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  1. Lose that battle consistently? How? Where? Your front line is arguably the best, but I could make a strong argument about the Bears front line. Jenkins hasn't been healthy in two years and Harris is better than Buckner, who was released. Peppers is better than OGun, but Brown is better than Rucker. That's where it all ends. Linebacker isn't even close. Go ahead and try to argue it, you can't. Morgan can't shine Urlacher's shoes and Briggs is much better than Witherspoon. Defensive backfield? Tillman had one bad game last year. One. I'd take him any day over Gamble and Vas
  2. That's a damn reach and you know it. Yeah, the Bears were outgained yet when it came down to it, the Bears still had a chance to tie the game. Oh and SJ, when you talk about shellacked, I think you need to look at the raping Carolina suffered in Seattle. 34-14? 17-0 before I even blinked? Now that's a shellacking. They were never in the game and never made it a game. I'll still the Bears D over Carolina's any day.
  3. Wow. This thread is interesting.... I can understand the prejudice involved with black athletes, especially quarterbacks, and I think some of that might be at play here. That being said, I think Whitlock is alarmed that Vince Young failed to do the little things, the most simple, to prepare himself for the most difficult job in sports. An NFL qb spends countless hours preparing himself, from watching and breaking down film, to practice, etc. An NFL qb must use good judgment as well, and it is a major part of his job. This kid used poor judgment and it is alarming. Should h
  4. Im at work and I have the radio on at my desk, listening to 790 The Ticket. They're talking about Brees now, but no confirmation, as yet. Just speculation. Someone talking about Brees being a quality pickup, if true, etc etc etc. Finheaven board is going nuts. Board is overloading, but nothing solid.
  5. Shellacked? Yes, you're right. That 29-21 blowout was impressive. I didn't realize an 8 point win was a blowout.
  6. Yes, I saw that. Terrific player, but far too much money imo, for a guard. That is money typically spent on a franchise LT. I guarantee you that in two, three years, they will be approaching him to restructure his deal.
  7. By your logic, then, Marshall Faulk, Emmitt Smith, Thurman Thomas, Roger Craig, and Terrell Davis must all be overrated, since they all produced behind great quarterbacks, offensive lines and wide receivers.
  8. Hey, I'm from Queens too, but you won't catch me making statements like that.....
  9. It was virtually set in stone that Randel El would return to Chicago, and sign with the Bears. Now he signs with Washington, even though he was offered a pretty good deal by the Bears. Snyder must have offered a hgue deal to this kid. Doesn't make sense to me. Sure, El is a good player and can fill a need as a return man, along with Moss, but tying up so much money into one position is fiscally irresponsible.
  10. Typical. The Vikes tried to wrest Paul Edinger away from Chicago two years ago by offering him a signing sheet, which was matched. Last year, the Bears ended up letting Edinger go, and he eventually signed with Minny. Now, Minny goes out and signs Longell to a good sized deal. Too much time and effort, imo, in trying to secure one position.
  11. Of course a loss is a loss, but it wasn't a blowout. I expect better of you, after all, didn't you score a 50 on the Wonderlic?Then again, taking the test three times and adding up each score doesn't count. Oh, and yes, Abe sat out with the flu.
  12. It comes down to cost and reward. If Ramsey costs us nothing more than a 5th, so be it. He may or may not play well, but as long as he helps pave the way for our draftee or Schaub, fine. Maybe he can turn things around here, maybe not. The point is that he might come here cheap, in terms of salary and compensation. Ramsey also gives us the chance to let our draftee or Schaub grow, without being beaten up or degraded. Would you want Cutler, Leinart, Schaub, etc working under an offensive line that could see three possible new starters? Not me. There's no way I'd want my ro
  13. TX, stop it. That WC loss was not a blowout by any stretch. Anyone that watched that game remembers Vinny playing well, and the Jets having a chance to tie the game with time running out. Rice torched us, but we answered them on every score. It came down to us needing a stop on third down, so that Vinny and Co. could get the ball back. We dialed up a run blitz and Charlie Garner turned the corner, running past Mo lewis, I believe, for about 80 yards. End game. Stop them and the game is 31-24, with less than two mintues remaining. Would we have won? probably
  14. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, thinking you were being funny("waist" as opposed to "waste").
  15. He's old, but he can still play. At the very least, Washington is an upgrade over Legree/harper/Reed and would provide a nice compliment to DRob, since he'd be splitting some time with Pouha. Not a bad stop gap, imho. A year or two, until Pohua can step up full time, or an adequate replacement is found.
  16. I hated when the Bears traded him. Those years with Washington and Traylor protecting him were some of Urlacher's best. To no surprise, Harris/Tank/Scott have played tremendously well and Urlacher was a warrior last season. Things can only get better for this young group. I would love for the Jets to get a young stud DT, someone to compliment DRob. Washington would be a nice stop gap, but we need either for Pouha to step or a draftee that could play at a high level for several years.
  17. Back on topic- Rubber:D
  18. MiamiJet

    R.i.p B.i.g

    Wow, rough crowd....
  19. Guys, wake me when the Jets actually get their own stadium built. Until then, I'll just go back to sleep. This is tiresome.
  20. Typical. People kill X player because they believe he wanted more money or refused to cut his salary, so now he's a bum. No wonder New York fans get a bum rap. It's dumb ass comments like these that reinforce the negative remarks we get. I have no problem whatsoever with Kevin Mawae. The man was an animal, warrior for us. he played with a broken hand, and was a major reason why we went from **** to a contender, now people want to dog him. The reason why he was cut was due to his age, and Mangini's belief that Mawae no longer fit in his plans. One and a half million was wha
  21. I agree on this hurting the fans, but as a whole, this will hurt everyone;fan, player, owner, and employees of the NFL. This is more about owner vs. owner than about the NFLPA vs. Management. It's Jerry Jones and the big market teams that have a problem sharing their royalties with their smaller market bretheren. Don't blame this entirely on the players. The 60 percent that they want is doable; it's the sharing of big market money with smaller market teams. The only feasible argument one can use as to why Jerry Jones, et al should share his money is "for the good of the game".
  22. How does Arrington look? I didn't watch much of the Redskins this season, so I am not sure how he's looked. His new contract will fully depend how much his knee has healed, how good he looks, and how his new DC plans on using him. I think what's working against him is the depth at Linebacker in this draft. Personally, I'd use the draft to address Linebacker (Carpenter, etc) and I'd sign Madison. The draft supposedly has some good corners as well. Maybe the Giants would be best served by nabbing someone like Cromartie and signing Arrington. The knee thing just bothe
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