean would have filled a serious need. I like the idea of having Brown's successor this season, but I'm also aware of Briggs becoming a free agent soon. The Bears have been in talks to resign him, but nothing has been finalized. Drafting Sims would ensure that the defense does not slip in the event Briggs leaves, and the depth at OG is sufficient enough that I can still fill my needs in the latter r
  6. Drafting for Chicago, I was torn between drafting Max Jean Gilles, Aston Youboty or addressing linebacker with Sims/Howard/etc or going tight end with Pope. I decided to draft Sims, because the Bears would have, as Ham would say, a "Super Unit". Urlacher, Briggs and Sims would be a Murderer's Row, and the Bears would field the best core of linebackers in the game. I can still fill needs at OG and TE in rounds 2-5, but the likelihood of finding a linebacker of Sims ability was too much, imo, to pass on.
  7. This would be a good, solid move for Carolina. Keary Colbert regressed last year, but it was discovered that he played with a bad ankle and just had ankle surgery. It would have been best for him to have had the surgery once the playoffs were over, but he had it regardless and should be ready for the season. Keyshawn gives them sure, solid hands, a big target and experience. Again, a good move if he signs.
  8. Ham, right now, we need bodies. Saban signed Kevin Carter last season, in addition to Lance Schulters, and both played well. They contributed major time while helping groom the way for Saban's draftees, guys like Roth and Maunel Wright. Pouha and DRob need another big body and if Abe is on the outs, I do not trust Bryan Thomas alone on the outside. At the very least, Ham, he provides quality depth, unlike the bad fits for this scheme, Harper and Tank Reed.
  9. A lot of speculation here. I have never seen a draft like this, in 26+ years of watching football. Never. Didn't Salisbury attend USC? Just curious....
  10. Great. I'll be leaving work in a few, so I'll PM my picks to SS19, if he doesn't mind.
  11. I thought he signed with someone else yesterday? Good, solid move.
  12. Faba, everyone has their priorities, or at least they should, but that has nothing to do with people being unprepared. Yes, you're right, people here have family and work and other needs to tend to. Is it too much to ask these "family types" and employed to create a wish list, in order of preference and PM a Mod, in the event they have to leave the site? What's worse is that people are here and can see that their turn is not far away and they disappear and make others wait, without any consideration. That blows. Is it a big deal? No, not really, but it is a hassle. I'm at work t
  13. I'll draft for Chicago, if you haven't found a replacement yet.
  14. Smizzy, should the first round take TWO damn days? The mock draft stuff has been beaten to death for weeks, months. People should know who the hell they want. If this takes two damn days, how long will round 6 take, a month?
  15. Guys, this is terrible. One and a half days and the draft is only mid way? Why do people get involved in this if they're not going to be around or don't have their selections ready? Smizzy, 19, thanks for the invite, but I think I'll pass. This is taking up too much of my time.
  16. Awwwwwwww, SJ is mad at me and doesn't want to play. Boo F'in Hoo. SJ, be fair. The Bears are now in their third year under Lovie Smith. Third. Despite the injuries, they played pretty well on D two years ago. We're talking about the WORST offense in the league. Chad freakin' Hutchinson at qb. Please. that they played so well tells me a hell of a lot. They did the same this year with a raw ass rookie in Orton, despite the D being at a constant disadvantage in terms of time of possession, etc. Most temas wither up and die when given this same scenario, but no, the Bears thr
  17. Of course. There is no argument. You have to keep in mind that Chicago played under Jauron and Smith. Different systems(read/react under Greg Blache to a hybrid Cover 2/46 under Smith), different personnel. Don't compare the teams from 4+ years ago. You have to be fair. Compare them from last season or if you will two years ago, when Lovie first took over. Despite all the injuries and piss poor offense, last season was a sign of things to come. They are not one hit wonders. One hit wonders do not prodcue 6 Pro Bowlers, mostly on D. Three of those players are only in their second year.
  18. Of course they were ranked higher. Even someone of your intellect could understand that losing Brian Urlacher for 9 games, Mike Brown for 14, Ogunleye for 4, and Tillman for 8, plus having the worst ranked O in the league as a result of losing Grossman for 14 games, would have an effect. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH That the Bears even ranked 13th in points allowed is a testament to how good they are. Carolina is a better offense team than Chicago. Better O line with more cohesion,better wideout in Smith and a better qb. that being said, no way is Carolina better than C
  19. Enough or enuf? It had more to do with Grossman playing his first Playoff game and having only 8+ starts under his belt than the Panthers D. Not bad for the kid, leading his team to 3 tds against your "GREAT" D. Hey did the swelling going down yet on Carolina's asses, after that ass rape in Seattle?
  20. Got "clawed" by 8 points. Wow. Great blowout win. The Bears D still put up a better fight than Carolina. I'm still waiting for you to tell me why Carolina's D is better.
  21. How do we know that? Their D wasn't banged up. They weren't missing anyone on their offensive line. With three and four DB's covering Smith, anyone should have been able to run that football. That Carolina was unable to get any offense is inexcusable.The fact is that yes, their offense was affected by l;osing Foster, but as in the past, Goings and Hoover have been effective. Three picks, despite your main man being triple and quadruple covered? Don't tell me Delhomme didn't have people open. With their offense getting nothing, that D should have been much more of a factor, and
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