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  1. Perfect fit. Tommy loves Penis or anything shaped like one. Hold it, play with it,,,,, Finally, Subway got it right.
  2. The Jets have a lot of roster spots to fill after all the injuries in last week's game. Who did Joe D bring in today and sign to fill 3-4 of those roster spots. Time is important. Its already Tuesday, so Im sure he signed a few people today to get the team ready for Sunday. Anyone have some of the names?
  3. If you saw Salah's press conference yesterday, he answered the Mims riddle. He said that before they can put Mims in a game, the coaching staff needs to be confident that Mims knows the X, Y and Z receiver positions in full detail. It sounded to me like Mims might be mentally slow or is lazy learning the playbook. Maybe that is why dropped out of the first round in the draft and was falling in the 2nd round.
  4. Bring him in! I know JD doesnt want to eat the money, but cut Dan Feeney. He is God awful.
  5. SIGN THIS BEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2019 was the year that brought all his efforts together: 19.5 tackles for loss, 52 total tackles, one interception, one forced fumble, and 13.5 sacks. Again, he was named First Team All-Mountain West, but he also was a Ted Hendricks Award finalist, a Chuck Bednarik Award semifinalist, plus was named Mountain West Conference Defensive Player-of-the-Year. When his college career was completed, he had set the Mountain West Conference (MWC) record for career sacks with 34. He was also the only defensive player in college football to ever average 9.5 sacks or
  6. With Davis now out for a while, Its time to sign this beast.
  7. That dumb ass got married? UGH. Now I get it. What's he 24. Poor bastard. And WFAN played the sound bite from Lafluer... (Genius)
  8. The JETS OC Lafluer, Said today that he is having problems "upstairs" I thought someone might know what that meant. Maybe he is having trouble doing twisties.
  9. What exactly does it mean that his body is fine but he is no doing so well upstairs? Whats the real deal with the guy? Family member sick? Drugs? Women problems? Needs meds?
  10. Non story. Creep trying to make a name for himself. By the way, Kudos to Zac for going to the game with 11 other Jets and trying to start to develop a bond amongst the team .....especially with all those O-lineman.
  11. A F-ing men! The current jerseys are for a bad arena league team. Can we get some respect back as to how the team looks? UGH.
  12. PLEASE! No secret.... Chris J was a total disaster. Get rid of the arena league jerseys. They are so minor league. HORRIBLE
  13. Question: Can you name the Jets current starting LB group? YEEEEECH.
  14. JOK -LB Notre Dame Game Changer Trade up and get get in front of the Redskins. At #34 Landon Dickerson- Alabama Nasty and huge. A future Pro Bowler
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