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  1. PLEASE! No secret.... Chris J was a total disaster. Get rid of the arena league jerseys. They are so minor league. HORRIBLE
  2. Question: Can you name the Jets current starting LB group? YEEEEECH.
  3. JOK -LB Notre Dame Game Changer Trade up and get get in front of the Redskins. At #34 Landon Dickerson- Alabama Nasty and huge. A future Pro Bowler
  4. #90

    Mel Kipper

    Can someone please post Mel's latest 2nd round mock draft? Thanks.
  5. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah OLB - Notre Dame * Best D player in college football. The kid is a BEAST. (Perfect fit at weak side LB in our new 4-3 D)
  6. I truly doubt Gestapo Murphy will let fans into the Stadium for at least another year. GOVERNMENT CONTROL. (Remember, in March, we just needed two weeks to flatten the curve)
  7. I cant wait to watch Braxton Berrios fair catch every punt again and all of the missed tackles by our coverage units.
  8. Lord, I hope not. Horrible coach.
  9. Can we send Chris back to the family basement again?
  10. Any announcements that I missed?
  11. Brian Daboll? We couldnt have waited? 5 year contract... No HC experience. UGH.
  12. Hasnt the entire staff been fired? If no, why not? The whole staff sucks balls. No one should be retained.
  13. It's a two horse race..... Our next QB, Fields or Wilson with the 2nd pick? Preference? Thoughts???
  14. Any question asked about what happened during any play in any Jets game in the post game press conference..... "I'm not really sure what happened there. I'll have to go back and look at the film to see what went on there" - Google Eyes Gase Good riddance loser!!!!!!!!!
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