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  1. He said it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agreed with McDougald what said on Sunday after the game. That's 2 players who have now called out the fact that this team doesn't practice well enough. "The players have to start taking practice seriously" - McD WTF? 2 Weeks and its Camp Kotite reborn. Total insanity. FIRE GASE.
  2. The recap show was actually funny. Bart and Ray making jokes about the team being inept would get some laughs. And after watching bad football over and over, its was good to hear the truth.
  3. Up until today, I defended Sam. But, he is turning out to be a big lunk head/dope. The guy doesnt have much going on in that big head of his. Lets hope Gase continues to work his magic and we go 3-13. The hamster face QB from Clemson is going to be special.
  4. The word is he wanted too much money. I think they Jets ownership is tired of having the team blasted on SNY after every miserable performance. Lets talk of visions of unicorns and rainbows.
  5. Watching Bart Scott on the SNY post game show was sad. Here is a guy who spoke freely about anything and everything. He should have been spitting fire about how God awful the Jets were today in every phase of the game. Instead, he was just a SNY house boy. Jonas was more pissed off than him. Bring back Ray Lucas! At least he called it as it is.
  6. 4-12 seems fairly obvious. No way Big Joe can bring him back. I say let him stay the year. Im all for drafting the hamster face QB from Clemson!!!!
  7. If Joe D loves one of the OT's and you dont have to move up more than a few spots to get him, go get your guy!
  8. You are correct. A players Intelligence is not important.
  9. Jeudy posted an ugly score of 9 on the Wonderlic said one scout. ..... Hmmm. Didnt Roger Vick score a 9 as well?
  10. Has anyone heard anything at all? Nadda so far...

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