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  1. Look at the Saints... their offense is always tops in the league. Pete Carmichael.
  2. What a wussy. Cry me a river Jamal. The fans are being mean to me:(
  3. Or his email address?
  4. #90

    Buster Skrine

    Bench Buster. Jets are stuck with his salary for the rest of the year. BUT, does that mean we have to lose games because he blows and keep him active?
  5. First game, guys get tired in the trenches. Just saying.
  6. Jets going with just 5 D-Lineman. Mistake?
  7. #90

    Jets UDFA Thread

    Anything on Joe Ostman(Edge)?
  8. #90

    Darnold or Rosen?

    Rosen's teamates hated him. Not important when you are a QB. He'll be the pick. No worries... He will fit right into the rich Jets folklore. UGH:(
  9. On ESPN.com I.... Can someone please post? Thanks!
  10. #90

    Please No Rosen!!

    Big Blew is on it.... NJ Advance Media for NJ.com How many concussions is too many? Giants general manager Dave Gettleman will need to make that decision when evaluating top quarterback prospect Josh Rosen. Rosen is widely considered the most NFL-ready quarterback prospect in this draft class, but the UCLA product has some red flags. None may be bigger than the two concussions he suffered during the 2017 season. Rosen missed a game in November due to a concussion and he was held out of UCLA's bowl game in December after suffering another concussion in the regular season finale.
  11. #90

    Please No Rosen!!

    JMat, a football player with a history of concussions doesnt scare you? Tom Shane..you take this one please!
  12. #90

    Please No Rosen!!

    PepPep....Ask Capa Dick that question. You know that guy right? lol.
  13. #90

    Please No Rosen!!

    Too funny, religion, politics... And I'm a racist too, right. Ooops, that cant work in this thread. lol. You guys should work at CNN! Dude has Concussion history and he is very political. READ. lol

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