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  1. It will be another 75 years before I get my telegram from the Queen.
  2. Is someone going to bump that "I just banned Max" thread too?
  3. The GABBA is in Brisbane right? If so, that's where the first test is.
  4. You'll be a bit late. The first test starts on the 23rd of November.
  5. You're right about that. The Jets certainly aren't one of the popular teams over here. At least this Sunday we'll finally get to see how this team is shaping up.
  6. I have finished my other 360 games much quicker than I thought I would, so I will probably be getting Madden this week. You can sign me up for the league Max, if I'm still welcome. I don't know what the lag will be like though.
  7. Normally I would be up for this. However, due to EA delaying the UK release until September 8th along with the bad things I have been hearing about this game, I have decided not to buy Madden yet. I may pick it up later this year or I may wait for Madden '08. Either way I won't be entering the JN league. Sorry.
  8. I'm assuming it isn't the Xbox 360 version that you bought, as that will be a vast improvement over the 06 version. However, I'm thinking of giving it a miss this year. EA-UK have delayed it until September when I will have already bought some other games that will be taking up my time. Plus I don't like the sound of Hall of Fame players being in franchise mode, as that would ruin the game for me.
  9. Thanks, and it didn't slow the board down.
  10. If that's not a POTW NOM then I don't know what is.
  11. I hope the multi-quote feature isn't going to slow the board down. When we were still on the old software there were a few threads that took ages to load because people were quoting the previous 10 posts then putting a smiley or "I agree" afterwards.
  12. I was going to start a new thread but then I saw this one. Only 2 weeks until this is released. Anybody getting it?
  13. ... and if he doesn't pay then you have to spend time setting up another auction, leaving the guy bad feedback etc. etc. It's not that I don't value my money, I just value my time more. I really don't mind losing out on a small amount of money if it means I save a lot of time and effort. Then again, my attitude may be influenced by the fact that trade in value seems to be much better here than it is in the US. For example, I recently traded in Ghost Recon for the Xbox 360. I paid
  14. Trading in games for less than their true value is better than having them sit on the shelf gathering dust and getting nothing in return. I know I could get more money if I used ebay, but it is so much easier to just hand a game over a counter than to set up an auction, package the game, post it, worry about whether or not the buyer is reliable etc. etc.
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