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  1. just give Ivory 20-25 touches a game ... with no injuries we'll take the division
  2. he looked great this week ... i'm trying to hold off on getting Full Er*ction excited until at least seeing how he does against Rodgers ... but am very hopeful!
  3. it s*cks! certainly 11 on us had me ready to start breaking things. you have stats anywhere showing how the other games were called? perhaps something comparing that to last season?
  4. i bump Geno to a B also change DL from A- to A
  5. agreed, total horse $h*t call lets hope next week is ref'd fairly
  6. For Jets to have best chance of winning over next 5 years Sheldon Richardson > Darrelle Revis
  7. the same thing that happens when i shove an*l beads up Kate Upton's *$$
  8. rubbish! not gonna give him the benefit of clicking his link ... curious where they have the POS BB though
  9. i'm on the "happy so far" list with Idzik. CB2 hasn't worked out as he hoped ... $h*t happens. i like in general how he is running his ship. 2014 will succeed or fail based on Geno
  10. as a longtime member of both ... let me add my endorsement here for any new JI brethren making the switch!
  11. ... tear down the wall !!! ... l_j_r
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