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  1. College nickname= Lazy Leggett. Hmmmm. Sure doesnt sound like a Gase guy. lol.
  2. Michael Jordan. No brainer. Our OL needs youth. KId can play center for a year or two and then go to a guard spot.
  3. Jets in desperate need for a pass rush. Why didnt they pursue Justin Houston(at all)? Still 30+ million to spend.🤔
  4. Almost every kickoff was a touch back and he made just about every field goal. HUGE leg. 50+ Went to The Pro Bowl. Jets have tons of dough to spend! Most games are decided by 3 points or less. So, Mikey Mac doesnt resign him, why? Really, why?
  5. I dont get it with Gregg Williams. Miami has chosen Brian Flores and the Bengals have chosen Zac Taylor as their head coaches. He is not getting hired for either job. I think he is really wondering about working with Gase. Two nut jobs under the same roof. It would be so NYJ for him to bail and some former Gase blow hole assistant gets the Jets DC job.
  6. How do you think that he will get a long with Tru? LOL!!!
  7. There are some real rocket scientists on here. Mel Kiper's Big Board is not readily available (Just the first two picks) ... IN- pay site on ESPN. Even Scarier 3 likes. UGH.
  8. FIRE BOWLES! Have him clean his office out tonight. The franchise has reached a level of utter disgrace. I dont care if the towel boy is named coach for the last 4 games. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! 🤬
  9. Look at the Saints... their offense is always tops in the league. Pete Carmichael.
  10. What a wussy. Cry me a river Jamal. The fans are being mean to me:(

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