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  1. Quick recap from yt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaELZYSc4DE
  2. Seriously - can you describe how they begged you to buy?
  3. If they take away one or two preseason games and expand the roster I'm for it !
  4. Those that waited or were on the fence and jumped in are getting the better deal in terms of price, free parking 1st year, and extended PSL first payment for Nov 2011
  5. Where is the part in the PSL agreement that states PSL owners were guaranteed SB tix? Imagine the 20k PSL owner who gets shut out from SB tix...
  6. This is no time to be weak. Hang tough.
  7. My prayers are with Becky's family
  8. Assuming this is the year, most on the fence (bar a price reduction in PSL) will not renew tickets. At least that is the feeling of the season ticket holders I know.
  9. they were chanting it for a while when that banner went up. Yeah Let's make it happen again at the Falcon game
  10. I don't think anyone can question why someone decides to not root for their team anymore. I just don't understand why people post in a public forum about it. Especially when you know it ain't true. You think it would be easy to shut the door on this team but something will bring you back. It's not that easy to say goodbye to this team. Now, what does GFY stand for? Good for you? Is that bad?
  11. Please you are not referring to our 4-12 year as a good example to replace the rookie qb?
  12. too late for a switch. It doesn't make sense 9 games in. Should have started on the bench but that's not worth talking about at this point. At this point he needs the experience...
  13. You think his ear hurts?? Is it like that for every game?
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