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  1. The Jets Arena League uniforms are beyond embarrassing! I would NEVER buy the current jersey. Remember, the same guy who picked Adam Gase as the Jets Offensive Genuis, I mean coach was the one who helped with the uniform change. He listened to our future core players like like Jamal Adams, Leonard Williams, Quincy Enunwa. Do you remember the poster that came out with the uniforms? All those stiffs are gone. Chris Johnson is a total F-ing idiot. The guy is clueless. Please Woody get us back into NFL uniforms!!!!!!!!
  2. #90

    USFL Players

    Are there any Defensive players standing out? DT? LB? Our Run D still is a major question mark. (Think back to The Colts game)
  3. Mel needs to be drug tested. 3 out of 4 top picks on offense? The Jets were ranked last in most D categories. KT is a major head case!! PASS. Drake London is NOT a speed receiver! 4.6 - 40 is not the guy. J. Williams- Alabama will be an absolute BEAST in the league! Watch his video. The guy is a TD waiting to happen when he gets his hands on the ball. Insanely fast!!!!!!!!! Lindy will be a good center. But he will sit this year and back up. Throw in the RB as the other #2 and we are back where we started A LAST PLACE DEFENSE. **The Jets Picks should be: 35) Connecticut DT - Travis Jones (Conn) 38) Arnold Ebikite Edge - Penn State
  4. This kid is a BEAST! DRAFT HIM!!!!!!!!
  5. SIGN THIS BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!! Trade Burger Boy MCTicket ..... Get a late 1st or high 2nd. Cincy o-line coach had him for year one. Good match.
  6. Why??????? He is terrible. Joe D.... Priorities
  7. That is a hard pass. I would go 14 Mill for 2 years or 21 for 3...tops
  8. Can someone please post his stats AFTER the big dummy JD gave him the huge contract extension?
  9. To share a quote from the movie Animal House , "This guy is a total loser" Young players, injuries, blah, blah Blah. Jets D was ranked 31st in a lot of categories. D- Line, the strength (?) of the team sucked. Running a vanilla D every single f-ing game leads to 40's and 50's being put up on you. D line, barely any slants, stunts or twists. Blitzing? Football is a game of strategy. This guy should be fired. Brick's philosophy is all brakes, out of gas. Lets get a guy running the D with a set of balls that goes for the kill Saleh's Moto was "Violence for 60 minutes" 4) Kyle Hamilton 10) Nakobe Dean Young, fast, play makers!
  10. Hamilton is play making beast. And please no LB Experiment. Let him take over the back end. The range and football IQ with this guy is off the charts.
  11. YES. Beyond Scary. Hamilton at 4. The guy is a total play making freak. Watch his highlights on You Tube And no LB experiment please.
  12. Becton was an absolute fat,lazy slug until his senor year in college. Google it! Going for the money and high draft selection, he worked hard for one year of his life. Now its back to who he really is. I would trade him now and get something. Fant at LT. After another season at 375 lb and being late to meetings and practice and unmotivated, the entire league will be up to date and he will have zero value. PS- Isnt it scary that Joe Douglas is really awful at evaluating O-lineman?..... Becton, Van Rotten, McGovern, Lewis.
  13. #90

    It hurt

    If Zach hands the ball off the Berrios like he was supposed to do, this thread wouldnt even exist.
  14. For most of the games this year, The Jets simply didnt show up. You are happy with that??? Is that really a competitive rebuild? And fact is Zach has to be dumb as a rock to choose a QB sneak for 2 yards over a jet sweep to Berrios with 9 guys clogging up the middle of the line by the Bucs.
  15. Another Joe Douglas waste of a premium pick. The Guy has character flaws like the Fat Lazy Ticket. Do the Jets scouts do any background work on these players. These two are total slugs,
  16. Bart, Willie and LD on the SNY after game show are 100% correct. The Play call was a hand off to Berrios (sweep) but if Zachapono got a certain look, plan B was the QB sneak. This is factual. All the people bitching on here about Zach being a super star are the same people who drive alone and wear a face mask. Also Zach blatantly lied after the game saying that there was an opening in the "A" gap and that's why he went with the sneak instead of the hand off. Reality is that you could not have fit a post card in between the A and B gap on that play. Bucs had their big DT's in selling out all to clog the middle. There was no room. "A" Gap? WTF? And Peter Pan added that "WE" (not I) need to execute that play better. Im sure the O line appreciates being pushed under the bus when that play is all on Zach trying to be Jordan and hit the last shot. UGH. Watch the reply. The facts are right there for Gods sake!!!!!!! Hand it off and the Jets win. Even Mr Meek, Saleh said so after the game.
  17. Watch the highlights for Jameson Williams-WR.... Fastest receiver in the draft. The guy is a f-ing monster!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Josh Rosen II (My nephew can throw me a perfect pass from 5-8 yards away every time.... Yeech)
  19. I was there....Horrible team and lots of angry Jets fans..... Not much has changed. I still have an orange back to a seat from the lower level. People brought wrenches and were taking 2-3 seats together. Both goal posts torn torn and ripped apart. So long Shea....
  20. Jesus. What color is the sky in this guys world? I think we have found the Defense Version of Adam Gase. What a moron!
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