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  1. This organization is a total joke. This season will end with the team losing 22 out of the last 33 games. The Head Coach has no idea how to game plan, use his players(Lee, Williams) and is clueless when it comes to clock management. But, the team gave effort and tried? How low can the bar be set? Will there be a ticker tape parade for 5 wins? Oh, I forgot, this team was only supposed to win 3 games. My favorite memory of this season was Chris Johnson smiling and shaking every players hand as the entered the locker room after the team took a 60 minute nap in Denver. What a f-ing joke! SELL THE TEAM WOODY!
  2. Can someone please post this? Thanks...
  3. The announcer booth needs a drug test!
  4. Robby Anderson for the Pro Bowl.... Another well focused player under Bowles who has his priorities in-line. TEAM FIRST!
  5. No, no. This is Todd's team. He has them in the right mind set. By the way, dont forget to vote for Robby Anderson for the Pro Bowl! PRIORITIES!
  6. Big Mike was all smiles after the game, yuking it up with that Panthers walking off the field. Its good to know how he feels after his dumb f-ing penalty at the end of the game!
  7. "We came up a little short at the end. But, hey, we have 4 game left. No reason to hang your head" - Steve McClendon But my favorite is watching Mike Pennell smiling ear to ear, yuking it up and shaking hands with the Panthers after the game. It's all good.
  8. I say we really seal the deal and release Mo Wilk, Richardson, Forte and James Carpenter next. 0-16, baby!!!
  9. *** Official UDFA Thread***

    All of these guys suck. Geez. Not even one top listed FA. UGH:(
  10. The Jets next 3 picks are141, 150, 160, Right????
  11. Adam Bisnowaty- OT PItt!!!! , Jordan Leggett- TE Clemson!!!
  12. Go back 16 picks(!25 to 141) for a 6th rounder? WHY???