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  1. take a good shot to the nuts once. You'll wear one.
  2. I was there also. It was sickening. Here we go steelers here we go, after the game shut them all up!
  3. Callahan? Raiders,Nebraska? Ring a bell?
  4. you should be an eagles fan. Or fag
  5. who cares? It's only about the winners!
  6. 100% correct! The young guys here don't get it. There are no moral victories. There are no gaurantees we will be back. We lost again. Same old jets
  7. The Bills went to the superbowl 4 years in a row! Guess what? They lost them all! Losers! There are no moral victories.
  8. jetscott


    wah,wah,wah, You young guys better get used to it. Same old jets will break your hearts for years to come.
  9. he was a steady player. Not great but always racked up lots of tackles
  10. Brett who? Ted thompson knew what he was doing
  11. take the penalty and knock them out!
  12. they had to lose the last regular season game for that to happen
  13. he showed up in Baltimore from North Penn high school near Philly as far as I know. I remember watching some show about him and his dad called the season I think. His dad is the all time winningest high school coach in PA. from central bucks west high school. I wasn't sure what to think when the jets hired him.
  14. still trying to find the one of Brady on his a$$ right after the jets beat them in the mud when Mangini was here.
  15. I don't know what he put up at the combine, I meant he was no where near the most talked about player coming out of USC. There are football players, and there are workout warriors. Gholston anyone?
  16. a little motivation never hurt anyone
  17. anyone old enough to remember their dad knows the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Just damn good football players
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