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  1. Who does this kid have to turn to for help/guidance? Gase? (The QB Whisperer / Peyton's coffee boy) Loggins? Ie; Spence (From King of Queens) Fales? At least last year he had Mcown to talk with.
  2. This genius has to go before he ruins Sam!
  3. The QB Whisper... ruining our franchise QB. Total disgrace.
  4. Resign! Maybe there is a cousin who could give it a shot. Woody and Chris are clueless.
  5. You are right C Mart..... He is on a roll...Trading a draft pick to NEW ENGLAND for a 31 year old WR who has a pulled hamstring and is coming off Achilles surgery, Keeping only one PK in camp and then watching his waiver wire special miss a PAT and FG vs Buffalo. Keep picking up DL men on waivers when we need CB and OL. Letting Rex Hogan talk him into signing every scrub from the colts secondary. Great start.
  6. And, what does Joe Douglass have to say about his boy The Offensive Guru and his train wreck of a team? Are we really going to have to sit through 3 years of Head Gase? Brutal.
  7. Trent, yes. 4th rounder 2021 and a player... Jalen too steep a cost.
  8. As Bart Scott said, Joe D fell for the banana in the tale pipe with that trade!

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