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  1. Lose. Then lose the next 3 games. 4-12. 5 game losing streak to close out. I dont give a crap what that moron Chrissy Johnson can says. Gase will have to be canned!
  2. 17 rushing attempts vs the leagues worst rush defense= ADAM GASE. AND, the idiot called run plays up the guy instead of going outside. F-ing loser!!!!!!!!!!
  3. This organization is a F-ing Disgrace. The league needs to step in and demand that the Johnson's sell the team. Enough is Enough.
  4. The Johnson brothers are a total disgrace!
  5. Pass, Pass,Pass against the WORST run D in the league? WTF? (And the fews runs were up the gut, instead of outside) You just cant make this stuff up!
  6. How much are the fans supposed to take? This is beyong ridiculous. FIRE GASE ON THE PLANE HOME. Let Joe D pick his own coach next year. If he disagrees, tell him to quit. Chris Johnson grow a pair!!!!
  7. Where is the web link to donate to have the Fire Adam Gase Banner flown? (next Sunday over the stadium?) ENOUGH. Really. 45 years of this for me. ENOUGH.
  8. The guy is not bad. I think probably the 2nd or 3rd best ol. Why does google eyes sit him? Edoga SUCKS!
  9. Hey, Jackass, FIRE Gase today. What are you waiting for?
  10. Only The Jets. Joe D own a watch?
  11. 5:30pm and no press conference on the Jets website.

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